How To Install A Garbage Disposal in A Double Sink Complete Process

Want to know how to install a garbage disposal in a double sink? Have you faced the problem of taking out the food scarp by hand when maintaining your kitchen sink? If yes, then you must try to use a garbage disposal in your kitchen or firm setup. It will ease your kitchen issues.

In 2020,  the household expenditure in the  U.S on garbage disposal and other kitchen management was about 28.91 U.S dollars per consumer unit. These statistics reflects the huge appliance of garbage disposal unit in the kitchen compared to 20.19 in 2007.

This article will provide you the clear guidance on installing a garbage disposal. So, read the article and get an idea from this article solution part.

How To Install A Garbage Disposal In A Double Sink

Garbage Disposal In A Double Sink

Setting up a garbage disposal unit is not a tough task or complex thing. Though, some people feel bothered to install the whole system. But people may get tired of clearing the stinky stuff with their own hands. Therefore, you must install the garbage disposal unit on your double sink to save time.

In this article, You will surely know the pros and cons of how to install double kitchen sink plumbing with garbage disposal. So follow this complete guide and clear all your doubts.

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Necessary supplies for a complete installation:

  1. One putty knife and one utility knife
  2. Plumber putty
  3. One screwdriver
  4. Tiny cloth for plug the drain
  5. Joint-pliers
  6. Voltage tester
  7. Wire nuts and strippers
  8. Siphon breakers

After arranging these supplies, you must start your installation. Check the safety and installation instructions from the garbage disposal installation diagram. Then put focus on our guidance.

Step-1: Ensure Keep Enough Space beneath The Sink

Proper installation will lead your disposal system more correctly and sharply. Moreover, it will reduce the system junk and save your time. For these reasons, keep the necessary space under your double sink to complete the installation process properly.

Step-2: Switch Off The Electricity

Take the voltage tester and check there remain any electricity in the wire. To properly shut down the electricity or power, methodically switch off all the breakers.

Step-3: Remove The Couplers

Remove the couplers by using the slip-joint pliers. You will find the couplers under the sink that joints the p-trap and the extension pipe.

Step-4: Shut The Drainage Area

By using a small piece of cloth, you may shut down or close the drainage path. Cause it may release a bad smell. Lose all the drainage parts in a safe area.

Step-5: Separate The Flange

To separate the flange, loosen the drain coupling nut with the help of pliers.After some attempt, it will lose or be ready to open. Then push it up to separate the flange from the sink.

Step-6: AttachThe Garbage Disposal

  • At first, check your Double sink garbage disposal plumbing diagram. You will find it in the manual book of this. By following the diagram, connect the garbage disposal to the one sink In your double sink system. Then, Adjust piping elevation.
  • After this piping elevation process, the first sink will discharge liquid using its trap. Every single sink has its trap for discharging process. The first sink is attached to the other sink trap. Moreover, both sinks use the common elevation wye.
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Step-7: Insert The Flange

Take some new or fresh putty. Then apply it to the flange area, which is located in the disposal unit part. But you have to remember, is there any old putty left before applying the new one. If any, then remove all the old putty with safety measures.

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After that, place or insert the flange at the appropriate side of the drain hole of the sinks.

Step-8 Install An Air Gap Siphon Breaker

Air gap siphon breaker will provide safety to the drain line of the sinks. To maintain safety, you have to install the siphon breaker from the dishwasher to the disposal unit. Otherwise, the disposal system can drain the one sink material to the other sink drain.

Step-9: Set Up The Mounting Ring

Set up the mounting ring by using the screwdriver. Tighten the screws sequentially. It will maintain the right air pressure around the sinks.

Precautions Related To Installation

  • Put a power socket on the wall near your double sink. It will provide a power source to run the disposal system.
  • Select Compatible garbage disposer related to your double Sinks

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do you put a garbage disposal in a double sink?

Put the garbage disposal under one sink of the double sink. Then line up the horizontal pipe with the disposal hole of the second sink. This horizontal pipe links the doubles sink with the drain system.

Do all garbage disposals fit all sinks?

Generally, the entire garbage disposal fits all sinks. Sometimes you may fall in trouble when your garbage disposal is not suitable or compatible with the sink’s size and shape.


The core advantage of using the garbage disposer is it maintains the drainage of food waste into liquid. Moreover, the liquid contains 70% water, which blows into the drainage system.

Proper installation will lead your garbage disposal unit more effectively working. Firstly, please switch off the electricity socket, after that do some settings by following our complete guide on how to install a garbage disposal in a double sink.

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