Standard Toilet Flange Height Size You Should Know!

Is toilet flange height bothering you? Don’t feel alone. There are many people having some doubts about this particular fact. They hardly know what the appropriate size of toilet flange is. You have perhaps come here to solve the flange height issue as well, right?

We aim to clarify things for you. That’s why we will present some of the key information regarding flange height under some circumstances. We’ll even go over what transpires if this circular material doesn’t fit comfortably on the floor. Let’s get this show started.

A Guide to Standard toilet flange height

If the flange height of the toilet isn’t appropriate, it may cause you some bothersome problems. Instead, you should know the ideal height in all possible cases to eliminate the issues that may occur.

Well, there are two situations when it comes to toilet flange height. The first one is if you want a new setup for your toilet, and the second one is to replace it. The height is also influenced by some other conditions as well.

Ideal Height of Toilet Flange

The ideal toilet flange height is ¼ inches above the floor. Why is this height ideal? Just because it doesn’t matter what types of wax rings and seals you use with it. Look, you don’t need to understand rocket science to settle this down.

¼ inches of toilet height is compatible with typical cases. The height of the toilet flange will be a bit lower if you recently tiled your floor. The tile has some height as well, and that impacts the toilet flange. The tile height is also an issue in this sense, but you don’t have to worry about that.

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Make sure the toilet flange remains closest to the floor. You have to make sure that the flange sits on the tile quite perfectly. You won’t face any problems with a height of ¼ of the toilet flange above the tile or floor. Most toilet manufacturers make the toilet suitable for that height.

You can’t set a toilet just on the flange. If required, you have to use the wax ring to set up the toilet with the flange. The flange has to be carefully set up over the pipe beneath it. Whatever finished floor you have, put the flange right on top of it.

High Height Toilet Flange Causes Problem

We have mentioned the ideal flange height for you. What if the height of the flange remains higher than the floor? Do you ever want water to pass through the toilet? Surely not. That’s the case.

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If the height of the flange goes up, there will be a good chance of leakage. This happens because the toilet needs to attach to the flange tightly without any gap. Rocking back is another crucial aspect that you might find because of this. These issues will irritate you in terms of the toilet and cause problems with the floor as well.

Hence, we suggest you keep the actual height if there are no further issues.

Low Height Toilet Flange Can Cause Issues

Your toilet flange may also cause some issues if it is so low. The bottom edge of the flange must be in the same plane as the toilet. This problem is also created because of the flooring level as well.

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If the finished floor is too, you should go with the wax to get the best placement of the flange out there. Using a toilet flange extender will allow you to get rid of this problem for sure. Won’t rust at all. The extender will give you that scope, and the flange will be set up properly at the flood level if the floor is sub-floor.

You will find several sizes of extenders and waxes on the market.

Toilet Flange Height After Tilling

Let’s say you want to tile your bathroom floor. For this, you need to pull out your toilet to do the task quite impressively. But, when you tile the floor, the flange of the toilet that is already there will be lower. Here, you have to level the flange on top of the floor.

You don’t need to pull out your flange. Instead, a flange spacer (we have already mentioned this before) can solve the issue. This is how you ensure the toilet flange proper height.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if the toilet flange is below floor level?

You cannot set the whole toilet properly because it will be stuck at the floor level. Make sure you cut the floor accurately. If you still try to set up the flange, it will go too far, and you may never want it.

Can a toilet flange be raised?

Yes, it is. You can raise the height of the toilet flange, but first, you must determine the height that you want to raise. Flange extension or extender will help you perform this particular task.

Is it OK to use 2 wax rings on the toilet?

In these circumstances, the answer is still yes. You can use a variety of waxes depending on your needs and situations. To level the toilet flange, you can use a range of waxes.

Concluding Words

The toilet flange height is an incredibly essential aspect to consider. Our discourse will undoubtedly help you if you need to install a new flange.

Besides, if you understand how things function in different situations, you won’t need a plumber to do the operation. Follow this guide to understand your situation better and take the next steps. The factors will stay the same regardless of the type of flange you choose.

You want your toilet flange to last a long time. As you expect this, you should operate these components carefully and take further actions if needed

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