Spartan 300 Vs 1065: Which One Should You Choose?

What’s the major difference between Spartan 300 and Spartan 1065? Well, the significant difference that you can get between these two is Spartan 1065 is more space convenient, whereas Spartan 300 is perfect for narrow spaces.

So, in this Spartan 300 Vs 1065 blog post, you’ll know the purpose of these two drain cleaning machines. However, you might now be wondering why you would need a cleaning pump in the first place.

A clogged drain just does not prevent water from flowing, but it even results in odd smells that can be pretty irritating.

Therefore, to solve these issues, both Spartan 300 and 1065 are well-qualified to dig out these drain messes.

So, which one should you pick? This is where this blog post will come in handy. Therefore, keep reading till the end to know everything about it.

Spartan 300 Vs 1065: The Comparison Table

Factors to ConsiderSpartan 300Spartan 1065
PowerOnly acts as the drain rooter power supplierActs as the main drain cleaner
DesignPretty compact and can easily fit narrow and tight spacesNot compact to easily fit any spacings
VersatilityVersatile and can be used for intense cleaningNot as versatile as the Spartan 300
Price RateCheaperCan cost an extra few hundred dollars

Spartan 300: Our Recommended Pick for its Ideal Rooter Powerhouse with Amazing Versatility and Performance

spartan 300

Why Choose Spartan 300?

If you are looking for a large pipe cleaning project but require a more strong drain cleaner capable of completing the job, then Spartan 300 should be your first choice. 

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When you require heavy-duty power for 3″ to 6″ lines with a maximum length of 100′, then the Spartan 300 sewer machine is the ideal drain rooter powerhouse for you.

Compact Size Makes it Easy to Operate

The highlighting part is the compact size of the Spartan tool 300that makes it ideal for confined places and narrow doorways. This pipeline cleaning machine offers special features such as our revolutionary Dial-A-Cable power feed, which automatically feeds cable into and out of the line.

Therefore, making it easier to operate even in very narrow spaces without you facing any issues.  

Durable, Silent, and Versatile

Even its whisper-quiet magnet motor generates more torque, which has a longer life compared to other Spartan sewer machines. Versatility is also one of the major features of the Spartan 300 drain machine. You can load up to 100′ of.55 magnum cable in addition to 75′ of 5/8″ cable.

Moreover, it is also designed to resist kinking and buckling and limit torque build-up by using a high-tech inner drum that can easily and independently rotate the outer drum.

Advanced Features that Spartan 300 Brings You With

When used in conjunction with the second drum, this medium-weight machine provides heavy power. Independently spinning the inner drum minimizes cable kinking and buckling, which can result in cable failure.

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The rapid drum interchangeability makes the cleaning process effective and efficient. Moreover, the footswitch is operated by compressed air, and the handle of this cleaning machine retracts for compact storage.

A professional working with the Spartan 300 cable said,

“I have been using my spartan 300 drain cleaning machine for at least 90% of the calls that I receive, and it gets the job done easily every single time. This is the best and toughest drain machine I have ever owned, it has cleared every drain clog that I have attempted to clean without any problems at all!”


The Spartan 300 is indeed one of the most convenient and compact drain cleaning machines of all time. Moreover, the overall performance, versatility, durability, and price are pretty much loved by all users. You won’t have to face issues with the adjustment of this machine in compact spaces, especially because of the advanced design. Therefore, Spartan 300 is the clear winner in this comparison.

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Spartan 1065: The Runner Up with Good Drain Cleaning Functions

Spartan 1065

Why Choose Spartan 1065? 

Is a large-scale pipe cleaning project becoming frustrating for you due to a lack of appropriate pipe cleaner hardware? If that’s the case, then the Spartan 1065 is here to back you up.

Again, with this drain cleaning machine, you won’t have to worry about the deep cleaning of the filth, and it’s also pretty convenient to use.

The Quality and Cleaning Ability

The Spartan 1065 motor and sewer machine is a drain cleaner that comes equipped with everything you need to remove virtually any filth or other impediments!

Moreover, the Spartans 1065 is a sewer cleaning machine with the power of any high-quality Spartan machine. Moreover, this machine also has all the functionality that you need to complete even the most difficult projects.

Power and Intelligent Motor

Heavy-duty power lines with a maximum length of 250 feet Permanent Magnet Spartan machines are quiet in the business due to their 4/10 HP motor.

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When confronted with a severe blockage, the intelligent motor detects the need for additional power. This might be helpful, especially when you are dealing with heavy drain cleaning projects.

Inner Drum Minimizes Cable Kinking

The innovative Dial-A-Cable feed enables rapid cable replacements and automatically flows cable in and out. Independently spinning the inner drum minimizes cable kinking and buckling, which can result in cable failure.


The Spartan 1065 might be advanced in a few ways. However, there are many reasons that make the Spartan 300 one of the best choices, Although if budget isn’t your issue, you can get this product for its intelligent motor system for advanced performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You use a used Spartan drain cleaning machine?

Yes, you can use a used spartan cleaning machine for your drain. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while getting yourself a used spartan drain cleaning machine. You need to make sure that the motor is working effectively and it doesn’t have any significant issues.

Is it worth a spartan 100 drain machine?

Spartan 100 drain machine is considered to be one of the best drain machines of all time. It’s pretty reliable and it doesn’t require that much maintenance. Moreover, the motor of this spartan drain machine is also pretty powerful and effective.

Final Verdict

Spartan 300 vs 1065 which one should you pick? Well, it’s entirely on the type of drain cleaning projects you have.

For instance, if you want a drain cleaning machine for a narrow space, then you should definitely choose the Spartan 300. On the other hand, if there are no issues with the space, then Spartan 1065 can be your ideal choice as well.

So, think carefully while choosing the right drain cleaning machine to clean your clogged drains.

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