How to Remove Delta Shower Handle: 5 Tutorials in One Read

If you have the Delta shower fittings in your bathroom, then you probably have one of the most comforting shower zones in your house. But if you think about replacing or a thorough check with the faucet and wondering how to remove the delta shower handle. The Delta shower handle might come with some screws or no screw, so you need to know to find the right tactic to remove it easily.

The shower handle removal procedure might not seem that quite what you are thinking. Do you know how many types of arrangements and attachments are there? Where are the variations made?

If you are thinking about any of the questions, please don’t proceed until you get through the entire guide.

How to Remove Delta Shower Handle

This part will have a series of discussions about removing the Delta shower handles for different types of handle arrangements like handles with visible screws, without screws, etc.

Also, some other errors while removing the handle including, how to remove delta shower handle stuck, how to replace the knob with lever, how to remove without set screw, and many more.

So, let’s start with the necessary tools that can help you out through the process.

Delta Faucet Handle Removal Tool

Here is a short list of tools you might require to take off the delta shower handle. You will need these both for mounting and dismounting the entire shower faucet. Have a look over it,

  1. Allen wrenches
  2. Screwdriver (Basically flat head)
  3. Plier
  4. Needle plier

Notes: The wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers will be required for primary disassembling, which will include unscrewing the screws, and pulling the handle accessories (i.e., bonnet, sleeve).

How to Remove Delta Shower Handle with Screws

Some of the Delta shower handles are directly connected to the faucet with a screw. These are the simplest, and you can take them off the handle easily. To do so, simply follow the steps below,

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Step-1: Unscrew the handle to remove it along with other surface accessories from the valve stem (i.e., bonnet, sleeve).

Step-2: Two more screws will be visible on the faceplate. Unscrew those to remove the escutcheon and the faceplate.

Step-3: pull out the pin from the top of the adapter with a flat head screwdriver.

Step-4: Remove the adapter off the valve.

The last step remains the same for almost every type of Delta shower. Don’t leave yet because the next case we will discuss is how to take off a shower handle with no screws.

How Can You Remove Delta Shower Handle Without Screws

In some cases, you won’t be able to find a handle screw primarily. But you may find that screws behind the faceplate secure the shower handle. To remove the shower faucet handle no visible screws do as follows,

Step-1: Unscrew the faceplate.

Step-2: Pull out the handle along with the faceplate.

Step-3: Behind the faceplate, there should be screws attaching the handle. Unscrew those.

Step-4: Take off the handle.

How to Remove Delta Shower Handle Set Screw

Now, if the handle of your Delta shower faucet is attached with a set screw, then you will need an Allen key (or L key) to unscrew it off the handle. It doesn’t vary much from the other handle removal procedures. To do so,

Step-1: Loosen the set screw using the Allen key.

Step-2: Slide out the handle along with the handle adapter from the valve.

Step-3: Take off the sleeve.

Step-4: Unscrew the faceplate.

Step-5: Unpin the adapter with a flat head screwdriver.

Step-6: Unscrew and remove off the valve.

How to Remove Delta Shower Handle Monitor

Whenever you try to find a tutorial about how to dismount the shower faucets, you will see that parts are so easily pulled out or slide off.

But if the delta shower faucet handle stuck? Well, it is a common occurrence for the faucets that are sitting the way it was and have no use for a long time. In this case, we also have an easy solution for you that will require only two steps. Have a look,

Step-1: The set screws might be stripped; try drilling it out.

Step-2: Pull out the handle.

Notes: This tutorial is for delta monitor 1400 series shower handle removal. The drilling of the stripped set screw might damage the cartridge of your shower faucet. So, be careful until you are willing to remove the cartridge as well.

How to Remove Delta Shower Handle with Plug Buttons

Sometimes, there are plug buttons to remove the delta faucet handle no visible screws. For this type of shower without screws, try the steps below,

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Step-1: From the front part of the valve trim, gently pry the plug button with a flat blade screwdriver.

Step-2: Unscrew the screw over the handle.

Step-3: Remove the handle.

Step-4: Remove the handle adapter from the valve stem.

Step-5: Rotate the cover counterclockwise and remove (if applicable).

Step-6: Take the sleeve off the valve.

Step-7: There should be two screws on the faceplate. Unscrew both.

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Step-8: A pin is plugged in with the cartridge adapter. Unplug using a flat head screwdriver.

Step-9: Then unscrew to remove the adapter off the valve.

Replace Delta Shower Knob with Lever

Is it even possible to replace the Delta shower knob with a lever? Well, of course, it is! The single handle lavatory and tub shower models of Delta can be easily converted or replaced with a lever instead of a clear od matt handle knob. The attaching procedure is the reverse of the dismounting of the handles, as stated above.

Notes: As we mentioned the single handle lavatory and tub shower, the replacement will not be for the double knob or triple knob shower faucet handles.

Wait A Second!

Have a quick check on this part because we need to ensure that you know the general arrangements of a single-handle delta shower faucet. Don’t rush; it is just a 1.5minute read below,

  1. Screw or set screw
  2. Handle cover
  3. Handle
  4. Trim sleeve and spacer
  5. Cap assembly
  6. Faceplate screws
  7. Faceplate
  8. Escutcheon
  9. Internal shower faucet parts (i.e. cartridge, cartridge adapter etc.)

As this article is only about the removal of the shower handle, we are limiting the parts within the surface accessories.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How do you take off a shower handle?

It just requires some simple steps from unscrewing the handle screw, then simply removing the handle, handle adapter, sleeve, and faceplate. The variations raise based on the visibility of the handle screws. There might also be an additional cover with the handle, which will be required to take off before unscrewing the handle. Besides, there could be a lever instead of a handle.

How do you remove a Delta Faucet handle?

How do you remove a bathtub faucet handle with no screws?

Pull out off the valve along with the faceplate. As the faceplate is removed, the screws securing the handle with the faceplate will be visible behind it. There must be two of them. Unscrew both to separate the handle.

How do I remove a Delta 1400 shower handle?

You can remove a Delta 1400 shower handle with a set screw under the handle cover. Unscrew it with an L key. If it sticks, drill the screw out carefully to not damage the cartridge and take off the handle.

Final Words

As you have made your way up to this far, we can allow you to proceed with your delta shower faucet at this point.

To discuss how to remove Delta shower handle, we have gone through some essential topics, and here is a quick review for our picky readers.

We have the necessary tools to remove the delta shower handles, with or without screws and set screws. Besides, we have the delta shower handle monitor removal along with the plug buttons removal process.

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