Toto Double Cyclone Vs Tornado- What Is Preferable & Why?

Toto double cyclone is an upgrade to the older version Toronado flush. The core difference is that Double cyclones can clean with less water while Tornado takes a bit more.

TOTO is currently the largest toilet company globally, and they constantly upgrade their toilets. If you live in the U.S, chances are you have used a TOTO toilet in your lifetime once or more.

Like you, we were curious about comparing Toto double cyclone vs Tornado. So, we kept Toto Ultramax II (Includes Toto Double Cyclone) and Toto Vespin II (Includes Toto Tornado) face to face in an excrement test and made a comparison following different factors. A bonus comparison chart is below for you to understand at ease.

Toto Double Cyclone Vs Tornado: Comparison Table

ConcernToto Double CycloneToto Tornado  
Gallon Per Flush0.9 gpf to 1.6 gpf 1.28 gpf
Rim holesNoYes
Cleaning styleRim WashDynamax Tornado flush uses a rimless design with 360 cleaning

Differences in Flushing Mechanism

Before we compare, you have to understand the primary flushing mechanism. Regular flushes have a 2 to ⅛ inches tramway, providing a fast flow. As a result, when one flushes, it draws water into the bowl and prevents any kind of clogging. Mostly this style of flushing is known as G-max.

But the tornado flush toilet is 1.28 gallons per flush water that works faster than a regular g max flush. It uses two different kinds of nozzles instead of using standard rim holes.

Moreover, there is no water waste, and each drop of waterworks cleans the toilet bowl. Also, the tornado flush directs water to close to the siphon, which makes it a practical yet powerful color. The two nozzles quickly force water to flush in a specific direction when you flush. The nozzles help provide dirt and bacteria that require you to clean less.

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On the contrary, toto double cyclone toilet uses gravity to bring water from the toilet tank to the two nozzles. Then again, with the help of gravity and the inner system, the water is persuaded into the toilet bowl.

Again, the double cyclones use centrifugal force so that water doesn’t drip in a straight direction. The design forces water to go on a swirling motion of 360° that covers the whole toilet bowl. TOTO has kept an option for dual cyclone owners to switch between a 0.9 GPF or 1.6 GPF.

Comparing the Cleaning Efficiency

For any kind of testing, it is always wise to test it with your own hands. Toto Ultramax II (double cyclone) has a rim height of 16-1/8″, and we chose the 1.6 gpf for maximum result.

The flush doesn’t keep any residue and has an intense cycle of water flushing. It swiftly cleans “Number 1” and leaves no residue for “Number” 2,even the most sticky residue tends within a minute. On top, it took less cleaning than regular toilets. 

However, as we mentioned above, the toto tornado flush toilet or Toto Vespin II model uses 1.28 gpf. It comes in different sizes, from ten inches to fourteen.

The Tornado cleaning system works great and also doesn’t keep any residue. But it uses a lot of water and water pressure. Suppose you have less pressure in your sewerage system or have less water available. In that case, the Tornado flush might work very slowly and clean at an even slower pace.

Both of the flashes include ceramic glaze. This glazing consists of a barrier to your toilet bowl while cleaning, which prevents bacteria growth.

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Flushing Scenario in Toto Tornado & Double Cyclone Flush

The double cyclone takes less than one minute from our test between the toto double cyclone vs tornado flush. While flushing, the water flow comes to both sides of the toilet blow and takes a cyclone shape format.

3 upgraded Sanaglossglazings quickly ensure no excess dirt, residue, and gravity technology. One thing to appreciate is that Double Cyclone flush works great in less water and water pressure.

On the contrary, the cyclone takes two or three minutes at max water pressure and supply. For low water pressure, it is not suitable.

It took us one flush, meaning 1.2 gallons of water, and two flushes for the Tornado to clean thoroughly. We tried bulk and granular flushing mode, and both flushes worked great. Both of the flushes clean rims and even float.

But in toto flushing systems comparison, it is pretty hard cleaning rim holes in tornado flush. Still, double cyclones don’t include any, so an extra point for that.

Noise Difference

In different forums, users have mentioned they are facing severe noise problems. Our experts always suggest that it might be leaking if you notice any strange flush sound.

Both of the flushes make a minimal level of noise. Unlike regular flush, it doesn’t make a huge sound. But it does create a bit of sound. However, it doesn’t last for long.

Best Purpose

Toto double cyclone is better for big bathrooms with excellent or low water pressure. It is also a bit pricey than the Tornado.

However, it cleans the side of the bowl, which makes daily cleaning work easy. The no-rim holes part makes it more convenient to maintain the toilet.

On the contrary, toto tornado flush does a great flushing job according to its price. If you have an excellent sewerage system, it’s a perfect fit. Also, Tornado flashes come in different TOTO toilet models than the double cyclone one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Toto Toilet Has Tornado Flush?

TOTO Drake Two-Piece, Toto Vespin II, and many more medals include the Tornado Flush system.

What Is A Tornado Flush Toilet?

Tornado flush prevents water from pouring in a downward motion from rims. Instead, it creates a whirlpool motion that cleans the toilet bowl and another surface.

Is Toto Tornado Flush Quiet?

Yes, it is quiet but does make minimum noise.

Toto Flushing Systems: Which Is Best?

As you’ve made it this far, you probably have found out all the details. We loved both of the flushing systems.

In a comparison of toto double cyclone vs Tornado, both actually win. For price point and functionality, Tornado flush is excellent. However, for small water amounts and swift cleaning Double Cyclone takes the crown.

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