Toto Eco Soiree Vs Ultramax ii: Which One is Value for Money?

What’s the difference between Toto Eco Soiree and Ultramax ii? The fundamental change between Toto Eco Soiree and Ultramax ii would be water consumption. Toto Eco Soiree consumes1.6 GPF, whereas the Ultramax ii consumes only 1.28 GPF, which is very efficient.

Between Toto Eco Soiree Vs Ultramax ii, we also found that price created a considerable impact with internal mechanism, double combination wye, organized supply line, and strong flush.

In this article, we’re will give a brief discussion of every feature, such as the design, color, material, and durability of these two items, so stay with us till the end!

Comparison Table Between Toto Eco Soiree And Ultramax ii

FeaturesToto Eco SoireeUltramax ii
Bowl TypeElongated (Unbending direct bowl rinse)Elongated (Double outlet & double streams)
Water Consumption1.6gallons per flush’ (GPF)1.28 gallons per flush’ (GPF)
FlashSingle Gravity Fed FlushSingle Flush Valve

Our Suggested Pick: TOTO UltraMax II Toilet -Classy Looking One Piece Toilet

TOTO UltraMax II Toilet
TOTO UltraMax II Toilet

Why Should You Go for Ultramax ii?

This toilet comes with an elegant high standard design that looks very fancy. The main part of the toilet, which is the bowl is an elongated shape along with two outlets on the top and two streams throughout the bowl. Then, this comes with such an ease of installation that makes the toilet elegancy worth the budget.

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Ultramax ii Offers Flush Valve Technology

This technology, Toto Ultramax flush, is currently more powerful because it has a self-closing valve that can release a massive amount of water in a very short time. Apart from that, the water consumption is 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF)

It also has a lower flush mount switch which can clean even with less water. This can be used for cleaning the urinal to save more water. The flush lever is located on the left-hand side of the toilet.

Size and Color of UltramaxII

The size of Ultramax ii is standard, anybody either kid or elder people find restful to this toilet. 32″ x 20″ x 17-3/4″ x 28-3/4″ (L x W x H1 x H2) is the appropriate dimension of this toilet.

Though it seems a little extra tall, actually, the height isn’t more than 17-1/4″

(439mm). Its color is exceptionally significant because of the smooth white finish. However, theprimary color is plain white.

Easy Peasy Cleaning

Cleaning is a big part of keeping a toilet at home. Fortunately, cleaning Toto Ultramax ii is effortless because of its elongated round shape and plastic material. Besides, the ‘Cefiontect glaze’ prevents stickiness on the body of the toilet. So you don’t need to be very forceful.

In addition, dust, dirt, grease won’t stick easily on the seat cover or any other part of the toilet because of the glaze.

Budget-Friendly Price

Frankly,Ultramax ii is quite expensive, but with the number of features they’re providing, you can’t say this is overpriced. To purchase a single Toto Ultramax ii toilet, you’ve to spend at least $600 to $650 on average

Bottom Line

Though the price is a little higher than other toilets, it’s WaterSense certified. So, the built quality and durability are outstanding. Other than that, the map testing score is 800, which is higher than the average. It’s trustworthy. Moreover, installing toto ultramax toilets at home is trouble-free. Even if you call the installer guy, that won’t be very expensive.

What Users are saying?

“Literally the best toilet ever! We received last week, installed with ease and it is amazing! Super low water use makes you think it won’t do the job, but alas – it is freakishly amazing!”

Our Next Best Toilet Is: Toto Eco Soiree- Compact Size with 3 Different Color Choice

toto eco soiree
Toto Eco Soiree

Why Choose Toto Eco Soiree?

TOTO Eco Soiree provides an outstanding oblong shape traditional style with elegant design. Additionally, it has a gravity-fed turbo flash, which is easy to use. So yes, this can also be a great budget-friendly deal.

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Design and Color Variation of Toto Eco Soiree

Toto Eco Soiree also comes with an outstanding design with 3 different color variations like glossy Cotton white, Colonial White, and the Sedona Beige color. These colors are even better than white which is on Ultramax ii.

Build Material Makes It Different

Rather than plastic, Toto Eco Soiree uses Vitreous China material for its product. What’s good in Vitreous China material? The ceramic here is particularly coated by enamel. In the meantime, they use enough porcelain as the main material.

Smaller Size Catches Eyes

This Toto Eco Soiree is an inch smaller than Ultramax ii, but doesn’t make any big difference. In addition, this can be an excellent choice for short people (5.3″ or less). Besides that, the other dimension is quite regular

Toto Eco Soiree Offers Tornado Flush with High Water Consumption

The flush tornado is one of the greatest in the market because it has two powerful nozzles which create cyclone rinsing movement inside the toilet.

3 inch wide and 2-1/8-Inch glazed offer a perfect flow of water. This power flush can take everything down just in one single flush.

Though the water consumption is quite higher (1.6 gallons per flush) than other toilets, that’s considerable based on price.

Bottom Line

Honestly, the price can be the top factor to buy this toilet because you can get Toto Eco Soiree for half price of Ultramax ii. Other than this, Toto Eco Soiree can get the recommendation for its attractive color designs and robust flushing technology.

Let’s Hear from a Recent User

“We remodeled our bathrooms and put these toilets in. Two main issues were: 1) finding a plumber to install. They HATE having to install Toto toilets, they all said, and we live outside the range of authorized installers on the Toto site. 2) with our home being from the late 1989’s, the water feed line was not far enough distance from flange center. Was able to fix it in one bath by installing a 90degree elbow from wall fees on one toilet, but the other we needed to purchase a 10 inch rough in kit. Love the toilets, and they stay clean. Just do your homework on the install prior to purchase.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s so special about Toto toilets?

The special part of the TOTO toilet is they always offer the best and latest technology, which decreases the customer pain and makes them comfortable to use it.

How do I clean my Toto UltraMax 2 toilet?

Surprisingly TOTO toilets are designed by very uncomplicated ladies who help the user to clean perfectly. For cleaning, you can follow the normal instructions. Just make sure you’re using a long brush because it’d be a lot easier to clean with that.

What’s the highest Toto toilet?

Currently, Toto UltraMax II is the most expensive toilet in the brand as well as the market.

Toto Eco Soiree Or Ultramax II: Which Toilet Is for You?

After comparing Toto Eco Soiree vs Ultramax ii, the two best toilets in the market, it’d be hard to choose for you. But anyway, both have some exceptional features, so let’s look.

Frankly, considering quality, design, feature, and usability, the Ultramax ii can be a great deal. Though it’s undeniable that the price is quite high, it’s true that you’re getting some great toilets with tons of features. Most importantly, this is WaterSense certified. So riskless.

If you’re a good budget, you shouldn’t go for anything except this.

However, if you’re looking for an elegant, authentic, and budget-friendly toilet with all the latest technology, then Toto Eco Soiree is for you.

If you’re ready to sacrifice some other feature, then this is great for anyone.

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