Welcome to Answer The Home! This is the stage where you can find your go-tosource for any plumbing answer,from sanitation to kitchen pipeline,to have it done without being a plumber!

Oh! Wishing to know more about us? Of course, you should. Let’s introduce how the impetus has led to this effective growing site to help you all.

Journey to Answer The Home

Plumbing projects never seem to be done without breaking the bank. But wouldn’t it be amazing and much cost-saving if you could have all-in-one experts’ suggestions and practical instructions, whether it’s about renovating your bathroom or kitchen or adding some classiness?

Yes, this is where we stepped to begin the journey with Answer The Home to help all homeowners out there enjoy baking each plumbing work with fun.

About the Backstage Performers

Let’s meet the team behind this leading site working all day long only to surpass the exact info along with additional requirements-filling offering for you.

Jen William- the founder and CEO of this site, has spent half of his life working in a reputed real estate company handling all the plumbing tasks. And he has seen how people have to suffer with the appliances and sanitation systems, especially when they have zero knowledge of plumbing stuff.

And so, he decided to make a place where the plumbing will no more be a complex term but rather an easy-to-do stuff for everyone, no matter if it’s a residential or commercial place.

Besides, his years of plumbing experience help him pick and choose what is suitable and safe for all in every phase.

Apart from him, Elijah H Martin and Watson Puff are two leading writers and plumbing tools enthusiastshelping this site filled with a solid and fruitful piece of data, backed by hours of research from scratch.

The output does not come with this only. Our giant editorial team works all together to provide each post only after being more than 100% sure of the research analysis, relevant information, safety concerns, and piece of cake type edible post, respectively.

Mission, Vision & Inclusion

In today’s digitalized media time, finding a solution to any problem has been a piece of cake for all. But it’s also easy to get puzzled to follow the right one amid many.

Suppose your water heater is not working suddenly, and you tried to fix it yourself after reading some random fixing ideas. And guess what you somehow burn your just bought heater. It can happen, right?

Yes, that is why we aim at helping people with a platform where they will find the exact info that is not just practically done but effective.

And this is how we stand out from the crowd and choose the best for you so that playing with plumbing tools becomes a go-to-go task for you.

Moreover, hiring an experienced plumber is sometimes like finding the moon in the cloud. And to meet that need, too, Answer the Home is with you to show you the proper guideline like your first apprenticeship.

How We Deliver Every Single Content Before Making It Live For You

Answer The Home does not just provide the information. Before each output is showcased, there is a longquery process that it needs to be passed through.

Some of the glimpses are-

  • We choose each of the trendiest and most discussed topics to cover that are high on demand and badly need accurate guidance. We also pay attention to modern plumbing ideas and trends to offer the best and most handy solution ever.
  • Our editorial team works together all day long to find each valued information after being through some practical plumbing projects and discussing with professional plumbers to grab the best suitable ideas with fixes.
  • At the same time, some of our elite team also look for necessary related products and add them where needed that mightcome in help while accomplishing any plumbing task.
  • The level of termination does not end here. Where the task of the writer is finished, the proofreading and information assurance task starts, where the specific team works hard to present the only and only exact and safe but easy-to-read guide for you.
  • And finally, the publisher team gets the task of publishing each post with some final touch to keep it simple but reader-friendly, whether you want to read it at once or save it in bookmarks for later.

What We Cover?

We basically cover almost everything related to plumbing, whether for residential or commercial purposes. Here you will find plumbing facts and ideas, DIY guides and fixing methods to problems, comparisons, and some kind of review in some cases.

Besides, here you will mainly discover topics covering-

  • Kitchen and bathroom faucets, shower, tub, sink, and related stuff
  • Laundry room and toiletutensils and associated things
  • Piping, PEX, PVC,and other connection stuff
  • Water pump, water heater, pool heater, room heater, cooler, and related stuff
  • Cleaning and diagram ideas and many more

Why Choose Us?

Still getting pricks that should you trust us or not, right? That’s obvious. But let us be more vivid here to assure you about our entire process and inclusion.

  • Our task initials include In-depth research and analysis afterfiltering out from scratch and various data available thereby.
  • We also go through news and articles from worldwide renowned sites and news providers to bestmatch the data for a convenient and region-friendly guide.
  • Real-Life Practical Solution with experts’ recommendations to find for you the best suitable with an easy-to-read guide
  • Each diagram is finalized only after confirming the match with the real connection points from the practical project visit.
  • Measurements for pipeline and other connection is suggested after getting confirmation from professionals and example references.
  • Solutions and fixes for every problem, whether it’s about toilet flush, toilet flange, or even the garbage disposal line, we present a clear picture of the solutions and ideas.

Hopefully, you got the gist of the entire breeze.

Ciao, and wishing you the best with plumbing tools and appliances to accomplish with fun.

If you still feel hesitant to rely on use feel free to ask us to clear any of your query here.

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