How Long Does Heat Tape last?

Winter is all fun with marshmallows and barbecue until the freezing wind sweeps in. The chilly snow needs its own set of preparation. First and foremost comes your clothes and then your home. In this context, we will talk about how long does heat tape last.

You probably thought we would talk about thermostats. But remember, heat tape is as important as a thermostat, especially in freezing areas. The heat tape prevents metal, plastic from freezing. They are affordable, which makes them even more popular among consumers.

But the concerning time arises when you need to prepare yourself for its lifespan is neat at hand. So, let’s know to make yourself ready before it torns out.

How Long Does Heat Tape Last?

Heat tapes last for about 3 years. The manufacturers recommended, to be honest, they warn the users to replace the heat tape every 3 years.

The heat tape protects the metal from freezing. It has a constant connection with electricity and water. And all the elements are loosely protected. The consumers need to change the heat tapes every 3 years.

Old heat tapes are hazardous to consumers. They can cause fires due to the constant connection with electricity. This is why manufacturers urge on changing them every three years.

How Does Heat Tape Work?

Let’s have some basics on the heat tape to know its longevity.

Heat tape is basically a resistive heat-conducting thread that produces heat. The idea is similar to any other heaters or stoves. The electricity flows through the conductor, and the resistance that it faces in there generates electricity. The heat generated remains closer to the water lines and pipes. This keeps the water from freezing.

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Wrong Installation Might Decrease the Lifespan!

There are a few things to consider when installing heat tape on a mobile home. The first one is the water line material. If the water feed lines are too thin, they would break even at the slightest temperature. In that case, you need to buy a heat tape that has a low temperature. 

The next is the electrical system in the home. You can see the shielded heat tapes based on the electrical specifications of the house.

There is an issue with aluminum wiring. This problem is more prevalent in older mobile homes. The aluminum wire connectors often break up the connection for electricity to travel.

This becomes highly risky when other High powered appliances are plugged in. So, if there is aluminum wiring, it is advisable to replace them.

Types of Heat Tape

There are new types of heat tapes created for manufactured homes. You can plugin and forget about them all winter. Just remember to unplug them in the spring. They will increase the temperature accordingly.

There are two types of tapes created for manufactured homes.

Silicon Heat Tape

This type of heat tape has silicone or rubber coating. The first rule for this type of tape is that they cannot overlap, and the tape cannot bend. They resist moisture, which retains the tape longer.

Braided Heat Tape

The next comes the braided type. These are a little complicated to set up. It is even more complicated to know how much of the tape you actually need.

They are sold by foot measurement.  It is wrapped around the pipe and can overlap without any danger. The main issue about this is there is no coating, so they tend to rust soon.

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How Long Does Roof Heat Tape Last?

The average life span of roof heat tapes is around 3 to 5 years. They do not last more than that, in most cases. They can even go bad before the average time. It essentially depends on the maintenance.

Roof heat tapes help dealing with the damage ice dams do to a house. Ice dams can wreck the house and cause structural problems. We are talking about decayed walls, affected paints, and a wrecked roof. People who live in places prone to ice dams use roof heating cables. They are the best option to deal with this problem.

They need to be installed, and that’s it. There is no other work. They can function on the roof for a year without any issues. You can even keep them on all day long depending on the electricity budget. You will need to turn on the system manually a few hours before the snow hits. Make sure to keep up to date with the snow forecast. There are ice sensors that will turn off the system automatically.

You will find roof heating cable in any hardware store. You can find them online in Amazon, Wayfair, Zoro, Northern Tool. The cost depends on the length of the cables.

The price ranges typically from $.60 to $1.50 per linear foot. Check out the warranty before buying. This makes repairs a lot easier.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have curated this section to answer some of the general queries. Hope you find some answers.

How to tell if the tape is bad?

To tell if the tape has gone bad, you need to check the temperature. If the heat tape doesn’t warm up in 10 minutes, it is likely the tape has gone bad, considering you have checked the thermostat and tape.

Are heat tapes safe?

Yes, the heat tapes are safe. The owners need to make sure to follow precautions while using them.


Heat tapes are a life savior during the freezing winters. However, their owners need to follow proper maintenance for them. So, you need to replac from time to time, and there are other precautionary steps. And for this, you must know how long does heat tape last

Many people use Heat tapes as they are affordable and do need much work in installing. They keep one warm during those chilly days. It’s a must-have winter accessory in freezing zones.

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