Long Sweep 90 Vs Short Sweep– The Exclusive Differences

The primary difference between the long sweep 90 and short sweep is – the long sweep isn’t resistant to wastewater while going through the pipe. But, the short sweep with its narrow radius causes resistance to wastewater in the middle of the way.

The long and short sweep are the sanitary drainage fittings used to vent the wastewater. Figuring out the difference between the long sweep and short sweep is somehow difficult, but both of these sweeps are essential for connecting the pipes of your drainage system.

Shortly, both these sweeps Adjust the direction of PVC piping with their elbows perfectly.

Now, how to differentiate between long Sweep and Short sweep? Long sweep 90 Vs Short Sweep – Let’s go with the exclusive differences.

Long Sweep 90 Vs Short Sweep Table Comparison

Factors to differentiateLong Sweep 90Short Sweep
DirectionDirects the horizontal pipeline to the vertical pipeline to direct the wastewaterDirects the vertical pipeline to the horizontal pipeline into the drainage system
ClosenessLong sweep 90 is close to the horizontal pipeThe short sweep pipe is close to the vertical pipe
UsesUsed to disclose the solids containing wastewater.Used in the drainage system but not for directing solids.
Pipe fittingsFor the large fixtures of the drainage systemFor the small fixtures of pipe fittings.
Hiding the pipelinesCannot hide the pipelineHides the pipelines
Using the right placeConnects the long tee fittings of the drainage pipelinesConnects the short tee fittings of the drainage pipelines

However, there are many more differences if you compare Short sweep vs long sweep gauges

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Long sweeps are very close to horizontal pipes. The 90-degree long sweep elbow in the drainage system directs the horizontal pipe to the vertical sewer main pipeline.

Conversely, short sweeps are close to the vertical pipes. The short sweeps direct the vertical pipes to the horizontal pipeline in the drainage system.


The large pipes are for vertical DW pipes to dispose of the wastewater, including But, used in large drainage system fixtures.

The small pipes are also usable to conduct the drainage system effectively. Nevertheless, they are used in the small fixture to connect the pipe fittings after the turn to avoid unnecessary stress.

Hiding the Pipelines

Due to the nominal joists, the long sweep doesn’t allow the pipe to stay hidden in the bay. You’ll need to lower the existing room’s ceiling and former closet to hide the pipe.

When using the regular short sweep, you can easily hide the pipes into the joist bay.

Using at Right Place

When the long tee fitting connects the drainage pipelines, you must use the long sweep for a smoother connection.

Conversely, When the short tee fittings connect the pipelines, you must use the short sweep for a smoother and better connection. Using the long sweep for the short tee fittings won’t be efficient this time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is A Short Sweep?

The short sweep is a small electronically regulated magnetic core with copper windings. With the magnetic core, the short sweep attracts its nearest voltages.
But, based on the electronic unit’s variability, the short sweep might change its ground-based resistance. Vertically and horizontally, the short sweep can be used in both ways.

What Is A Long Sweep 90 Used For?

The long sweep 9 with cleanout is used for multiple applications, including commercial, business, and residential multiple-stored buildings. The duties of the long sweep are to direct the wastewater from the above floor to the ground floor of a building.

Do I Need A Long Sweep 90 For A Toilet?

Yes, you’ll need a long sweep of 90 for directing the toilet wastewater.
The long sweep 90 has a greater radius than the short sweep fittings, which is important for directing the toilet wastage. The short sweep fittings with a narrow radius cannot direct the toilet wastage thoroughly.
A portion of toilet wastewater sticks into the pipe, causing the waste to overflow into the toilet.

Can I Use A 90-Degree Elbow?

Yes, you can use the 90-degree spacious elbow to direct the wastewater with the vertical drainage. Two 45-degree fittings and a small straight-line pipe between the sweep fittings also should be included with the elbow.
Only then can you ensure that the pipeline directs the wastewater thoroughly.

Verdict Words

When it comes to choosing between long Sweep 90 vs Short sweep, you might find it difficult. That’s because the long sweep comes with a longer and wider radius than the short sweep.

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Nevertheless, the short sweep is also essential to adjust the short tee fittings of the drainage system. So, if you’re baffled, about which sweeps to Buy, read our differencing discussion between the long and short sweep.

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