How To Remove Shower Drain Cover That Is Grouted In

Is your shower channel draining quite slowly? There may be grout, hair, or other accumulations which disturb getting through the water. Learn how to remove the grouted shower drain cover.

Most of the shower drain cover has no screws and is glued on the drainage by grouting. There is no risk in removing it. Grouting is not a permanent or hard substance. It just glues the drain cover to the drain opening.

If hocking and jostling can’t clear the drainage channel, open the cover to clean the system entirely. This article will get a compact and easy process to open the drain cover by yourself.

How To Remove Shower Drain Cover That Is Grouted In

A flat grate cover on a flat surface looks so finished and charming. There can be screws or not. Even a speedy flow of water doesn’t move it from the place.

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Looking at this fine setting do not think it is tough to remove the cover. Grouting is a thin fine plaster and easy to take out. Lets DIY.

Shower Drain Cover Removal Tools

You need some simple tools which are usually have in your home.

  1. A Philips screwdriver,
  2. A flathead screwdriver,
  3. A small hammer, and
  4. Pliers.

Step 1: Unscrew If There Are Screws

The drain grate cover may have screws. They can be in the middle or by the two sides. Look carefully. If you see any screw, then unscrew it using a Philip screwdriver.

Step 2: Tap Softly On The Border Of The Cover To Break The Grout

Now take your small hammer. Gently pat on the edge of the drain cover. The grout under the grate will break. Don’t heat the grate too hard. Otherwise, the tiles or the floor of the tub will break. Even the drain cover also breaks or stains.

Step 3: Pry Up The Grate Cover With A Pop

It has almost been done. Now check the cover if it is a rotating opening or pry up the opening. If it is an open rotation system, then take pliers and rotate the cover counterclockwise with it. The grate will remove easily.

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In the case of a simple cover, you need a flathead screwdriver. Just insert the driver under the cover through the grate hole. Set it in an angeled way and pry it up. You can remove the stuck shower drain cover.

How To Remove Shower Drain Stopper Cover

This is one kind of pop-up cover. Push and hold the stopper and rotate the head counterclockwise. The head knob will come off. Now loosen the brass and lift the stopper from the drain hole.

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Why Is A Shower Drain Cover Important For The Bathroom

To get rid of regular cleaning, don’t think of removing the shower drain cover permanently. It’s a safeguard for your bathroom drain.

During washing, we lose our hair. Also, soap and shampoo foams clog. Sometimes, ladies’ pins and jewelry pieces, razor blades, and even cosmetic caps or packets also slip from our hands. The shower drain cover prevents these items from going to the main drainage system and resists blockage.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you remove a sealed shower drain?

A shower drain cover is glued with plaster which is known as grout. Grout is not a permanent substance that can stick the cover forever. It’s easy to tap gently on the cover with a hammer and pry the cover-up using a flathead screwdriver.

Are shower drain covers removable?

There are many designs of shower drain covers such as screwed, pop-up, without screw. All the drain covers are easy to remove and change.

How do you unclog a shower drain that doesn’t unscrew?

First, unscrew the screws and open the cover. Now pour hot water > baking soda> vinegar. Also, you can use a plunger or plumber snake to unclog the drain. Another way is to remove the cover and use a hock to clean the drain. Some people use strong chemicals for drain cleaning.

Final Words

It’s easy to learn how to remove shower drain cover that is grouted in. Anyone can do it especially. After today’s discussion, you can find it easier to do.

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Grout is comparatively a soft plaster, and a heavy hammering can bend or break the drain cover. Try to be conscious about the tapping and lifting task of the drain cover.  Now, more waiting of draining the soapy dirty water in the bathtub.

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