What Size Hole Saw For 2 Inch PVC You Should Use

If you are confused about what size hole saw for 2 inch PVC, there is a straight answer for you. Well, you may need to use the 2 ½ inch hole saw to use a 2 inch PVC pipe.

However, if you have a question about why we suggest you use a larger hole saw from the particular size, 2 inches, you are welcome to read the entire context.

In this context,  we are going to place the actual size of a pipe and a hole saw and how to measure the dimension of the hole saw. Moreover, this article will discuss how to get the proper idea of matching the hole saw with the dimension of the pipe so that you can get the desired hole.

What Size Hole Saw For 2 Inch PVC

We know a hole saw is a drill machine that can cut a hole without cutting the core center of a particular thing. It can be a pipe, or a block of wood, or anything else. So, it is very important, what will be the size of the hole.

However, we should know the entire phenomenon of the hole saw’s size and the pipe size to get the particular shaped hole.  

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Well, now, come to the point. Before clearing the hole saw size for 2 inch PVC pipe, learn how to calculate the right size of the hole saw.

How To Calculate The Right Size Of Hole Saw

You know there are different sized pipes available,  and all are not in the measurement. However, in regard to different pipes, there are some designated measurements chat of hole saw available on the internet. But we are not talking about this. We just talked about the PVC pipe.

You may see that a PVC pipe’s size is different from the outer dimension to the inner dimension. When you pick a 2-inch pipe, the external dimensions will be different.

So, check the inner dimension and the outer dimension (OD). The inner one is the perfect measurement. The hole size, whatever it is, will be as the inner side of the dimension of the pipe.

The Size Of Hole Saw

However, make sure you measure the pipe’s inner and outer dimensions. Then, if that is 2 inches, you will need to use a 2 ½ hole saw.

At first, drill ¼ inch as a pilot hole. Next, use a 2 ½ hole saw from both sides of the centered pilot hole. The outcome of PVC pipe hole size will be ⅛ straight.

What Size Hole Saw For 2-Inch PVC Connector

Now, you may think that if you want to cut a hole in a PVC connector, what is the size of a hole saw for a 2 inch PVC connector. Well, it is also quite like cutting a straight pipe.

In this case, you also need to drill a 2 ½  hole for a 2 inch PVC connector. There is no major difference between the pipe and the connector for drilling and cutting a hole.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best tool to use while cutting PVC pipes?

There are a number of tools and methods available to cut PVC pipes, such as PVC cutters, Hacksaw, Cable saw. But, among them, a Hacksaw is the best to cut a PVC pipe accurately. It can cut a pipe of any thickness and no matter how small and precise cut you want. Moreover, a hacksaw is a cheap tool to cut a PVC pipe from the other tools.

What size hole saw do I need for 2 inches ABS?

When you are looking for a hole saw for a 2 inches ABS pipe, you may need to bring a 1/16 larger hole saw for it. You can get it by measuring the pipe’s dimension. Sometimes the measurement of the hole saw remains in the body of the hole saw cutting blade.

How do you size a hole saw?

When you have a hole saw drill, you may have different sizes, blades, or shapes. But the matter is, how can you define the size of a hole saw. Well, to get the proper dimension of a hole saw, you have to get the blade’s outer dimension and decide what should be the core dimension. Then match the core dimension of hole cutting and the blade that you are going to push on the hole saw.

Final Verdict

From the above discussion about the pipe’s dimensions and the hole saw’s size, you may now clear what size hole saw for 2 inch PVC.

However, the perfect hole cutting for a perfect size pipe, you can get only after getting the pipe’s accurate measurement. So be careful to learn the pipe’s size. And you will get the hole saw’s size in the outer body of the blades.

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So, we hope you won’t face any hassle to match the accurate blade shape to cut a particular hole.

After all, if you understand the entire discussion, our action to try to help you will be successful. Happy journey for the hole cutting in PVC pipe or wood with the hole saw!

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