Toto Cotton White Vs Colonial White: Differences And Which One Should You Buy?

What are the differences between Toto Cotton and colonial white color toilet? The Cotton White is suitable for any toilets other than restroom interiors with extreme themes. It is more in pace with decent interior decor. In contrast, the Colonial white matches any bright shade of interior decor.

Toilet decor is a crucial part of every home designing task, and while you are at it, you should also consider choosing a decent toilet seat matching your decor. Speaking of which, Toto enriches our washroom interior with some lustrous color choices for our toilets. And, among all the colors of Toto toilets, cotton white and colonial white are the glossiest.

Although both are distinct hues of white, the shades of the same model seat bear peculiar differences in terms of coloring, coating, suitability with the home design, and maintenance.

So, to help you compare between Toto cotton white vs Colonial white and which color is more suitable on what terms, we bring you this guide. Now, let’s begin.

Toto Cotton White Vs Colonial White

But, before we delve into details, let’s recap the key differences between these two closely matching colors.

FactorsCotton WhiteColonial White
ColorPure, untainted, and gleaming whiteDim white with semi-glossy polish
CoatingShiny and smoothSemi-glossy and granular
Maintenance RequirementMore frequentLess frequent
Matching ModelsEljer (white), Kohler (White)American Standard (white)
Color Code#01#11

Most of Toto’s toilet models come with these two shades. However, we often get confused among them and sometimes even order one ignorantly when choosing the other was more viable.

What else will you do when it is hard to speculate the tiny yet significant differences of Toto colonial white vs cotton white on the screen?

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The answer is, you should know more.

Color Contrast- The Major Difference

The most noteworthy and apparent distinction between Cotton and Colonial white is the tone.

Cotton white is the purest form of white, as the name “Cotton” implies. It is untainted, and its surface is remarkably glistening too. Cotton white is suitable for any decent interior tones. Even for neutral and decorations, nobody dislikes fresh white.

On the other hand, colonial white is one tone dimmer than cotton white. To be exact, it is standard white. The difference doesn’t show much in color but the glaze. However, this color suits well with a white or light-toned interior.


The coating over Toto’s toilets is of a sterling grade. It supports the integrity of ceramic and forecasts the longevity of the glaze your toilet emits. Your maintenance severity also depends on the coating type, but more on that later.

The cotton white model’s coating is exceptionally smooth and radiant. The grain intensity is very low, making it one of the glassiest toilet fixtures in the industry.

Conversely, the coating of colonial white is more granular, making it less shiny than cotton white. Although not as bright as cotton white, it has a radiant aura yet matches decent light shades of any color.

Maintenance Difference

Nobody wants any dirty stains or unforeseen spots on their toilet. If you take adequate care of your toilet, it will shine brighter and last longer. And, for Toto cotton and colonial white models, you have to provide quite the same amount of effort but differently to retain their quality.

To maintain the appearance of cotton white, you should clean it more frequently. As its surface is less granular, you will need less effort to clean it. Moreover, you should use soft brush surfaces to avoid any scratches on the surface as such scratches are more visible on this model.

Contrarily, Colonial white models require less frequent cleaning routines to maintain their appearance. However, some persistent stains can take more effort to clean because of their granular surface.

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Other Differences

Another mentionable distinct trait of Toto’s cotton and colonial white model is in their supplements. If you want to replace the toilet keeping the decor and style the same, you have to crossmatch the color scheme of the Toto brand with the one you want to substitute.

The color codes for these two colors are different too. To see the color of your particular model in your Toto toilet, see the flip side of the tank lid or behind the tank. You can find a seal with your model number and a color code followed by “#.”

That makes up all the proximate comparison points of cotton white vs colonial white Toto. And, other aspects like price, performance, lifespan, etc. don’t vary between these two tones of the same model.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to tell what color Toto toilet is?

To know exactly what color your Toto toilet is, check the seal/label underside of the lid or behind the toilet tank. On the seal, you will see a number under the model number followed by “#” which is your color code. If the seal is destroyed then you can call for Toto’s color identifying service to find out the color.

What is cotton white toilet color?

Cotton white toilet color is pure white color. It is stainless, grainless smooth white, and suitable for cold and neutral interior themes. Cotton white is Toto’s brightest and most vibrant shade of toilet color options.

Are there different shades of white toilets?

Yes, there are multiple shades of white toilets available in the market. Toto supplies various shades of white, like Cotton white (neat and glossy white), Colonial white (Dim white), Bone (Off-white), and Sedona Beige (yellowish), etc. You can choose any of them based on various factors we hinted at in our guide.

Which Color Is Ideal to Pick?

Our comparative discussion on Toto cotton white vs Colonial white is close to the conclusion. Choosing between these two might still seem a little complicated. But, if you consider other factors, you will surely pick one out for your home. Wait, let us help you.

Colonial white is not too glossy and won’t be as vibrant and noticeable as the cotton white color. So this quiet tone of white is compatible with any lighter shades other than cream white.

And, cotton white is suitable for any toilets other than restroom interiors with extreme themes. It is more in pace with decent interior decor. This color is a splendid fit when your interior theme is entirely white, which is not a bad idea if you can clean more often. This type of design also spreads a peaceful aura.

With it, we conclude our guide here. We hope our guide helps enrich your understanding of these two Toto toilet colors.

Nonetheless, thanks for always being here with us. Until we meet with another guide, good luck, and goodbye!

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