Everbilt Vs Rigid Sump Pump- Which One Is Best For You?

What is the difference between Everbilt and Rigid sump pump? Well, let us tell you both of them are from an excellent company. The everbilt sump pump is ideal for rugged automatic applications, and the rigid sump pump is manual.

Without a good company’s sump pump, a house can flood up. It’s essential to know the details of the best company’s sump pumps if you plan to install one.

In this article, you will find details on Everbilt vs Rigid sump pump to know which one is best worth your money and time.

Everbilt Vs Rigid Sump Pump

FactorsEverbilt Sump PumpRigid Sump Pump
SuitabilitySuitable for houses with medium to colossal water sumpMostly best for houses with large water sumps
Water Gallons CapacityEverbilt pumps can clean up fewer gallons of waterHold up almost double gallons of water compared to Everbilt
PriceBudget-friendly and automaticNot budget-friendly, but it works manually
MaintenanceRequires no extra effortRequires a little bit of extra attention
DurabilityAccording to some users, the durability of Everbilt sump pumps is a bit disappointing.Many positive responses on its excellent durability

The sump pump helps in preventing flooding in the crawl space and basement. That’s why you should know the full details about the Everbilt and rigid sump pump beforehand. We are comparing some key points that will help you understand the best sump for your house.

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Difference in Pump Series

Everbilt sump pumps have both single and dual suction. However, a single suction sump pump can’t collect too much water or debris. And their best-selling pump series are ½ Hp, ⅓ Hp, and ¾ Hp.

Contrarily, Rigid sump pumps are famous for their dual suction pumps. Especially for pump series 1 HP, ½ HP and ⅓ Hp are the best sellers.

Motor Performance

Everbilt sump pump motor has smooth performance and is built by an aluminum housing for better cooling while overusing. Also, the motor is made up of thermal overload protection for better use. It produces no loud sound.

A rigid sump pump is on the top for high performance and smooth activity. Normally, other companies’ sump pumps might make noise that can disturb the daily routine.

Especially, a house with a baby can’t risk buying a sump pump with high sound. Thankfully, the rigid sump motor doesn’t have any sound problems. They run virtually silent for hours.

Comparison in Build Quality

Everbilt sump pump basin has a float switch of a minimum of 18 inches wide. They have 1-1/2 in. FNPT for solid discharge. It’s pretty easy to install and has a good build quality.

There is no need for doubt about the build quality of rigid sump pumps. Wayne Water System is the manufacturer. It contains a corrosion resistance that is perfectly coated with steel housing for proper pumping. It has a super easy installation process. Alongside, a rigid sump pump has 1-½ in.NPT for easy discharge.

Compare the Longevity

Everbilt sump pumps can last up to 3 to 10 years max. Everbilt is an excellent brand. However, the longevity is a bit low compared to others. The company only gives 1 years warranty for Everbilt sump pumps.

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Rigid sump pumps have a really long life compared to other sump pumps in the market. They can last longer than 7 to 15 years without complications. Sump pumps usually form rust which makes their work stop.

Moreover, rust doesn’t easily form in Rigid sump pumps because it is made with stainless steel. Also, the company gives about a 5 years warranty.

Who Beats the Efficiency?

Everbilt sump pumps can work for hours without stopping. The best thing about the Everbilt sump pump is that they use a volt PSC motor for a lower carbon footprint. It requires less energy to operate.

On the flip side, Rigid sump pumps can run smoothly for hours while working on heavy water. Rigid sump pumps of ½ horsepower are best because they are efficient for most houses.

Price Differences

According to the horsepower, their price range is from about $96 to $300. Everbilt sump pumps are budget-friendly.

On the other side, Rigid is a bit expensive. According to the price and service that rigid sump pumps are offering, it’s a really good deal to install it. Currently, the market price of rigid sump pumps varies from $150 to $550.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are rigid sump pumps any good?

Yes, Rigid sump pumps are extremely good. They are quite powerful compared to any other company. In an hour they can clean up 5200 gallons of water. They also give a warranty of 5 years.

How long do ridgid sump pumps last?

Rigid sump pumps can last up to 7 to 15 years longer. They have many positive reviews for providing a good service for almost 10 years without any extra hassle. Because of rust, they might stop working. In short, rigid sump pumps last longer without complications.

How long do Everbilt sump pumps last?

Everbilt sump pumps can mostly last from 3 years to 10 years max. They provide really good customer service. But as the Everbilt sump pumps are run automatically so, minor complications are seen within a few years.


At last, we hope it is clear to you Everbilt vs Rigid sump pump which one is the best for you. It is needless to say both of the companies will provide good service to you.

However, we would suggest you choose the Everbilt sump pump if you don’t have enough time for a manual machine. If you have a huge water sump and debris to collect it’s best to choose a rigid sump pump for longevity.

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