Buderus Vs Weil Mclain Boiler: Which One Is Suitable for you?

What is the difference between Buderus and Mclain boiler? The major differences between are in heating innovation, design, and quality. These brands are household names in the boiler industry and have core competence. Weil Mclain boilers are known for their longevity, and what about Buderus?.

Finding the best between Buderus vs Weil Mclain boiler was challenging for us. We have gone through both of these boilers and compared these based on several factors discussed below. For a glance, feel free to check out the rapid comparison chart.

Buderus Vs Weil Mclain Boiler: Comparison Chart

ConcernBuderus BoilerWeil Mclain Boiler
CastingStainless steel & IronIron
Energy rating90%+85%+
MaintenanceNo need to remove insulationMust remove insulation
Heating time 15 minutes to One hour 24 Minutes to One-hour

Both Buderus & Weil Mclain have different models. Still, we will be focusing the comparison on the general aspect. First of all, Bosch introduced the new ISH 2017 technology for heating. The innovation-led Buderus boilers to auto adjust in case of low water flow and boilers could provide the fastest heating. Logano plus KBH192i hybrid innovation led to cooling and heating systems together in a boiler which created a new trend in the boiler market.

On the contrary, Weil Mclain boilers have their signature high-efficiency technology innovation. The invention is pretty much the same for oil and gas boilers, including commercial and residential zones.

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Function: Gas & Oil Boilers

Both perform excellently in the battle of Buderus vs Weilmclain gas boiler. Buderus has innovations and technology that have increased its efficiency over the years.

However, when we turned on the Buderus gas boiler, its Logano plus system made it send water faster to the radiators. It was 7 to 8 minutes more quickly than the Weil Mclain gas boiler.

But Weil Mclain has a unique secure lock that sends an instant alarm if any gas leaks. Both of the boilers take significantly less gas consumption, and the rate of consumption changes according to its models.

For example, Weil Eco Wall-mount tasks up to 70-155 MBH, where Buderus SSB takes 85 to 255 MBH gas consumption. However, the Buderus valve design in the inner wing of the boiler provides it an advantage to heat water in low flow. Both boilers have a heavy-duty heat exchanger that offers fast heating and durability.

Both had significantly fewer differences in the Buderus vs Weilmclain oil boilers. The combustion chamber of Buderus includes the ir7 technology that provides leak-proof heating. Weil Mclain one heats the cold water very fast. Still, again the innovative technology of Bosch provides Buderus a lead in this case.

Weil Mclain and Buderus’s oil efficiency goes above 85%, the standard energy rating. The oil heaters take 9 to 10 minutes commercially and residentially’10 minutes to heat the water. According to us, Weil Mclain gas storage works pretty fast due to its high-efficiency technology.

Ease of Installation

Most users stick to Weil Mclain solely for easy installation. Weil Mclain installation starts from wall terminations, and it also connects with the vent system very quickly. However, one thing to keep in mind, Weil Boilers do take one-foot space for maximum snow level. The intake terman connection with the regular storage tank is just one or two screws away. It took us only 17 minutes to install the Weil Mclain gas boiler.

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On the contrary, Buderus has a great design. Still, it needs separate lines for electric power and even two different fuel supplies, which most users fail to connect. Also, the installation process of the Eco line is quite different from regular Buderus gas or oil boilers. 

As experts, it took us only 14 minutes to install this boiler. However, it has a tricker installation than the Buderus one for regular people.

Maintenance & Durability

Most Weil Mclain boilers include elastomeric seals that extend the shelf life of these boilers. Buderus KBH192i hybrid technology now offers this seal, but the seven-pass exchanger quality of Weil Mclain leads here.

However, cleaning Buderus boilers is more accessible, and it needs no extra insulation removable. For commercial and residential purposes, both of the boilers are not difficult to maintain for commercial and residential purposes.

Also, you can clean the boiler even at 83% efficiency. Both boilers provide an average warranty; some of the models have a warranty of 10 years. But most have for 5 to 8 years.


Bosch invested a large chunk of money for the innovation of Buderus boilers. So, average Buderus boilers prices are a bit higher than Weil Mclain.

However, when it comes to commercial & residential boilers, Buderus starts from $3300 to the highest, $8000. On the contrary, Weil Mclain begins from $3800 and highest $6000.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Buderus Boilers Any Good?

Buderus Boilers are one of the world-class boilers out in the market. It’s innovation and design make it a great choice.

Are Weil-McLain Boilers Good?

Weil-McLain is a household name when it comes to heating and boilers, and it provides energy efficiency along with a durable lifetime.

How Long Does A Buderus Boiler Last?

Bosch claims that Buderus boilers can last up to 50 years with the iron case changing. But from our perspective, these boilers can go up to 16 years with proper maintenance.

Which One to Pick?

Between Buderus vs Weil Mclain boiler, it is tough to claim one of them as best.

Weil Mclain does a great job because of residential oil or gas boilers. Its high-efficiency design provides maximum boiler shell life and heating that’s great for residential use.

But commercial boilers need changes due to huge demand, and Buderus changing innovation helps align with commercial needs.

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