How To Add Handheld To Rain Shower in Just 5 Steps

How can you add handheld to rain shower? You can do it yourself if you know your showerhead faucet parts and how to play with them to convert in any suitability.

It will increase the look of the entire washroom, so why are we keeping you waiting? 

Let’s know the way to install a handheld shower to an existing shower, no matter what brand’s shower it is.

However, we will start by putting off the old one to install the new one.  

The Way To Add Handheld To Rain Shower

Well, as we said that you can add handheld shower head to existing shower, we should start our discussion with the tools we will need.

You should bring a wrench,

  • Plier,
  • Tape, and
  • A towel.

Step 1: At first, most probably, your shower is above the bathtub. So there is a chance falling any debris of the showerhead or a tool, for instance, a wrench to the bathtub, then it will crack the tub. Right? However, place a towel on the bathtub to protect it. Then follow the steps.

Step 2: Now, try to uninstall the existing showerhead. To open it, use a wrench to loosen the showerhead.

Make sure the shower does not get scratched because of using the wrench. To avoid that, use a piece of clothing to round the particular area so that the wrench can get it.

Now, spin it counterclockwise to lose the showerhead and the arm individually.

Keep continuing until it comes to your hand.

Step 3: Now, it’s time to add handheld shower head to rain shower. At this point, make ready the handheld shower to its hose. Adjust the hose with the handheld showerhead. To avoid leaks, make sure to spin some round of tape on the jointing point of the hose.

Then,  the handheld shower, for instance, delta handheld shower, is ready to install.

Step 4: However, if you have no idea about how to install shower head with a hose, read the following navigation.

You will see a hose, a shower arm, and a handheld shower when you open the package. So you have to match the hose with the shower.

However,  there is two jointing paths/ connector in a hose. The nut of the hose can be different based on some brand. It would be on a cone shape, and another is a round shape. Or both will be cone shape.

You should adjust the cone-shaped head with the handheld shower and round shape with the shower arm. On the other hand, when the two hose heads are cone-shaped, then inspect is there any difference between the sizes. If no, then adjust as your wish.

Step 5: Now, the turn is to make ready the showerhead with its arm. You will see a shower arm in the package. Install it to the showerhead. If we say, for instance, Kohler hand held shower heads, you will need to adjust the head individually with the shower arm.

However, tighten it accurately. Again use some round of tape on it. Then continue to spin the shower arm on the stand until it becomes harder to move. Then use a piece of cloth and tighten it with a wrench covering with the cloth. Then, install the hose with the handheld shower on that arm.

Now your deed is complete. Turn on the water valve and check it if there is any leak or not. If all are okay, then you are successful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I add a handheld shower to an existing shower?

Can I add a handheld shower head to my existing shower head? There is no doubt about installing a handheld shower, whatever shower is exiting in your washroom. It can be a rain shower or another one, and a handheld shower is applicable to install. Moreover, it can be more convenient to use and sound good to look at.

How do you install a handheld shower in a rain shower?

The basic process of installing a handheld shower in an existing shower is pretty much the same. Just put the showerhead off and replace it with a handheld shower. Make sure the shower is connected with its hose. The hose will be connected to the previous shower valve and install a shower arm in a short distance. Then that will hook the handheld shower.

Can I add a sprayer to my shower head?

Yes, you can add a sprayer to your shower head. Just, you need to replace the high flow valve with a Delta universal multichoice shower valve. Then the multichoice shower valve will allow adding the sprayer into it. So, that’s how you can add a sprayer to your shower head.

Can I convert my shower head to a handheld?

One can easily convert his shower head to a handheld shower. It is quite a simple task to do. Just open the showerhead and install a shower arm in that place. Then make ready the handheld shower with the particular hose and connect the hose with the shower arm. So, this is how basically you can convert the showerhead to a handheld shower.


Now, you might know how to add handheld to rain shower, so we can hope you will replace it by yourself.

To sum up, it’s a simple procedure. Just to open the rain shower head and reinstall a handheld showerhead.

In fact, it is quite easy to install handheld shower head, so we do not think you would feel any difficulty doing so. After all, our exploration will be successful if you are successful in your deed. Best of luck to you.

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