Prier Vs Woodford: Head to Head Comparison

What is the difference between Prier and Woodford? When it comes to comparison, Prier is one step ahead in providing a better performance because of its effective “frost-proof” feature. On the other hand, Woodford is an ideal match for those who are unable to break their banks! Are they durable?

It can be quite hectic to understand the Prier vs Woodford comparison because of the technical terms. But luckily, we are here to break down their secrets, helping you understand way easily! 

Woodford Vs Prier- Quick Comparison Chart

Key PointsWoodfordPrier
Build MaterialRigid build quality with a bronze finishBrass and stainless steel body
PerformanceDoes not do well against frostConfigured with frost-proof feature to prevent freezing
Warranty1 year1 year
PriceAffordableA bit expensive

Comparing Strength

Because of the rigid build quality, both brands are efficient at withstanding water pressure. But the Woodford sillcocks are slightly better at handling the pressure.

The Woodford has a 135 PSI water pressure rate. To break it down, a sillcock with a 135 PSI rate will not cause any damage to the plumbing fixture, even if the water flow is high. 

You do need more pressure or a robust stream to spray over long distances. So, a sillcock with strong water resistance comes in handy. However, a Prier spigot with a 30 to 40 psi rate is not strong enough to withstand more than 12 hours of continuous water pressure.

Build Material

Woodford’s build quality looks robust because of the bronze finish and brass body material. And the material used for prier spigots is mostly brass and stainless steel. So, it is easy to tighten or turn both of their handles.

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But if you are concerned about the rust, Woodford has a better build quality to stand the test of time. Because Prier’s stainless steel body can develop rust over time. But the bronze coating makes Woodford less prone to rust development. 


Prier or Woodford-both of them is durable under different circumstances. Their configured features and technology aim to make them more sustainable.

Spigots can contaminate your home’s fresh or potable water through a garden hose. But to prevent it, Woodford sillcocks have configured anti-siphon valves. These valves prevent a low-pressure event that can suck contamination or chemical back into the water supply system. Also, Woodford provides more sustainable performance against strong water flow.

Prier’s anti-frost system makes them more sustainable even against extreme snow or cold. Most spigots cannot drain excess water when the temperature drops in winter. And the water freezes and builds up to intense pressure that eventually leads the spigot to burst. But the anti-frost system leaves no excess water to freeze and develop extreme pressure.

Installation Difference

The installation process of Woodford sillcock is comparatively easier and more budget-friendly than that of Prier. Moreover, you do not have to get the help of professionals if you are patient enough to follow the user manual to install.

However, you can also install Prier on your own, but its instructions are a bit more complex to understand. So you might need $150 to $200 more to install a prier sillcock. To be on the safe side, we can suggest you ask for professional help, if possible.

Maintenance Difference

No matter which hoses bib or spigot you go for, both brands will require maintenance once in a while to prevent any damage and perform smoothly. However, the Woodford sillcock requires comparatively more maintenance than that of the Prier sillcock. 

Considering the solid build material of the Prier hose bibs or spigots, it will take a little bit of extra effort to remove any extra fittings attached on top of the spigots. But the plus side is, Prier hose bibs do not freeze or go bad as quickly as the Woodford spigots. So, you do not need to winterize or drain them often, unlike Woodford ones.

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However, it is not rocket science to maintain or winterize the Woodford spigots. It would be best to disconnect the hoses, drain the spigot and pipe completely, and install an outdoor faucet cover. This process will prevent Woodford from causing any leakage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Sillcock Spigot?

A sillcock spigot is nothing more than an outdoor faucet. You can find these spigots attached to the exterior of a house. They have a nozzle to connect any hose so that you can get a flow of tap water even if you are outside. Sillcock spigots work like traditional compression valves, and these spigots allow access water to drain to prevent water from freezing.

How Do I Identify My Woodford Hose Bib Model?

You should look carefully at the rim under the handle of the Woodford hose bib. The rim includes a model number. But you will need a flashlight to read it with ease. Even if you cannot recognize the model from the rim, you still have their website to guide you. The website has varieties of models illustrated so that you can recognize your model.

Where Are Prier Faucets Made?

Even though German emigrant Anton Prier has established the company, it does not manufacture products in Germany. Instead, all Prier products, including the faucets, are made in the Heartland of the USA. Even their replacement parts are made in the USA.

What’s the Difference between a Faucet and a Spigot?

Which One Is Ideal Pick?

To be frank, it is not easier in terms of picking the best hose bib to install among the plethora of options, especially when it is about choosing from Prier and Woodford. To help you decide, let us give our two cents.

In order to save some bucks on the installation and repairing cost, Woodford is a good deal because you can install it on your own if you follow the manual properly. But if you cannot manage time for frequent maintenance, Prier is a good fit. However, you need to compromise your budget a bit.     

If it frequently snows in your area, you should count on Prier. Because the anti-frost feature will prevent it from bursting in extreme weather, but with Woodford, make sure to winterize it before winter.

From our Prier vs Woodford comparison, we hope you have understood which sillcock meets your requirements most. Now, the ball is in your court!

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