Williamson Boiler Problems And Their Easy to Bite Fixes

Are you tired of your Williamson boiler problems? Trying to search for your boiler problem’s solution? Most people complain about the water leak and the noise. And guess what you can fix them yourself without paying additional bucks to a technician.

It’s harrowing to work without a boiler in winter, and we know it’s even more annoying when it doesn’t heat properly. There might be a few simple reasons why your Williamson boiler has problems. We may not be felt as reliable as your age-old reliance ona plumber, butour experience in finding Williamson boiler problems will definitely help you.

Read the article with patience from top to bottom to get into the root of your boiler problems, and solutions.

Williamson Boiler Problems- Common Issues with Fixes

This is a small table so that you can determine your boiler problem and immediately act on it.

Reasons for the problemsTroubleshooting Steps to Try
No heating or poor heatingCheck all the heating joints, especially the pilot and thermostat.
Condense Pipe FrozenLocate the pipe and remove the ice
Water LeakIdentify the problem and call Williamson boiler tech support for help.
Noises Coming OutThe heat exchanger needs cleaning
Radiators Not HeatingRadiator reattach and remove damaged circulation valve

Your boiler might contain more than one issue at a time. Carefully read each 5 solutions and calmly solve them one by one.

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No Heating Or Poor Heating

This is the most common issue that one might face with a boiler. There are several reasons for which your boiler is not providing heat.

To solve this problem check the mentioned parts. Such as-

Thermostat: Many people make the mistake that they don’t check their thermostat settings. Ensure that your thermostat setting is above the room temperature and the mode is on heat. In the case of a manual boiler, the thermostat setting or level is usually off, for which it gives no heating.

Pilot: Check if your Williamson boiler pilot light is switched on or not. If you found it turned off, try to switch it on manually. The main reason for the pilot light to be switched off is because of a faulty thermocouple.

Fuse Box: Blown fuse box can be the main cause why your Williamson boiler isn’t heating up.

Circulator Pump: Another common reason for no heating or poor heating is the circulator pump not pumping. If the circulator pump is cold and not heating, then a fuse might be blown. And if It’s hot, then the issue is in the motor. Just replace the circuit pump.

Hot-Surface Ignitor: You need to call up a professional to fix or replace a hot surface ignitor. It mostly has a lifespan of only 5 years. If it stops working before the time ends, make sure to check through the professionals.

Condense Frozen Pipe

In winter, pipes tend to freeze up, so it needs to be cleared up. Ice forms up a blockage in the pipe that causes the pipe to stop heating, and then the whole system stops working too. To fix this issue,

  • First, determine the location of the pipe, then find the ice accumulation.
  • Use warm water or a heating pad over the pipe to melt the ice.
  • Then restart the boiler at last.
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Water Leak

A water leak is a bit of a serious issue. Just don’t wait any longer and solve it by the professional plumber or Williamson boiler tech support.

Water leakage may damage your house and mold up the walls. It may be caused due to a faulty pump or valve.

This issue can’t be solved without experts every time. So, as soon as you find out the water leak, take an expert’s help.

Noises Coming Out

Normally boilers make small noises, but some sounds along with heating issues need to be solved by a professional. But if there is loud kittling or racket sounds coming out from the boiler, it needs to be checked.

Rachet sound comes from pipes when excessive water is trapped inside. In case of any defective circulating pump, racket sound may come out. When there is a buildup of limescale in the heat exchange, then a kettling sound comes out. In this case, you have to clean up the heat exchange area. 

Radiators Not Heating

Due to a faulty circulator, your boiler’s radiators might not heat up. However, other systems can work well. Even though radiators not heating up isn’t a huge problem, you should solve it the right way to avoid other issues in the boiler.

 Readjust the radiator valve to start the production of heat. If the radiator is faulty just replace it with a new one simply.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Williamson a good furnace?

Yes, Williamson is a good furnace. Williamson is one of the leading companies which has experience of over 100 years. They are well known manufacturers for the best heating and air cooler device. In short, Williamson is a really good furnace to use.

How do you light the pilot on a Williamson boiler?

To light the pilot on a Williamson boiler at first. Ensure that your gas valve and the boiler is switched off. After 10/15 minutes, when the gas is removed properly open up the boiler’s covering. Then turn on the gas valve and press the reset button down for a minute then the pilot light will light up.


In short, I want you to remember one thing just don’t panic while doing the work. You will be amazed after solving Williams boiler problems on your own. I am sure once you get the whole process, it won’t feel much challenging to do.

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