How To Add A Tee To Copper Pipe- Easy Steps

How to add a tee to copper pipe? With a tee connector, you can easily add this to copper pipe. So, if you have some tools and a bit of time, you can do this.

It is essential to set up a tee to copper pipe for flexible water flow in your residence or somewhere else. You need to perform several essential tasks, from cutting the pipe to joining the tee.

Therefore, when you get a step-by-step guide, it becomes effortless for you. We are now at the stage of showcasing it to you.

How To Add A Tee To Copper Pipe

Copper Pipe

As mentioned before, if you have the necessary tools, you don’t need to call in a plumber. You can slip tee connector properly with the pipe on your own anytime if you need.

Adding a tee to any part of the copper pipe is not something like rocket science. Are you ready? Let’s know what you have to prepare to complete the task.

Essential Tools That You Need

  • Copper pipe
  • Tee piece
  • Slip Couplers (both open and end)
  • Strong Blade
  • Measure Tape
  • Hand Gloves
  • Pipe Slicer
  • Abrasive Paper
  • Deburring Tool
  • Flux
  • Flux Brush
  • Solder

We hope you will manage these essential tools somehow. If you have been dealing with plumbing for a while, you may already have some. Just on and check-in your storeroom. Whatever, it’s time to proceed to our actual task. You will also get the solution to how to add a tee to the existing copper pipe.

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Step 1: Stable The Water Supply

You can’t go to the final play if you do not turn off your hose’s water supply. But, you don’t need to stop all the water supplies in your residence. Hence, it will be enough to control the water supply of a particular area where you will add a tee.

But, if these still seem a bit harsh to you; you can turn off the whole water supply system.

Step 2: Identify The Correct Position

Correcting position is surely one of the most important parts of this discussion. You have to make sure exactly where you insert the tee. The roles of measure tape will automatically come here.

Some people cut the pipe and face a lot of trouble without measuring the pipe position. So, as you have to measure the spot, try to measure it perfectly.

Step 3: Cut The Pipe With The Blade

It’s time for a bit of cutting with a pipe slicer. Take a blade that suits the pipe position. Sometimes, the pipe position may be near the wall. For this, you need to take an edge that usually copes with the gap between the copper pipe and the wall. You should wear a hand glove for protection.

Step 4: Cut The Remaining Part Of The Pipe

In this situation, it would help if you had a pipe cutter; make sure you cut the pipe right on the middle to insert the tee coupler properly. You may also need a measuring tape or scale to cut the pipe according to the correct length.

Besides, you need access to the deburring tool. The deburring tool allows you to get a smooth piece of pipe that you just need to insert the tee properly. Taking enough time while doing this will give you a much better result.

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Step 5: Apply the Flux and Solder

You need to apply the flux properly with a brush. You may find an unexpected water supply system leaking. So, apply flux on tee and pipes gradually. Once you use the flux, use a tissue to dry and clean.

Then, try to use solder to make the connection of the pipes more accurate. But, using solder is not mandatory at all.

Step 6: Add the tee

Now, you have to put the tee coupling right at the middle of two pipes that you cut a little while ago. Pish the pipes onto the tee from both the left and right sides. Take another piece of pipe and insert this in the middle.

Step 7: Add Slip Tee Connector

 You have to use flux again before adding the connector coupling. Insert the slip tee connector coupling on the existing pipe so that you can add pipe having a tee properly.

Step 8: Add The Tee on The Main Pipe

This is the last stage of the query How to add a tee to copper pipe. Now, you just need to insert the pipe with tee onto the main pipeline. Make sure you attach it properly.

Once you are done with this, use solder to better joint the couplings with the pipes. It is that simple!

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you attach a hose to a copper pipe?

It’s a lovely and straightforward process. Attaching a hosepipe is often very helpful for your water supply system. If you insert a hose with an outside tap, you can do it by simply pressing it toward the pipe. You can use balloons and tape to get things done here. Simply cut a balloon and attach it with tape with the pipe.

How do you join copper pipe without soldering?

You can use copper press-fitting in these circumstances. Don’t worry. The joint that you will get will be rock-solid. What you need is to use a hydraulic tool to press-fitting. Besides, there is no risk involved in press-fitting.


We hope all our discussion sounds much better to you. How to add a tee to copper pipe? You have got to know all the thongs here. Adding a tee to a copper pipe is not critical math that will take much time and effort. Once you know how the tools work, you can do it perfectly.

People often have some queries regarding the fact, but you don’t have to face the difficulties if you have a simple piece of content like this. A bit of better luck with your attempt that you are going to take after reading this guide.

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