Pex Crimp Vs Sharkbite – Which is the Best for Plumbers?

Themost common difference between Pex Crimp vs Sharkbite is their usability. Pex Crimps can be adjustable with almost every basic connection, while there are some specific places where you can’t set up anything except for Sharkbites.

Due to some similarities in terms of functionality, many plumbers use Pex Crimp and Sharkbite interchangeably and get the results they weren’t looking for!

So, to take your plumbing experience to a whole new level, getting the right tools and kits is a must. All you have to do is give this whole article a read from head to toe, finding out some more differences that they have.

Pex Crimp Vs Sharkbite: Comparison Chart

Want to make a quick decision? You’re just a step away as this compact chart will help you know about them as quickly as possible:

Key PointsPex CrimpSharkbite
UsabilitySuits almost every connectionBest suited for those which connections need Sharkbite only
Average lifespanAround 8 to 10 yearsBacked by a 25-year long-term warranty
Possibility of LeakageMediumLow
PriceCheap as chipsSlightly expensive

Many people these days become so confused to find out the right match for their plumbing projects, which is why they don’t know which one can be the most suitable pick among Sharkbite vs Pex Crimp. And this is what we’re going to talk about.

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Start reading the detailed comparison step by step, where you’ll get to know which one is ideal for you.

Contrast in Fittings

This is where plumbers focus a lot. Speaking of the Pex fittings, many people aren’t familiar with the right technique of adjusting it, which may cause leakage.

Besides, a couple of Pex fittings utilize zinc plating. In this case, the growth of residue turns higher after a certain period of time during water flow, which results in undesirable leakage.

On the other hand, Shark bite fittings give you a long-lasting backup, and it won’t end up with leakage issues so easily or quickly, thankfully.

Differences in Terms of Usability

When we talk about usability, you should give more priority to the Pex crimp, ask why? Well, this is because it can be utilized in almost every connection, while Sharkbites are quite limited from time to time. 

In fact, there are some specific areas where you can use nothing but the Sharkbites. In that case, you won’t get a single chance to use Pex crimps. So make sure you give the connections a check to know which you need to get for that particular plumping project. 

Comparing the Efficiency

You may ask, “Which works best, pex crimp or sharkbite?” To be frank – the answer is pretty straightforward! Efficacy highly depends on how you have adjusted or fitted the tool to your desired places. Both will work just fine, and at the same time, worst if you have done the fitting task incorrectly.

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Talking about the Sharkbite fitting, it’s able to maintain a constant water flow. Plus, it won’t provide any effect on the water pressure in case the plumber doesn’t make any significant mistake. And the same thing goes to the Pex crimp fittings. 

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Robustness in Sharkbite and Pex Crimp Fitting

Both Pex crimps and Sharkbites have a reputation when it comes to durability or robustness.  Each of them is capable of withstanding heavy pressure, and that too for a long period of time.

Unfortunately, the zinc plating of Pex Crimp allows the tool in getting contact with residue, which may result in leakage during water flow. But thanks to the Sharkbite since it offers extra durability.

Longevity Services

Although both Sharkbite and Pex crimp serves you a pretty long service, there might be something that makes the “Sharkbite” way long-lasting.

In fact, many expert plumbers these days recommend using Sharkbites for long-term working purposes, whereas the Pex crimp is able to ensure greater consistency with short-term solutions.

What Is the Price Difference?

Here, you’ll find a noticeable difference between Pex crimp and Sharkbite. Compared to the Pex, Sharkbite will appear to be more costly, although it’s possible to get a couple of models at a fair price range.

But if budget is what you’re concerned about, then we think you shouldn’t look for anything else except for the Pex crimp.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is better for PEX crimp or SharkBite?

It depends on the needs and personal preferences. We’ve made a clear discussion on Pex crimp and Sharkbite. In a nutshell, Pex crimp fitting is ideal for long-term solutions as they last pretty long.

Are PEX SharkBite fittings reliable?

Of course, they can be your go-to pick in concealed spaces like underground areas or behind the walls. But as we’ve said before, they should be the best choice for short-term solutions instead of the long-term, keep in mind.

Final Verdict

Have you found yourself in the ocean of confusion? No worries, we’ll help you find the one that you’re looking for among the Pex crimp vs Sharkbite.

Everyone isn’t able to spend a pretty penny just to get such tools. If you’re one of them, then feel free to rely on the Pex Crimp instead of anything else. Besides that, it’s compatible with almost every single plumping connection.

On the flip side, having something of Sharkbite will be a wise decision because you may find some areas where nothing can make a perfect match except for the Sharkbites. Also, it’s backed by a long-term warranty, commonly 25 years or so.

So, from now on, it’ll be easier to get the one you’re searching for, right?

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