Working with Proper Toilet Flange Height Knowledge is Crucial

Does your toilet start to leak water around the tile on the floor? Or your lavatory flange starts to shake when you sit on it? If that’s what you are suffering, it’s time to know the proper toilet flange height to avoid this kind of situation in the future.

As the height sometimes makes the surface too high or low, then the toilet flange makes a gap between the tile and floor. This kind of hassle gives pain in the head if you don’t treat it by fixing the length of the toilet flange.

As a lot of people also have the same problem and want to learn the right height of it, so we have got our hands into this topic to present a guide that explains everything that you are looking for.

So, give us your time along with a focus for the 5 minutes and keep on reading this guide. So Let’s Just Get Into It!

What Is a Proper Toilet Flange Height?

height of toilet flange

The standard height of the toilet flange is 1/4 inches to 3/8 inches above the floor after measuring so that it doesn’t overflow or shake badly.

With the toilet flange, you need to learn the height of toilet flange to get rid of improper bother. The standard altitude of it needs to be balanced so the flange stays in level.

According to ThePlumbingInfo,

When ready to install the new flange, the process is the reverse of how the older one uninstalled. First seat the flange where it should go and confirm that the toilet flange height will not be more than a ¼ inch above the finished floor. Make any needed adjustments and purchase the best new flange.

The 1/4″ size is the best height for a toilet flange that ensures a level floor that doesn’t cause trouble. Basically, you can set the height if you do 3 things and they are:

  • Filling the hole or gap with the grout
  • Replace the old flange with a new one
  • Lift the floor (it is less preferable)
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So, if the “toilet flange too high” problem occurs, then you have to skip using the wax ring or attach any gouts so that it becomes 1/4″. On the other hand, if it becomes too low, then make the size 3/8 inches. So, based on your problem, take action.

How To Correct The Maximum Height Of Toilet Flange Above Floor?

Step-1: Start by, closing the water supply line.

Step-2: Flush the toilet into the tank.

Step-3: Pull out the hose of the water supply line.

Step-4: Use a screwdriver to take out the 2 screws (that attaches the toilet to the floor)

Step-5: Carry the toilet straight from its place. Be sure to wipe out leaky water with a towel or newspaper.

Step-6: Now, scrape off the old wax ring using a putty knife. Then, attach the grout using a brush or with your hand. Be sure to wear safety gloves and a mask.

Step-7: If the toilet flange is damaged, then replace it with a new one. After that, insert everything back to its place. And, you are done!

Tips: Don’t make the toilet flange 1/8 inch above floor when using the grout as it will cause leakage. Be sure to check the first or second floor bathroom plumbing diagram before making any changes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is toilet flange supposed to be level with floor?

Should I tile before installing the toilet?

It is suggested by experts to complete the floor at first and then installs the toilet. As no one wants their bathroom to face water damage or finishing error, so it would be better if you just do the floor before. Also, the floor will stick better with the tiles if you attach the toilet above it.

Does the toilet flange go inside or outside the pipe?

Basically, the toilet flange is being attached to the floor and tiles using high-quality glue along with 2 screws. It is strongly glued on the inside of the pipe to ensure no leakage. Most professional plumbers advise using the flange by placing it on the bottom edge.

How do you measure toilet flange?

It is easy to measure the toilet flange if you just count the gaps of it from the back wall. Most homeowners make the distance around 12 inches (from the toilet flange to the back wall) to ensure a good central position.

What is the standard toilet flange size?

Most of the standard toilet flange size is not more than 3 inches in total. And, it includes the waste pipe and flange both that go through the hole in the floor and base.  

Overall Thoughts

And that’s all that you should know about the proper toilet flange height to solve the trouble and install a new one comfortably. A small tip is to level it based on the current state. If the toilet flange is high, then be sure to use 1/2-inch size one to solve the error.

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Otherwise, the 1/4 inches flange would be best for daily purposes. And also, try to check the bolts as sometimes they are the reason why the toilet leaks. It would be better if you just measure the height by yourself or hire an expert to get rid of improper loftiness.

We hope this guide helped you to get ideas and knowledge about the height of the toilet flange that suits your bathroom best. Got To Go. We’ll Catch You Later On Our Next Guide!

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