No Water In Shower But Sinks Are Fine- How to Fix?

You may often face the issue that there is no water in shower but sinks are fine. Do you know why that happens? It basically occurs when any of your home pipes, VA commander blocks, shower faucets, shower heads, or shower valves malfunction.

Well, here you will find why this happens and how to fix it. Believe us, water not coming out of the showerhead is not a big deal to fix. After finishing our article, you don’t need to hire a plumber to fix this problem.

You can do it yourself. And it might not be more than 30 minutes. So, stay with us till the end!

No Water In Shower But Sinks Are Fine: The Best Way To Fix It

It happened last month in our office that there was no water in the shower, but the sinks worked perfectly. Then without any delay, we took help from a plumber to fix it. In the last week, we faced the same issue again and realized that it’s very common.

There are pretty decent reasons why there is no water in the shower despite sinks working. The below table will show you why that happens with the best possible solutions.

ReasonsThe Best Possible Solutions
VA Commander Block Lost The ControlsReadjust The Number
Shower Faucet IssueReplace It 
Shower Head ProblemClean It Deeply Or Replace
Issue with the shower ValveAdjust It

Anyway, nothing to worry about. Here are the 4 simple DIY steps that we learned from our experience to fix the issue of water not coming out of the shower head properly:

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Step 1: Turn Off The Water

Turn off the main water line supply before you begin because there is a lot of pressure behind that cartridge. So, if you take this off and pull the cartridge out, you would have full pressure or amount of water coming into the room.

It’s really too late to turn off the water after this pell-mell. Hence, turn off the water first before doing anything.

Step 2: Check Your VA Commander Block

VA commander block individually controls the hot and cold water for each outlet place. So, now we are turning the hot water off in our shower one and the shower head two. Apply the same method to the cold water as well.

If you don’t have an individual setup to shut down specific fixtures, you can manage this with a whole main house shut off. But you have to make sure that the water that can go to your shower is turned off before proceeding.

Step 3: Unscrew Your Shower Faucet

We will be checking again to make sure that the water is indeed off in the shower. However, first, create a hole in the back of your shower faucet and then take your wrench in there and loosen up the bolts that hold it.

Do a couple of turns, and it pops off. You will find a friction fit inside your shower faucet. Take both of them off. We are going to adjust the water in both of these.

Step 4: Adjust The Shower Valve

Valve is the most important piece of your shower that you never see. It is hidden behind the trim inside the wall. Valve decides direct hot and cold water where to go. The valve also directs water to the shower head from the tough spot.

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However, you will get hotter water to the left and colder to the right in the shower valve. Pull out the white part of the valve and turn to adjust. If you want hotter water, pull it out and then turn it. The same goes for colder water too.

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As for the valve adjustment, we will just go halfway and see if that works so this is all. After that, we are going to check our adjustment and put our handle back on. Then go ahead and give a test.

If everything is alright, then reassemble then seal the shower valve and reinstall the shower head. That’s it. You are done. The water not coming out of the shower head properly has hopefully been resolved now.

Leak And No Flow Of Water Out Shower Head

First of all, locate the leak in your shower head. And then follow the below steps to fix water not coming out of the shower head:

  • Remove your shower faucet completely using the pliers and replace the parts with the new ones. Make sure to get the right replacement parts, we suggest turning off the water supply before beginning this venture.
  • Clean your shower head deeply. There should not be rust or dust on both the inside and outside of the shower head.  
  • Upon deep cleaning your shower head, if you still find that it is not fitting and working rightly, you should replace it with one that fits properly.
  • Reinstall your shower head after it has been cleaned or replaced, and don’t forget to seal it thoroughly.

We are hopeful that the problem of leaks and no water flowing out of the shower head has been resolved.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Would Cause A Shower To Stop Working?

Your solenoid valve may be faulty if your shower isn’t supplying water or suddenly stops altogether during a shower. The lack of water could also be caused by a blocked pipe or a malfunctioning shower pump.

Why Does My Shower Only Have Cold Water?

A defective pressure-balancing valve in a cartridge is usually to blame for the lack of cold water. You will find this part inside the shower faucet. The valve cartridge may be easily replaced with a few tools and a little patience.

Last Few Words

Now you are clear about the reasons behind no water in shower but sinks are fine. If that happens to you, don’t be upset. Just follow our best DIY methods to fix it own.

You can thank our team for saving you the hassle of hiring a plumber. Anyway, if you still have any queries, then don’t hesitate to write to us.

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