9 Facts About The Single Handle Faucet No Cold Water

When you suddenly notice that your single handle faucet has no cold water, the first thing that comes to your mind is, did my water heater get damaged? Things like this are prevalent because the single handle faucet failed to flow water most of the time. But is this the only reason related to this term? Obviously, not.

A faucet didn’t flow the cold water sufficiently for many reasons. Maybe this happened because of the damaged washer valves, faulty nozzle locks, rusty stuff, etc. Whatever the problem will be, before you call any plumber, make sure there are no minor issues at all.

 You may now wonder how I can know if this is a minor issue or not? To figure out these things, we do research here some major causes of this concern and share the fixes that you can do on your own.

Reasons Behind The Single Handle Faucet No Cold Water

So the first thing you need to analyze is where the concern gets located. Does the difficulty occur from only one shower faucet or double? If producing insufficient cold water from the faucet is the major issue of your home, then the main culprit is the shut-off valve located in the main water supply line. The problem typically occurs if the valve gets turned off accidentally.

 So here you need to check the valve and turn it on or off frequently. If the cold water starts to flow from the faucet after that, then it will be fixed. 

Correspondingly, if the problem didn’t solve after applying these fixes, you should move on to the next steps. Anyway, before we are going to discuss them in detail, we would like to list them together in a quick box.

Here’s the chart of minor issues of the single handle faucet no cold water, and the solutions in short.

No cold water coming From The Faucet (Minor Causes)SymptomsFixes To Try At Your Own
Main valve of the water supply line getting stopHeatwave or hot water coming from the tapeTry to re-open the main water valve
Spray nozzles get stuck when they remain in the open positionNo cold or hot water run through the tap Run water through the spray valves for a couple of times
The shut-off valve inadvertently closedThe water supply in your house gets affected locallyRe-open the shut-off valve & rotate the knob anticlockwise
Water supply line/pipe is kinkedThere’s hardly any water coming from the tap/ the water supply gets chokedRe-straightened the bent or kink water supply pipe
The hydraulic pressure inside the water purifier becomes too highThe water flow from the faucet gets stuck abruptly, / the faucet gets shut off automaticallyBypass the unit (water filter system) to restore the water flow

Spray Nozzle Stocking Problem

A spray nozzle is an individual tool that diverts the water with the help of a shutter valve when it remains disclosed. Some faucets usually have a separate spray nozzle to flow the water properly. But it may get stuck on some major issues. When the shutter valve inside the nozzle gets stuck, it stops the faucet from running water thoroughly.

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At first, try running the water through the spray valve and see if this cold water flows or not. If you still don’t notice any change there, then re-check it again. Here you should inquire if you’re getting water even if you push out the valve. It’s because a good condition shutter valve will run the water despite the faucet failing to contribute cold water.

Now, try to apply the second process. You need to turn off the water flow using the shut-off valve (located underneath the sink pipe). Afterward, let the water run from the faucet and spray the nozzle simultaneously before re-open the valve again. By doing this several times, it will detach the nozzle’s steam lock and return the cold water flow to the faucet.

Inadvertent Stagnant Of Shutoff Valve

Inadvertent stagnation of the shut-off valve is a common problem when you currently repair the waterline. Shut-off valves allow you to stop the water supply of your locality without any bad impact on the home supplies.

Due to repairing the water lines, the plumber may forget to re-open the valve after finishing the job. The popular brand of Kohler kitchen faucets is known for this issue. The manufacturing errors sometimes occur, and the issues that you may feel such a concern like the Kohler kitchen faucet no cold water.


Search the water pipeline under the kitchen sink. After finding the supply pipe, trace the location of the knob or lever. Maybe underneath the supply lines, then rotate the knobs anticlockwise. Keep it up until you’re getting sure enough that the knobs are fully opened.

Kinky Water supplying Pipe

Kinky or bent supply pipe is the main culprit that your single handle kitchen faucet no cold water. It’s because most kitchen faucets are made of braided steel lines, which are difficult to damage or break. But nowadays, some home decorators still prefer to use the old built-in copper or metal version. For this reason, these will bend or choke the water supply easily.


If you manually found the supply line physically bent or kinked, try to re-straighten it. And check if the cold water runs through the faucet or not.

Frozen Supply Pipe

This is an infrequent problem. But for people living in cold weather, coping with this situation is a big deal. Especially if you’re living in the northern part of California, it’s too cool from December to February. This problem will suffrage you most during the chilly weather, as the vast majority of the sink pipe in that area is situated in front of the cabinet doors. So here’s the way, you can try to get rid of this.

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To fix those difficulties, keep the door wide open, as it will help to let the Pipe get a little warmer from the outside temperature. One of the best tricks you can apply to if you face this trouble over and again. Just put a portable heater in a safe spot or keep it at a little distance from the Pipe. You can also use a hairdryer to break the ice inside the Pipe whenever it freezes.

Check If There is Any Leakage!

What if you notice that the cold water is not working, but hot is flowing? It often happens in any uneven leakage inside the Pipe. As soon as you trace the leakage pipeline inside your houses, you’ll solve the concern.


There are no any DIY fixes to repair the leakage pipeline. The more you want to repair the Pipe with any tap, the more you’ll get annoyed with this. So it’s better to get help or call the plumber to replace the Pipe as early as possible.

Inquiry On The Water purifier

It may sound a little awkward, but not as important as you think. Sometimes the water purifier system gets triggered by an automated shut-off to the faucet.

When the water purifier starts to purify the water, the internal hydraulic pressure may increase casually.

As an example, we can tell the issues with the Moen faucet. The ergonomic design of such a faucet often gets stuck by its purifier. For this reason, you’ll face a Moen kitchen faucet with no cold water.


Whenever you’re ensured that the only reason for the cold water getting stuck is to change or set water manually to bypass the unit.

Restore the water flow unit of the cleaner. Then connect it again with your tap. Keep in mind that the water flow can’t be normal again until you correct the issue.

Loose or Dislodge Washer

A Loose or dislodged washer can also prohibit the water from flowing adequately. We have already discussed several issues about why the faucet had failed to flow the cold water. In case if you’ve got a Moen single-handle kitchen tap, issues also may occur, such as Moen single handle kitchen faucet no cold water, blocking tap, etc. Then try to apply the fixes below as early as you can.


Start from the shut-off valve. It is the place from where the water supply line becomes able to run the water. Turn it on and disassemble the faucet. Change or replace the faulty washer with the new one. And you’re all done.

Transfer The Faucet Cartridge

Even if you failed to solve the problem after applying all those solutions, try this last one. Hopefully, this may help to resolve the matter.

On this last attempt, we suspect the concern may occur from the pressure-balancing valve. You’ll traditionally find this near the shower faucet cartridge. So let us get into the solutions.


If our suspicions are right, then straightly turn on the shut-off valve. But it’s not enough, dear, here you need to go in-depth to solve these affairs. So don’t get impatient. Now remove the faucet handle, also loosen the old cartridge.

Are you getting confused about where it will be situated? Not so far. You may find them behind the escutcheon.

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Escutcheon is where a metal piece was used to hide the entrance hole of the water pipeline inside the wall. The retaining clips often rearrange the place.

Finally, replace the new cartridge instead of the old one. And attach all the fixes properly using a cartridge pulling wrench or a pair of pliers.

Water Main / Water Supply Issues

Water main pipes or supply lines may get destroyed most frequently. For that reason, there is no cold water in shower.

Before you diagnose the issues, ensure to find out the supply line inside the houses. Sometimes it is situated in the basement. Or sometimes, you may find it under the sink. After finding the Pipe, try to fix the destroyed Pipe as well.


In general, the water pipeline often fails to produce cold water for manual issues. If your water supply mainline has a problem, you’ve to ask the neighbors to inquire whether they’re facing the same problem or not. If they agree with you, try to contact the main holder of that supply line.

On the other hand, if the difficulty is only inside your house, you need to replace it or call for help from the water supplier.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my cold water not working but hot is?

There are tons of reasons that forbid the cold water to flow and convert it into warmer conditions. The facts may raise excessive water pressure, pipe leakage, recirculating the plumbing pieces, etc. Uh! Expanded water tank valves, improper installation are responsible for these issues too.

Why does my faucet only have hot water?

Your faucet may get clogged by an arrestor, unexposed service valves, bent or kinked supply lines are the main culprit: it had produced only hot water. The improper installation of the stuff, joint the foreign trapped materials at any points, will also turn off the kitchen faucet to flow it.

How do you fix the temperature control on a single handle faucet?

The best way to fix the temperature control on a single-handle faucet is by adjusting the water mixture. Generally, a single handle faucet had two screws- one for cold water. Whereas another one for flowing the hot water.
To increase the temperature, rotate the hot water screws counterclockwise. And turn the cold one screws in the opposite direction. And it’s done.


So that’s all about the facts behind the culprit of the single handle faucet no cold water. Try these all at a time. We suggest you apply these fixes one by one at once.

Note that if you’re unable to figure out the concern even after applying them all. Then there is only one reason it may happen.

If you’re living in a place where water has too much lime, high chances are that faucet will get blocked.

 In this situation, use some lime softening agents or DIY solutions to remove them altogether. Or take help from any nearest professional plumber.

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