How To Hide Dishwasher Air Gap- 2 Best Alternatives

Are you tired of your air gap showing above the sink? Do you want to hide it from your sight? But you don’t know how to hide dishwasher air gap. Then you’re in the absolute right place because we got your back.

I know how annoying a dishwasher air gap is. It also disturbs the beauty of a new model dishwasher. But as the dishwasher air gap is necessary for separating dirty water, it can’t be permanently removed. I have no certificate as a plumber, but I have been hiding my kitchen’s dishwasher gap by myself.

So, here we’re going to share some amazing ways, tricks and tips so you can hide your dishwasher air gap.

How To Hide Dishwasher Air Gap- Alternative 2 Ways

A dishwasher air gap is necessary because it helps in separating the dirty water from the contaminating in clean water. Under sink air gaps aren’t possible to install.

Following 2 amazing ways, you can hide the dishwasher air gap. They are as follow:

1. Dishwasher High Loop

Dishwasher high loop is used for the same reason as an air gap. It helps the dirty water separate from the clean water. It is mainly a method where water backflows. Here, the drain line runs through a high point underneath the sink. This method doesn’t even violate the plumber code in any state.

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Every time the dishwasher air gap water coming out above the sink is troublesome.But a high loop removes this problem. Even if your dishwasher has a built-in high loop. You need another high loop beneath the sink according to the plumber code. The process of high loop installation is given below:

  • Make a loop underneath the sink and try to place it as high as possible. It’s best to touch up to the underside of the sink, which is usually ½ to 2 inches.
  • Then, secure the loop perfectly to form the right loop and so it doesn’t come out while they pass dirty water to the drainage system.
  • By using a zip tie, plumbers tape, metal bracket, or piece of wire tie around the drain hose. Secure the place tightly using a screw or nail to the upper portion of the cabinet.

2. Dishwasher Standpipe

Standpipes are normally used in washing machines, but people use dishwasher standpipes as an alternative to the dishwasher air gap in some areas.

They require a huge plumbing war, and they are not easy as a high dishwasher loop or air gap. It shouldn’t be placed beneath the sink because it has a high chance of spreading the sewer smell.

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 So, standpipes are installed just above the p-traps to prevent bad water and smell. It is a highly complex process, so don’t try to install a dishwasher standpipe by yourself. Call an expert plumber to install it for you.

4 Warnings To Keep In Mind While Using Alternative Options

As a dishwasher air gap is more efficient than any alternative options, you should consider these 4crucial warnings while using them. Such as:

  1. Recheck after the installation of dishwasher high loop or standpipe as they are directly connected. Even a slight fault can risk your whole kitchen set-up by spreading a bad smell.
  2. Dishwasher standpipes are complicated to work on, and it’s best if this method is avoided.
  3. High loops should be placed above the kitchen floor to at least 32 inches. If they keep hanging low, they won’t function properly.
  4. Before using any alternative options, make sure to check your country’s plumber code.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you hide a dishwasher air gap?

No, you can’t hide a dishwasher air gap. However, you can choose other options instead of a dishwasher air gap. They will help you to conceal a dishwasher air gap. You can also use a hybrid air gap soap dispenser. It will convert your dishwasher air gap into something useful.

Is there an alternative to dishwasher air gap?

Yes, there are alternatives to dishwasher air gaps. The best alternative to an air gap is a high loop. High loops are designed under the sink, so they are not even seen. Even they take the dirty water directly to the drainage system without extra hassles. After the dishwasher air gap, “high loops” are absolutely the perfect option.

Which states require an air gap for dishwasher?

Most of the states require an air gap for dishwashers. Hawaii, California, Minnesota, Utah, Texas and Washington have made a mandatory plumber code to install an air gap for dishwashers for health purposes. Other countries use high loops with drain lines to prevent backflow water. Even if air gaps are annoying, they are the most effective way to prevent backflow.

Can you use a high loop instead of a dishwasher air gap?

Of course, you can use a high loop instead of a dishwasher air gap. Both of them serve the same thing. But an air gap can be used as a hybrid soap dispenser, but the high loop can help in preventing contaminated water.


In short, we would suggest you use a high loop if your state code permits. Try to choose the alternative option that seems most comfortable according to your need. We hope this article will help you in learning how to hide your dishwasher air gap.

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