Why Is Your Sump Pump Running No Rain? How Do You Fix It?

Are you noticing that the sump pump running no rain? However, the sump pump can run without reaching water if the float switch, unfortunately, remains ‘On’ or if the button gets stuck with anything. Moreover, there are more reasons for that to happen.

Don’t get ready to replace the entire system or to hire a professional to fix it. You can fix it by yourself when you can locate the reasons like a faulty float switch and most probably groundwater issue.

We will mention the causes of running pumps and how you can solve it if the reasons seem to handle with an amateur hand. 

Read the complete explanation of the causes and the fixing ways in detail, and get your answer. 

Sump Pump Running No Rain- Reasons And Solutions

Generally, we use a sump pump to remove basement water from our home. It is a system that we install under the ground, and when it reaches a minimum range of water, it triggers drain water by itself.

Basically, this is its work, but the problem appears when we see the pump is running, but there is no rain.

What to do if my sump pump keeps running? This is what we are going to explain. Let’s see the quick navigation of the reason and solutions. 

Reasons Of Running Sump PumpTroubleshooting
Sudden increase of groundwaterRepairing the broken pipe or making another drain
Faulty float switch.Replacing the folate switch
Getting stuck in the float switch.Checking it, and let it free
Faulty pumps that are unable to drain water.Fixing the pump’s fault
Water clogged in the discharge pipe.  Inserting the drain snake or wire hanger

These are the brief of the cause and solutions. However, let’s know in detail about each point.

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Sudden Increase Of Ground Water

You may think about how it would be, how it can increase groundwater suddenly, and can it be related to the sump pump running but not raining. Well, sometimes water can come from different sources. Then your sump pump can run although there is no rain.

However, you will have to diagnose where that water is coming from in this case. If you see any faulty pipe, then you can repair it. If you see the water is coming from any natural source like a river, make another drain to pool flow the water.

Faulty Float Switch

Sometimes, the sump pump keeps running no rain; it occurs for a faulty float switch. The system is when the float gets a touch of water, which can manipulate the float. After removing or draining water, this switch gets ‘off.,’ But in some cases, this switch remains on and keeps running after getting ‘On.’

Check the float switch and switch it off into the pit to fix it. You can replace the switch if you think it gets damaged. And if the switch gets broken, you will clearly see that, change it with a new one.

Getting Stuck Of Float Switch

In some cases, we found there is no rain, no fault on the float valve switch or any valves, but after opening the pumping system, we see the float switch is stuck with a small wire or something. And consequently, it is running continuously.

You need not do anything to stop the running of the sump pump. Just let it free the float, and it will do its further work. You need not pay for it. 

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The inability of Draining of the Pump

When do you understand that the pump cannot drain the excess water from the pit? Well, when you see that the rain has stopped, and your sump pump is still running, guess, is it really working? However, add some water into the pit to raise the float switch to turn it on position.

Make sure, don’t do it manually. Then, notice, is the pump starts running and the water getting decrease. If the water remains, there must be a problem with the pumps draining. In that case, replace the pump; it may get damaged. 

Water Clogged In The Discharge Pipe

If you see a sump pump pit keeps filling no rain, there is a possibility of flowing water from any source, but the water can’t go through the outer drains. Maybe, the water is still assembling in the discharge pipe.

However, check the discharge pipe by inserting a drain snake or wire hanger. Can you feel any blockage? If so, push in and out and notice the water is flowing or not.

When you see the water is running through it, you are successful.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my sump pump running without water?

Sometimes, the sump pump runs into the pit without water because of installation leakage. Not only that, if the floating switch gets stuck with anything, consequently it continues running without water. Moreover, sometimes the float switches stocks on “on” position; in that case, it also runs without water.

Will a sump pump burn out if it runs continuously?

If the sump pump runs continuously, it will burn out. It will sign a negative effect on the pumping system’s estimated life. So, check out the float switch, valve, and discharge pipe to fix the problem. Checking out these areas is the easiest way to solve the problem.


These are reasons for running the sump pump without rain, we found. There can be other reasons and alternatives, but we think these are the massive reasons, and the solutions are the most effective.

To conclude, do you answer about the sump pump running no rain? We hope you have got your desired answer.

However, before taking action, try to find out why your pump is running. Inspect it thoroughly, one by one steps and apply the tricks whatever you think suits.

Get a good result of draining the underground water and get it free from damages to your undercover area.

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