How To Increase Water Pressure From A Spring- Easy And Helpful Tips

Low water pressure can hamper and slow our homestead works. And, when the water runs from spring to our house, we often undergo water crisis during busy hours, which is never pleasant. To tackle such harsh situations, we will elaborate on how to increase pressure from a spring with simple tweaks.

It does not need to be a plumber to obtain a higher water force from a spring. And rather than calling for professional supervision, you can spend a busy and happy time applying our guide to your water supply system.

So, stay with us and work on homestead problems by yourself.

How To Increase Water Pressure From A Spring

A water spring supplies a steady flow of water. However, this water flow frequently fails to meet the need for water pressure in a variety of home tasks.

To overcome such difficulties, we suggest a few instructions encompassing small to sizeable improvement processes.

So, before starting on the tips. Let’s look at the tools you may need to apply them:

  • A Pressure Gauge.
  • Compound Sealant.
  • Pipe wrench.
  • Solder
  • Compression fittings
  • Cleaner tools: Plunger, Rod, Vinegar, etc.

Inspect The Supply Line

Yes, the first tip might seem insignificant as it needs little effort. However, inspecting your supply line will help you throughout the guide to increase water pressure in your household. While inspecting the supply line, also scan for leaks and mark them as they obstruct the exiting pressure of water from the line.

It is essential to trace the whole line back to the spring. This will help you deduce the elevation of the spring well from water outlets in your home. The more the elevation is from the outlets, the more the pressure will be. So, if you have the independence of choosing a more elevated reservoir, go for it.

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Moreover, if your supply pipe is not broad enough near the spring well, a broader duct can give more water pressure. If the supply line passes through a tank before coming to your system, note that too.

Also, see if all the valves are fully open and take a gauge reading of water pressure in any of your outlets for future comparisons.

Plus, check if the line runs straight to your home or is bent unnecessarily in places. Straighten up the water delivery pipe in this case. And if it is possible, keep the line unbranched until it reaches your home.

The closer a branch from the delivery pipe is to a spring well, the less pressure of water from a spring you will get.

Seal The Supply Line Leaks

Any leaks on the supply line can significantly reduce the pressure more, so if the position of the leak is too close to home.

To fix a leaky valve, you first turn off the supply pipe valve and switch on the faucet to draw some vacuum. Then use any of the following methods to fix the marked leaks:

  • Use Adhesive Sealants.
  • Use rubber of adequate size and use Jubilee clip to fix up with the pipe.
  • Separate the pipe in place of the leak and use Compression Fittings.
  • Separate the pipe in place of the leak and use solder fittings for a sturdy fix.

Clean The Supply Pipe And Other Pipe Outlets

Sometimes, if you don’t get enough psi even after good declination from the reservoir, and there are no evident leaks, then the responsible factor for your low water pressure can be the clog in your system. As we already know that the diameter affects the pressure. And the clog can reduce the effective diameter of your pipe.

So, clean, switch off the valve on the delivery pipe and start with cleaning it thoroughly. Use plunger, vinegar solutions, cleaning rods to take out persistent mineral deposits inside the pipe.

If the water fittings in your house were done long ago, clean them too and now measure with pressure gauge, and you will see a significant water pressure increase.

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Elevate The Position Of Water Tank

If the water from spring comes to your tank before reaching faucets and showers in your house, then elevating the position of the water tank can be very effective. However, it will not increase your water flow rather will give a small boost to the pressure.

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However, if you need to change the piping for elevating the tank, it will not be cost-effective considering the small outcome. If that’s the case, skip to the next tip on how to increase water pressure in house.

Install A Booster Pump

This should be your last resort but not the least. Because installing a booster pump to your spring-fed system can overtrump all the previous tips. However, the cost and effort to install one also surpass what you needed for earlier instructions.

So, if your spring water well with previous tricks gives you over 30-40 PSI, you don’t need to turn to this solution. Otherwise, you will want to choose an effective well pump that fits your need. There are various pumps in the market and below is a list of a variety of booster pumps excelling in various fields:

  • J5S Goulds Pump: For Quiet Operation and adequate boost. Needs a separate switch.
  • SEAFLO 33-Series: Best pressure pump for Budget, easy to maneuver.
  • Bur-Cam 506532SS:  ¾ HP pressure pump suitable for greater pressure. Useful to meet the needs of more than one house.

If you already have a functioning water pump added to your system, check the manual and do some pressure switch adjustments according to your need.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you raise the pressure of water?

Check if the shut-off valves are totally open and the supply line to your home does not have any leaks, bents, make sure your water delivery and outlet ducts are unclogged, etc. To get detailed instructions, follow our guide.

How can I increase water pressure without a pump?

Without a pressure pump, too, you can increase your water pressure to a decent level just by sealing leaks, fixing bents, unclogging the supply line, and more using some protocols mentioned in our guide.

Bottom Line

Most of the household fixes are troublesome and entail complications. But, lesser water pressure will stack you with more works and slower results. And to direct you towards the right way, we explained how to increase water pressure from a spring as clearly as we could.

So, if the article aids you in obtaining satisfying water flow and pressure or even enlightens you about the required modifications, we will deem ourselves successful.

And with that hope, we conclude here today. Until we meet you with another guide, stay safe with DIYing.

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