72×80 sliding closet door rough opening: An Easy Guide

What is the rough opening size for sliding closet doors? Well, on the vertical side, it’s 2 inches of extra space, and on the horizontal side, there’s 1 inch of additional space. But what about 72×80 sliding closet door rough opening size?

Sliding closet doors are a popular choice among many homeowners because they are easy to open and create a spacious interior. However, a number of users often brought these doors without even estimating their RO size. As a result, they eventually face many uncertain situations. Here in this article, we will provide complete information about the 72×80 sliding door so that you don’t fall into any trouble.

So, What is the 72×80 sliding closet door rough opening size?

Pocket doors are a common type of door and can be found in nearly any home. It is a simple-to-operate door that opens and closes swiftly; all that is needed is gentle side pushing. These doors are mainly made out of wood, but they can also be made out of glass or aluminum.

The RO size for the 72×80 closet pocket doors is around 74×82 inches. Here, the extra areas permit for 2 inches of space on the door width for proper clearance and a 2-inch space at the top for a proper slide, according to the Homeoomph.

However, an expert from Stack Exchange suggested having the rough opening size 75 x 82 ½  inches as it is a bypass door, and the floor can be out of the level. So better to be on the safe framing.

He also warned as follows,

“Trim will cover a lot of stuff up, particularly now when most casings are in the 4″ or wider range.”

How do you measure the rough opening for a sliding closet door?

How do you measure the rough opening for a sliding closet door

Measuring the RO for a Pocket door is a pretty simple process.

At first, you’ll require to figure out how wide the opening is. Apply your measuring tape to determine the vertical stud’s distance on the opening sides. Take this reading at the openings top, center, and bottom to make sure of an even surface.

Next, determine the opening’s height. So, check the distance from the opening’s bottom to the rough frame top. Take this measurement by opening the right, center, and left sides to assure of the plumb.

With all these measurements in hand, you can calculate the sliding closet door frame size efficiently. All you will need to do is add extra 2 inches on both the width and top of the door.

It’s essential to accurately determine the typical sliding closet door size for smooth operation, proper fitting, and many more. Before installing, check the measurements thoroughly and ensure they are straight and level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the standard size for sliding closet doors?

Usually, these doors measure between 80 inches to 81 inches and 96 inches in height. On the contrary, horizontally, it’s about 48 inches to 192 inches. In general, the standard size is 72×80 inch pocket doors.

What is the difference between a rough opening and frame size?

In order for the frame to wrap around a wall, the RO must be about 1 inch bigger than the frame’s nominal dimension of the frame on every three edges. A rough opening of 38 inches by 85 inches is recommended for a 3 by 7-foot knockdown frame.

How much larger should a rough opening be?

RO sizes are actually pretty easy to frame. Simply add 2 inches to the width of the door, and on the height, add 2 and a half inches. As a result, it will provide space for separating the door frame from the subfloor.


In your bedroom, nothing is more beautiful than a spacious and elegant closet. And to maintain it, slider doors are highly required.

But wait for a second!!

These perfect doors need ideal RO space to be fitted, which many people do not even think of. In such cases, it becomes imperative to get professional assistance to ensure that your room doesn’t face any inconvenience because of faulty installation and fittings. As a result, things get even costlier for them.

By now, you may understand the opening measurements for the Pocket doors. Hopefully, the article on the 72×80 sliding closet door rough opening was useful for you.

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