How To Secure A Steel Bathtub- A Complete Guide

Bathroom appearance can drastically improve if we upgrade the bathtub. Do you want to enhance the image of your bathroom by installing a steel bathtub? But don’t know how to secure a steel bathtub? Well, you have nothing to worry about. Here, we will assist you with a step-by-step process of installing and securing the steel bathtub.

We always love to redecorate our house, and a bathroom makeover is struggling considering which items to renovate. But in this article, you will know the process of installing and securing a steel bathtub. So, if you are new to installing a bathtub or even want to renovate the looks of your bathroom, then continue reading.

How To Secure A Steel Bathtub

Securing a bathtub is a long process that includes carpentry, plumbing and sometimes, tiling. We must ensure that the surface on which we want to install the tub is clean and dry.

If there is any old bathtub, we need to remove that very efficiently. After that, we can install our desired steel bathtub.

How To Install A Steel Bath

First, we have to measure the area where we will be installing the tub. Also, we have to determine the area of the doorway of the bathroom so that the tub can be brought through the door. We have to make sure that we read thoroughly the instructions which will be given with the bathtub.

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We may need tools like construction adhesives, electric drill and bits, bathtub mounting brackets, measuring tape, mortar mix, and many more for installation. However, there are some steps which we can follow to install a steel bath.

How To Set The Ledger Board

The first step we have to follow is to set a ledger board that will support the tub edges that connect with the wall. After we mark the top of the bathtub flange clips on the wall studs, we have to measure the distance to the underside of the tub.

Usually, the distance between the top of the ledger and the tub underside is 1 inch. Even though, we suggest you read the manufacturer’s guide to avoid any confusion. We can use drywall screws to fasten all the ledger boards to the wall, ensuring the tub rests without any problem.

How To Attach Drain To The Tub

Before setting the tub in place, we have to secure the drain to the tub. Wrapping the bottom of the strainer will help us to press it to the tub from the inside. We need to place a gasket around the strainer to the bottom of the tub and then screw it to the overflow drain.

Using a screwdriver will secure the overflow cover. This will prevent the tub from overflowing if we leave the water running because it will redirect the water into a drain pipe.

How To Attach Steel Tub To Studs

According to some guides, we have to spread mortar mix on the floor to set the tub in place. We have to follow the instructions very carefully to attach the steel to the studs. There will be bathtub flange clips on the outside. In most cases, we use a hammer to secure the studs to the wall.

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We have to make sure of the measurements before cutting any accessories. Screw drilling each stud to the wall will help to attach the steel tub correctly. After that, we have to connect the water lines and install all the accessories to prevent water overflow.

How To Attach Steel Bathtub To Wall

We have to buy a mortar mix package and make the mixture according to the package directions. After securing the tub to the floor with mortar and other tools, we need to lift the tub against the wall and place it in position.

Make sure to secure the flanges to the studs. Usually, steel tubs do not have any holes, so we have to drive the nails above the top of the flange to engage each nail to the flange. We need to be very careful with the hammer while driving.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you fasten a metal bathtub?

According to the package direction, mix an appropriate amount of mortar. You can spread the mortar mix with a trowel in your desired location. Hold the tub in place and check the level. Thus, you can fasten a metal bathtub.

How do you secure a metal tub to the wall?

First, you need to drill the holes of the wall according to stud locations. You can use the galvanized screws to attach the studs. Then, after levelling the tub, you have to place your foot inside the tub to hold it tight. After that, the tub will be easily screwed to the wall.


Up until now, we have discussed most of the procedures of how to secure a steel bathtub. But the essential thing is waiting for 24 hours before turning the water to make sure the adhesives are dry. Then, we can turn on the water.

However, the procedure does not end here. We have to check if there is any leakage, and we have to pre check before using the bathtub. But, if any other problem occurs, we highly suggest taking advice from any certified plumber. Enjoy your precious time with the proper installation of a steel bathtub.

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