High Loop Vs Air Gap: Which Are the Best Types & How?

What is the major difference between high loop vs air gap in dishwashers plumbing? The main difference is their operation mechanism. In addition, the high loop dishwasher is quite challenging to install compared to the air gap ones.

Cleaning technology is all about keeping your home and workplace spotless. And high loop and air gap help you choose the best type of cleaning solution for your home. In this article, we will show the difference between these two types.

Comparing High Loop Vs Air Gap

FactorsHigh LoopAir Gap
MechanismUses heated dryers to heat up water and clean dishesUses water to wash dishes
InstallationComparatively difficult to install and maintainEasy to install and maintain
Energy-EfficiencyUses more electricityUses a smaller amount of electricity
Cleaning-EfficiencyMore effectiveLess effective
SafetySafer to useComparatively less safe to use

High Loop Vs Air Gap – Installation Difference

There are a few installation differences between dishwasher high loop or air gap.

First, you will need to mount the water line on the high loop dishwasher because it does not have an inlet for cold water. The dishwasher high loop has a flow rate of about 6 gallons per minute, about 3 times more than the amount needed for a normal-sized household.

On the other hand, the air gap model needs around 4 gallons per minute of water at 25 degrees Fahrenheit, which is still much less than what you would need with a high loop model.

The other difference between the two models is that they run on electricity. Still, an air gap dishwasher can be placed anywhere in your home without connecting to your electrical panel or breaker box.

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A dishwasher high loop installation must be mounted within 10 feet of an electrical outlet to operate appropriately. So, choose an air gap model instead of a traditional high loop version.

Comparing the Efficacy

Air gap dishwashers have a lower temperature at which they operate. It will reduce your costs by requiring less electricity and reducing your water consumption.

Although, air gap models are generally better for hot climates where most people do not like to run their dishwashers during the summer months. Air gap machines also produce less noise because they don’t sound when running. They are generally more affordable than high loop models with similar features and performance levels.

On the other hand, high loop settings use more water but deliver better results because they can reach crevices and get dishes cleaner. Air gap dishwashers don’t circulate the water, so they are typically less effective at cleaning food off of dishes.

However, air gap dishwashers do not use as much electricity and are an excellent option for saving utility bills.

Contrast in Hose Diagram

High loop and air gap dishwashers are very similar in design, but they have some differences.

The dishwasher high loop bracket has the water jets positioned at the bottom of the machine instead of being on top. It gives you better cleaning performance because it helps you get into hard-to-reach areas where dirt is hidden.

It also provides a better distribution of heat and prevents hot spots from forming inside your machine. The advantage of this is that it requires less energy than a regular unit. So, you can save money on electricity bills by using this type of machine.

Air gap dishwashers have no moving parts. And they don’t need any maintenance or repairs at all, making them very reliable machines. They work great for small kitchens or apartments where space is limited because they do not take up much room.

You should also consider buying an air gap dishwasher if you have a large family because they use less water than other types and can be cleaned in just one cycle. Air gap units are not suitable for hard water areas. So, if that’s the case, you should go with a regular model instead.

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Difference Also Comes in Safety

In a bosch dishwasher high loop, they come out at a very low temperature. So, you can put on ice cubes or frozen meat without getting burned. On the other hand, they come out very hot in an air gap type, so be careful when loading your plate with raw meat or potatoes because they will burn your hands.

An air gap dishwasher does not use as much water pressure to clean plates and glasses because a small space or void is created between them. Therefore, it does not get washed with high pressure. However, this also means that your dishes will be exposed to more bacteria and germs when using an air gap dishwasher.

However, the high loop has a lower clearance for the water jets, and there is no venting system inside it to ensure that all harmful gases get out from inside. So, if you have small children, we suggest you go for an air gap because they will be safer than a high loop model as kids cannot operate such machines efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a high loop as good as an air gap on a dishwasher?

It depends on the dishwasher. Generally, a high loop is better because it provides a continuous flow of water which means that dishes will be washed faster and more efficiently. However, if your dishwasher has an air gap, this will provide the perfect amount of water for each cycle.

Do I need a high loop if I have an air gap?

No, a high loop dishwasher is unnecessary if you have an air gap.

Do new dishwashers need an air gap?

Some dishwashers need an air gap while others don’t require an air gap. So, you must understand what type of dishwasher you have and then decide if an air gap is needed or not. Certain dishes come with built-in handles, so these don’t require an air gap as well.

Do dishwashers have a built-in air gap?

Yes, dishwashers have a built-in air gap, and dishwashers have an air pressure pump attached to the waterline. And it uses a water pump to circulate the water through the pipes. This system is also known as a ball valve or check valve because it has 2 check valves that are used to close off the flow of water from one side of the dishwasher when you open up another compartment on your dishwasher.

What will happen if your dishwasher doesn’t have an air gap?

If your dishwasher doesn’t have an air gap, moisture will enter the unit. As a result, this can cause many problems in your kitchen appliances, including electrical shock, overheating, fire hazards, water damage, etc.

Which One Would Be Ideal to Pick?

When the question comes, which one to pick between high loop vs air gap? It depends on your appliances and how much money you want to spend.

For example, if you have a dishwasher with a load size of 7-8 glasses, we recommend going for the high loop one because it will be more efficient in cleaning your dishes. But, If you are looking for an appliance that cleans better than your regular dishwasher, go for an air gap one.

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