Need The Second Floor Bathroom Plumbing Diagram?

Decorating and building houses with rightly arranged rooms can be only possible if you make a standard diagram. The same goes for the bathroom plumbing especially when planning to make 2 story building.

As we all know, the second floor bathroom plumbing diagram will give a proper and mistake-free picture that helps you imagine the room space along with other factors so that later you don’t have to regret it.

A lot of times people make an error in the plumbing setups that are hard to change once you place everything. And so, it’s important to look into the diagram to know each and every detail related to the second floor plumbing layout.

Dealing with pipes, vents, and other factors might be confusing at first, still, the diagram will help you to decide with knowledge of plumbing system.

Be with us until the very end and get yourself educated on this topic. So, Are Your Ready To See The Diagram? Let’s Begin!

Explaining The Second Floor Bathroom Plumbing Diagram & Layout Plan

plumbing layout plan for toilet

Have you ever wondered how does architect sets up and makes a perfect plumbing layout plan for toilet? The drain and water supply are the main factors that have to be planned rightly on higher floors.

You need to think of vents, water line, drain, and other aspects too when planning for plumbing a second floor bathroom.

Most houses have a 3-inch line horizontal pipe that plays a vital role to supply waste from the drain pipe. And that’s how the waste of the bathroom transfers through the gutter pipes.

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Second Floor Bathroom Plumbing Diagram

Now, we want to tell you that the first thing you have to decide when planning for a 2-story bathroom is the size of it before thinking about the water system. So, ask yourself whether your bathroom is small, mid-sized, or large enough to put stuff.

According to Wiring Site Resource,

To offer restroom more illusion it is possible to set it because of the wall and flooring pattern. If the new bathroom is on the second floor the bathrooms main drain will. Incredible plumbing and pipe diagram.

Here are a few points you need to think about while making a perfect layout plan for your bathroom’s water and waste supply lines.

  • Hot-Water & Cold-Water Supply Lines: Be sure to mark the Red for hot and Blue for the cold water line in your necessary areas around bathroom fixtures. Keep in mind the basin, bathtub, laundry, disposer, and other areas need to have both cold and hot water supply lines.
  • Drain Supply Lines: Choose the bathtub, basin, and other areas where you need to have waste supply lines and mark them. Be sure the drainpipe is 3 inches in diameter.
  • Vent Pipes: Sewer gas and other harmful air pressure in the drain needs to go out through the roof and so you need to use the vent pipes. So, draw them too.
  • Cleanout: In order to keep out your waste line free from clogs, cleanout is a must. Make sure to include that.
  • Main Water Supply: This one should have at least a 1-inch diameter to feed water using soft copper with 60 feet rolls.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it hard to add a bathroom upstairs?

A lot of designers or architects agree with those who say adding a bathroom on the higher floor as it will need perfect alignment of water and waste lines. Also, improper alignment causes the water level in toilet tank drops slowly.
However, if you contact skillful designers and try to add the restroom upstairs, it’s possible to do that. Also, knowing the diagram and layout plan of the 2nd or 3rd-floor bathroom plumbing might help you to understand the alignment better.
Check whether you have previous water and waste supply on the first floor or not as it may help to add the bathroom.

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Do you need planning permission to put a bathroom upstairs?

Yes. It is essential to take planning permission before you actually hop into adding the bathroom on the higher floors if it’s your first time.
As you need to think of water supply, vents, sewer, and other factors, so, it would be better to consult with an expert or read out the planning permission rules.
However, if your house already has re-fitting water and waste supply, then you definitely don’t need building control approval to create something new.

Does each bathroom need its own vent?

For sure! The bathroom does need individual vents that help with proper waste supply. Also, you have to consider the vents that are combined through the roof. If your house has that, then you can directly use it by adding vent pipes.

Can two toilets share the same drain?

Of course! You can just plan the plumbing diagram and use two toilets using the same drain. However, it is necessary to use the pipe stack in order to connect these lavatories. Also, be sure the stacks are not similar in look meaning they need to have opposite sides.

Final Thoughts

And that’s pretty much all that you need to know with the second floor bathroom plumbing diagram and layout plans. Learning the correct form of the piping system might help you avoid mistakes during the installation process beforehand.  

The design of bathroom plumbing sets varies based on the flooring plans. You need to count everything such as city water, drains, vents, cold & hot water, floor drain, water valve, sewer, and so on.

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We tried our best to give the right layout plan for the duplex restroom water supply. Hope you get an in-depth idea about the bathroom plumbing system of a two-story house at ease. It’s Now Time To Bid Farewell. We’ll Be Back To You In Our Next Article. Till Then, Good Bye!

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