The Standard Height for Toilet Paper Holders

Bathrooms are a hard and crucial thing to create. You will need to put a lot of things in mind, like the standard height for a toilet paper holder. The basic height for a toilet tissue paper holder is 26 inches. This specific height is determined globally so that it’s suitable for all sorts of people. Also, it’s an ideal height for all-size bathrooms.

There are various factors in installing toilet paper holders. You will have to look for all the factors over there and then install your toilet paper. These factors are based on the toilet types, bathroom size, and proximity of the holder to the user. Considering these factors and then installing it according to the ideal height will put the holder in a perfect place.

Today, we will show all these facts and some good toilet paper mounting ideas. So stay with us.

What Is the standard height for toilet paper holder?

So, we already mention the perfect ideal height for a toilet paper holder is 26 inches from the floor. But before you install a tissue paper holder, you will need to assess a lot of factors. For instance, you will need to consider the type of toilet you are using.

You will need to consider the size of your toilet. After that, you will have to get a look at the size of your bathroom. Also, sometimes some people use their other hand in the process. You will need to consider all of those factors. In this section, we will discuss those factors in brief for your convenience.

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You can also check the complete guide for placing toilet paper holders left or right of a toilet with some pro tips.

Factors for Toilet Paper Holder Size Estimation

Toilets are of two types. Low and high. And in both cases, the height is kind of average. Low commodes are usually lifted up from the floor for proper water flow. The rarity of low commodes depends on the area you’re living in.

Low commodes are most common on the east Asian side of the world. And also, these are used widely. If you want to DIY the toilet tissue paper holder in your bathroom, check what kind of toilet you are using.

After identifying the type of the toilet, if it’s a low commode, mark 26 inches above the main floor, not the low commode base. Then place your toilet paper holder at that height.

Contrarily, if you are dealing with a high one, just keep it close to the toilet and keep the holder close to the toilet because convenience is necessary. And 26inches is the standard height from the floor for a toilet paper holder.

However, be sure to keep the holder compatible with both left and right-hand users. Just keep it close to the toilet, and it will solve the problem.

Toilet Proximity Factor

Proximity is a great factor for toilet tissue holders. If you are going for public toilets, then you won’t get a lot of space. So the proximity range will be below, which is good.

But in the case of big bathrooms, you will need to consider the proximity factor. Gere high or low commode is not that much of a deal. Everyone wants to have their toilet paper in the reach of their hand.

Firstly consider the size of your bathroom. If it’s just a water closet, you can place it anywhere because there is not a lot of space to consider. But the height of the toilet tissue holder for the comfort height toilet should be the same in every case. That is 26 inches.

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Be sure that the height is accurate because the range of hand reach can also obstruct height factors. You obviously can’t put it too high or too low.

Size of the Toilet

The size of the toilet is one of the biggest factors to consider. You will need to place your toilet paper holder according to the size of your bathroom. The variations of the size of bathrooms are huge. There are public bathrooms, and there are king-size bathrooms.

First, identify the type of your bathroom. If it is a small bathroom with lifted-up toilets, you will need to increase the standard height for a commercial toilet paper holder in that bathroom.

Just lift 3 to 4 inches rather than 26 inches. And if it’s a big bathroom, then probably there won’t be any lift-ups. So you can just use the standard height for the toilet tissue holder.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where should a toilet roll holder be placed?

The toilet roll holder can be placed anywhere according to your comfort to reach the holder. Basically, placing it on the right side of the toilet is ideal.

Where should a toilet paper holder be placed?

The best height for a toilet paper holder is 26 inches above the floor ground. So, you should place your holder 26 inches above the ground.

Where to put a toilet tissue paper holder in a small bathroom?

If the small bathroom has lift-ups, place your toilet paper slightly higher than the standard height.


We have all the basics about the standard height for toilet paper holder. Before installing that paper holder, you will need to consider a lot of factors. Starting from the type of toilet, you will be working on the size of the bathroom you are working on.

All these factors are crucial. Because the users will be completely rooted on their toilet, they will only have their hands for locomotion. And their only range will be the range of their hand reach.

We told you everything about the topic we could. We sometimes miss some collateral information and intel. You can let us know about them in the below forum and help the great general community.

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