How To Cap a Water Line Under Pressure? – Step By Step Guideline

Your gardening water supply line’s small part has broken or dropping water by leaking the water line? But how to cap a water line under pressure? Well, you can set up a valve in the line. And some more ideas are applicable if you know the tricks.

If your water supply line leaks and water starts to come out with high pressure, it can hamper the irrigation system. But, again, you will unnecessarily lose most of the water by damaging the wall and your house.

Today, you will come to know the step-by-step process to cap a water line under pressure in this article.

So, let’s see what can be the actual process!

How To Cap a Water Line Under Pressure?

Before repairing the water pipeline, you have to determine the actual reason for the water leaking.

So, first, try to observe whether your water pipe is broken from anywhere. If not, there must be any crack on the joint, or perhaps the joint has been separated. In this case, setting the valve in the supply line also can help you.

However, after finding the actual reason, you can try the following steps. For this purpose, you can use a tubing cutter to cut the pipe.

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You can even have a try with the hacksaw. But, again, a squeeze-off tool or compression ring could be a better choice.

Explore the steps-

Step 1: To water supply line cap, you have to stop the running water. To do this, you can switch off the supply line.

Step 2: Cut the supply pipe with a suitable tool in proper shape to cap the water supply line. Here, ensure that it will be easy for you to rotate the cutting tool to cut the pipe. You can use the tubing cutter for this purpose.

Step 3: After cutting the water supply pipe, naturally, you will get two ends of the line. Then clean both ends of the pipe.

Step 4: in the next step, use the plastic water line cap to cap the water supply line.

Step 5: at last, switch on the water supply line to test the fitting. Then check appropriately if there is any leakage still existing.

However, you can also follow these steps for the toilet supply line cap.

How To Cap a Copper Pipe?

When it is a matter of copper pipe, the process may be slightly different from plastic.

To cap the copper pipe, you must cut the ends of the line where you need to cap. Then set the copper pipe in front of a small piece of black-colored plastic. After that, press the plastic inside of the copper pipe.

When you feel a click, you can feel relaxed that capping is done.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you permanently cap off water pipes?

To cap off the water pipes permanently, you must use primer and cement capping. To do this, cut the line, and use primer on both ends of the pipe. Lastly, use cement and cap the pipe firmly.

How do you cap off PVC pipes?

In the case of PVC pipes, you can use PVC cement to cap the PVC pipe. Then use the wrench and rotate the PVC cap to set it properly.


After going through this article, perhaps how to cap a water line under pressure is no more your question. Right?

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