Sand Point Well Problems with Solutions

Nevertheless, like every piece of equipment, they have their fair share of problems. In this article, we will discuss sand point well problems, including the well clogging and water not pumping issues and their fixes.

A sand point well is quite a simple type of well. You can install it in areas free of clay and rocks, usually sandy surfaces. Since there are no obstacles, just sand, the installation is easy and fast.

Sand point wells are more affordable and less complicated compared to the other wells. These wells can go up to fifteen years with proper care and maintenance.

Sand Point Well Problems

We have discussed various problems and solutions relating to the sound function of the sand point well. By the end, you will be able to identify and solve all related sand point well pump problems.

The well is cloggedCheck the leather gasket, Change the flapper  
The well is not pumping waterCheck the pipe, Clean the foot valve

The most common problem with a sand point well is its inability to pump water. First, check the pump and then move on to the pipes. Here we have discussed in detail the problems and part of the well.

Check the Leather Gasket

  • If your sand point well is not pumping water, then the first thing to check is your leather gasket. Take apart the well and see if the leather gasket is cracked or not.
  • To take apart the good look at the lid first. There is a nut behind the lid. Just loosen a bit, and there you have it. The leather gasket is round-shaped, situated at the end of the lid.
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Check Assembly and Flapper

  • The next thing to see is the assembly. See if it’s moving freely. This makes sure the pumping is smooth. If it’s not working properly,then the pumping will be affected. To check the problem, pour some water through the top of the well. It should be able to hold the water for some time.
  • If it doesn’t stay, you know for sure there is a problem. It is in the next part of the well. Take the two nuts off from the two sides and take the well apart. See if the gasket assembly is cracked or not.
  • The next thing is the flapper. The flapper should be clean. If the flapper is cracked or something struck in it, the assembly is problematic. It doesn’t allow the water to flow back as it is stuck. Now to fix it, you need to change the flapper. Or if the flapper is dirty, clean it.
  • There is a nut in the middle of the flapper. You take it off and then attach it back to the assembly. It allows the pipe to retain water and avoid any seeping.

Cross Check the Pipe

  • Pull the pipe up from the group. See if the pipe has any crack anywhere. Usually, the problem lies with the pipe when you are having trouble getting it even after fixing the initial parts. If there is any crack, it cannot transfer water to the pump.
  • Check the foot valve of the pipe. See if it is free of debris. If there is any debris, then out-put some water in the foot valve, and the waste will just slide out.
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A Few Lines on Sand Point Well Electric Pump

There are two kinds of electric pumps used for the sand point well. They are –

  1. Shallow Well Jet Suction Pump
  2. Deep Well Pump

The shallow point well electric pump is used for a depth of 20 meters. They usually pump water from shallow wells, lakes, and cisterns. They are budget-friendly, mostly used for farming and gardening purposes. They are perfect for emergencies, and they are lightweight. They can hold at least 65 Psi water pressure. However, the pressure switches from 30 to 50 during pumping.

Deepwater pumps, as the name suggest, can go much deeper than shallow pumps. They usually go about 100 feet deeper. They can pump water much faster and from farther sources. Therefore, this well is issued for extensive works like drainage, sewerage, floods farming, etc. they can hold about 89 Psi water. They have built-in valves. With these features, their pricing is quite flexible.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does a sand point well last?

A sand point typically lasts about 15 years. However, there are conditions applied. With moderate use, the sand point lasts that long. Sand points that remain underwater all the time will typically last 10 years.

How do you unclog a Sandpoint well?

In the case of clogged Sandpoint, vinegar works the best. Slowly pour the vinegar through the clogged line. It is said to work successfully.

What is the depth of the sand point well?

The sand point well is generally located twenty-five below the surface.

Can sand point wells freeze?

Sand point wells usually don’t freeze since they are just a couple of feet below the surface line. They are not close to the frost line (the depth sensitive to freezing).


Sand point wells are also known as drive point well and well points. These are more likely the old traditional wells. They have been around for quite some time now.

Sand point wells are perfect for people who live in loose soil areas. These wells do not pump too much water. They are good for the moderate need for water. People are inclined towards this well because they are easy to install. So, it doesn’t take much time.

For emergencies or livestock or crop management, they are a great option.  This article discusses all the sand point well problems owners might face. We hope we have helped deal with your problem.

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