How to Fix A Broken Shower Handle Stem! Easy and Quick Fixes

The shower handle is daily used stuff so it can fail over time. The most common issue is a broken shower handle stem. If you want the answer on how to fix a broken shower handle stem, then read the article very carefully.

In this informative article, you will know about fixing a broken handle shower stem, the method of replacing a broken shower handle stem. The most attractive matter is we will provide you with some easy tricks for that at the end of the article.

So, do not miss the end and read the article from beginning to end.

How To Fix A Broken Shower Handle Stem

After reading this article, we can assure you that fixing a broken shower stem will not be a big deal for you. You can get the solution from other sources also. But we will offer you a very practical solution, and you will be able to fix your broken shower stem quickly.

At first, we will talk about the tools you need to fix a broken shower handle stem. Basically, there is no such solution to fix a broken stem except by replacing the stem.

There is only one repairing solution, and that is using glue. If you can fix the stem by using glue, you can apply this.

However, we will describe the replacement method of a broken shower handle stem for you. And do not take pressure at all; the process is straightforward and inexpensive.

So, let me start with the tools. All the tools that will be used for the replacement method are accessible. If you do some typical fixing work at home, the tools are must available in your home.

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Shower Stem Removal Tools:

  1. Pocket knife
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Socket wrench
  4. Seat wrench
  5. A new stem
  6. Glue

We expect you are already familiar with these tools. After removing the stem, you need to fix a new one. You can use these tools also for replace the stem. You do not need any other tools to learn how to fix a broken shower valve stem.

You need to use two special materials for quick and perfect fixing according to our method. They are;

  • Pipe-thread sealant, and
  • Plumber’s putty

However, let’s go to the main point—the replacement method.

How To Fix A Broken Shower Faucet Stem

We will deliver a simple technique to fix a broken shower faucet stem. We have already informed you about the tools above. Now, we will describe the steps of the whole process.

Step 1:The first thing is to put off the small round index from the shower faucet. Here you can use a small knife pocket for removing the index. Make sure the water must be turned off at this time.

Step 2: After putting off the round index, you can see a screw. Now, take a screwdriver. Then unscrew it by moving the screwdriver in an anti-clockwise direction. Thus your shower handle will be loosened, and you can easily remove the handle by using your hands.

Step 3: When you remove the handle, you can see the stem. You have to remove this stem to fix a new one. So, using a socket wrench, you can remove the stem effortlessly. Adjust the wrench and move in an anti-clockwise direction. It will loosen. Then remove the stem.

Step 4: There is a seat inside the valve; you require to unthread it. You can use a seat wrench for this task. As usual, adjust the seat wrench and move it in an anti-clockwise way.

Step 5: All the removal process is done. Now, you have to add all of this stuff with new materials.

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Take a new stem seat and put some pipe-thread sealants on the back of it. And adjust it again by using a seat wrench. And this time, you have to move the wrench in the clockwise direction.

Step 6: Now it is time to fix the stem. If your item is broken, you can add some glue to fix it. If you can not fix it with glue. Then buy a new stem. And adjust it by using a socket wrench.

Step 7: To fix the handle correctly, put some plumber’s putty on the back of the handle. Then put it into the stem and tighten it correctly.

Step 8: Finally, fix the handle with the screw using a screwdriver. And add the round index by using the pocket knife.

Isn’t the process easy and simple? Yes, this is so simple. You need to follow all the steps serially to fix your broken shower handle stem. This process is also applicable for how to replace a plastic bathtub faucet stem.

Tips: We tried to tell you the most accessible method so that you need to go through any trouble during the task. Here we also add some amazing tips on what to do and what not to do for the preferable result.

  • When buying a new stem and stem seat, keep in mind the size and model of your shower handle.
  • Always keep the materials in a safe place, especially the stem seat. Because it is small in size, it can lose accidentally.
  • During the entire process, the water must remain off.

What Not to Do

  • Never give high pressure when tightening the stem or stem seat. Otherwise, they will not work and will lose their power.
  • Keep in mind not to open the drain pipe during the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you fix a stripped shower valve stem?

To fix a stripped shower valve stem, you have to replace the valve. For this, you can apply the process described above on How To Fix A Broken Shower Faucet Stem.

How do you Rethread a valve stem??

Buy a new stem, and then you can rethread a valve stem again by using a socket wrench and moving it in the clockwise direction.


Well, this is all from us on how to fix a broken shower handle stem. We hope this article is helpful for you on your broken handle stem issue. All the procedures that we present to you are research-based and applied. So, using our method will give you the desired result.

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