How to Shim a Toilet on Uneven Tile: Ways for Leaky or Non-Leaky

How to shim a toilet on uneven tile? If the toilet is not leaky, rubber shim or caulk would perfectly do the job. But what if the toilet is leaky? You need to sweat some in this case.

You can easily fix a wobbling toilet by yourself. It is such a simple task that you don’t even need to seek help from a technician. Let’s learn the procedures and shim a toilet within a few minutes.

How to Shim a Toilet on Uneven Tile

On an unsmooth floor, you cannot fix the toilet properly. A toilet on an uneven surface is a bit risky for regular use. To repair it you must know how to fix a rocking toilet on tile. You have to use a toilet shim to level the toilet on the floor.

In most cases, people use stainless steel, plastic or rubber tabs, and homemade wooden shims. The Toilet leveling kit and shimming procedures of a leaky toilet and a usual toilet are different. The procedures are given below.

Shimming a Toilet That Is Not Leaky with 4 Steps

You might need to shim a toilet in 2 conditions; these are:

  • New installing a toilet and
  • A rocking toilet

Before going to the fixing procedures, check out the toilet is not leaking already. Sometimes the toilet’s wax ring does not work as it decays gradually with time. If needed, try to seal the leak before conducting the shimming operation.

Tools Needed

  1. Cordless Drill
  2. Putty knife
  3. Plastic shims for toilet or Rubber toilet shim sub and tile caulk
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Step-01: To shim a toilet on an uneven surface, first of all, find out the gap between the toilet end and the surface. Try to move the toilet and check whether it is webbing or not.

Step-02: It’s time to set up the shim in the gap to resist the rocking of the toilet. You can use both plastic or rubber shin for setting the toilet in a fixed place, and if necessary, you can move it.

Insert the side of the shim to side with a gap of 1 ½ to 2 inches.

Step-03: After fixing the toilet, try to trim the extras besides the toilet by using the utility knife. To hide the shin and keep the wax sustainable, you can apply caulk around the base.

Step-04: Now, leave the entire caulk to set and dry. Don’t use it immediately after the operation. After setting the whole base, check the wobbling and reuse your toilet without tension.

How to Shim a Leaky Toilet in 5 Easy Steps

If it is not shimmed in due time, the toilet starts leaking and is left rocking inconveniently on a curvy floor.

Leakage in the toilet base reminds the immediate requirement of shimming a toilet. If it occurs, you have to remove the toilet and reset the wax ring. In that case, you have to repeat the task of installing a new toilet before shimming and applying wax to the toilet base.


  • Adjustable wrench
  • Bucket and Sponge
  • Flange bolts, nuts, and washers
  • Toilet shims
  • Newspapers
  • Putty knife
  • caulk
  • A small hacksaw
  • Flange repair kit/new flange
  • Wax ring or rubber seal

Step-01: To shim a leaky toilet, you just need to shut off the water supply system of the toilet tank. With a sponge, remove the last drop of water from the tank to avoid any disturbance while shimming.

Step-02: Now you have to remove the toilet. Lose the bolts with the help of a spanner. Use the hacksaw if you see the urgency of cutting them. Lift the toilet from the place and keep it aside on the old newspaper.

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Step-03: Scrape off the decayed wax with a knife and check whether the toilet flange requires a replacement or repair. You can install the toilet with or without the wax ring. If you are leveling toilet with grout,  mix it properly so that it will remain soft before use.

Apply it in the joint of the toilet base and the tile with your hand. Wipe up the extras after drying with a wet sponge

Step-04: While shimming the toilet without a wax ring, your toilet will not stack in one place. Make some new slots to fix the bolts and set up the toilet. Then mark the point of setting shimmer. At the same time, use the wax ring, put some hot water, and slide in the wax carefully. 

Step-05: Set up the toilet on the flange with a very soft hand, and slide the shim with low pressure. Otherwise, the ceramic toilet bowl will damage. Seat on the toilet and check whether its problem of quavering is solved or not.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use shims to level a toilet?

The simple answer is yes. You have to level a toilet if the flange is a bit high or the tiles of the floor are uneven. There are different types of shims that you can use to level toilet tiles like stainless steel, plastic or rubber, etc.

How do I fix the gap between my toilet and the floor?

Usually, people use wax rings to meet up the gap between the toilet and the floor. But you can apply grout in the joint of the toilet base and the tiles. You can mix it well and apply it firmly using your hand.

What do you put around the toilet base?

You can apply a wax ring to fill up the gap. Using grout will also be a solution for putting in the middle point of a toilet and floor base.


Toilet usually rock while it is set up on an un-even surface. To remove it, you need to find out the gat and fill up the gap with necessary ingredients.

A wobbling toilet creates unnecessary trouble and an uncomfortable seat in the bowl. It will be caused by many reasons which are not easy to repair. If you want to erase the issue and resolve the problem at home, you must learn how to shim a toilet on uneven tile. Then you can enjoy a fresh hazardous-free morning with a stable toilet.

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