What Size And How To Calculate Shower Valve Rough In Depth?

This article shows you the measurement for the shower valve rough in depth, which will help you install a perfect measurement shower. Consequently, you will get an ideal shower valve rough in for yourself or your client.

If you are doing construction or remodeling your washroom, you may have to face difficulty for plumbing rough-in. However, installing a shower in an ideal position increases the suitability of using a restroom very much.

Moreover, you will get to know different brands of shower valves in-depth, where we should place the valve, the height from the bathtub, and all the necessary things as well.

So read the article carefully. 

Shower Valve Rough In Depth

Well, the shower valve rough in depth should be 1-7/16 inches from the finished wall when it does not include tiles. But when one attached tiles on the wall, the shower valve rough in should be 2-1/16 inches depth on the wall.

Basically, it is quite tricky to calculate the actual shower valve depth in the wall.  Nevertheless, you can get the idea in two different circumstances, when the wall includes tiles and when the wall is plain. So, we have to make sure of the two measurement factors.

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Now, let’s know about some prominent brands of shower valves and if there is any difference in the depth of rough-in installation.

Well, if you think about shower valve rough in depth Moen, you can make the exact calculation as we described in the upward section.

Now, move forward to the Kohle. The Kohler shower valve rough in depth is a bit deeper than the standard measurement. So you should rough it deeper to the finished wall.

However, when you install a shower mixing valve, you have to place it a ½ inch from the finished wall. Thus, the shower mixing valve rough in depth is not a huge depth. Whereas it can be set within a ½ inch, so it is quite easy to measure and install.

Rough In Shower Valve Height

Now the point is, what should be the shower valve rough in height? At this point,  you can calculate the shower as with a bathtub or shower stall. However, the standard height of the shower valve for a bathtub shower is 2 feet 4 inches or 28 inches. Whereas it is about 4 feet and in inches, 48 inches for the shower stalls. So you can decide the height based on the showers.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you rough in the shower mixing valve?

When you want to rough in the shower mixing valve, try to install the valve parallel to the finished wall. Saddle it with a wood back and then rough it with screws. Then put another piece of wood to give a balance on the rough in. However, it won’t be flexible if you put the valve so far from ½ inch from the wall.

How do you test rough in shower plumbing?

Well, when you install the rough in shower plumbing, you need to test it first. So, you have to turn On the cold water line and then allow it to run for at least 10 to 15 seconds. If the air flows well, then it is okay. Now repeat the same procedure to the hot water line. And notice it again. If all goes well, then your plumbing is all right.


In conclusion, the shower valve rough in depth is, in general, 1-7/16 inches behind the finished wall. If you calculate in mm. then it should be 37 mm. However, it is about the finished wall, but when you calculate the tiles, it should be a minimum of 2-1/16 inches from the finished wall.

However, you may now be clear now about the depth of the shower valve rough in. It is also crucial to clarify that the valve rough in height should be at least 2 feet 4 inches, and, for a  shower stall, it should be 4 feet.

So, these are the basic standards of the shower valve rough-in. Hopefully, these ideas will help you most. 

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