You Asked for American Standard Bathroom Faucet Parts Diagram! (Here It Is)

It could be for a replacement or to repair the faucet, the American standard bathroom faucet parts diagram will come in handy in more than just these two situations. However, I think mostly, it’s for the assembly.

Now apparently, the American standard bathroom faucet parts consist of the drain assembly, cable assembly, cartridge and its nut, aerator, lift rod, knob, handle lever, watertight seal, deck adapter kit, valve mounting kit, mounting kit, T-connector pipe, screw, and adapter.

You will find more details below.

The American Standard Bathroom Faucet Parts Diagram!

Most of the parts are also common with the kitchen faucet from the same brand. You would know if you checked the American standard kitchen faucet parts diagram.

Anyway, to find out the American Standard faucet parts list, look at the given illustration and then the explanation below.

List Of American Standard Bathroom Faucet Parts

Under this segment, I’ll explain the meaning and purpose of all the numerical items in the above picture.

PartPart NameFunction
1Lift Rod & KnobIt contains a spout, lift rod, and chrome-finished parts that help water flow from the main water line.
2AeratorThis part sits at the end of the spout which causes water to flow at different levels. It also controls the stream.
3Seal (Watertight)It’s a watertight rubber or silicone seal that helps the metal part to sit tightly in place without causing leaks.
4Mounting KitTo secure the fitting of the spout and other parts in place, this kit helps a lot.
5T-connector PipeIt looks like the letter T helps to create a branch to fit 3 pipelines.
6Lever HandleThis helps users to control the flow of water that comes in the spout and aerator. It usually comes in 2 pieces.
7Screw & Adapter It holds the cartridge in place which sits below the lever handle.
8Cartridge NutIt is a fitting component that sits on top of the cartridge.
9CartridgeThis component is a plastic piece that handles the water flow. Also, it controls the temperature of water (hot + cold).
10Deck Adapter KitIt contains an adapter and seal to tighten out the fittings of the cartridge inside the pipe.
11Valve Mounting KitIt contains a washer, bracket, and plastic mounting hardware that sits on the bottom area.
12Drain AssemblyIt helps the bathroom faucet to drain in a direction so that water goes in a specific direction. This component includes screws, an adapter, a big nut, a seal, a pipe, and so on.
13Cable AssemblyThis component uses a speed control cable to help in the draining process in the faucet.

American Standard Bathroom Faucet Parts Assembly

American Standard Bathroom Faucet Parts Assembly

The assembly and disassembly process could be necessary for a proper American standard faucet repair as well as the DIY installation. Before starting you should gather a few tools.

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A flat-head screwdriver, a pair of slip jaw pliers, a tubing cutter, and an adjustable wrench are what you’ll need. Make sure the cold and hot water supplies are off.

Now the actual process:

  • Apply seal underneath the escutcheon base and start feeding the faucet supplies through the mounting surface hole. You also want to feed the drain cable assembly and mounting stud.
  • Use the washer and gasket on the mounting stud to finally secure the faucet with provided mounting nut after confirming the faucet is centered. This way the supplies will rest against the mounting hole.
  • Next, you need to install the spout. If it’s a fixed spout, you need to install the fixing set screw using a hex wrench. Make sure the spout is aligning properly. Tighten the screw to secure the spout.
  • Then comes the valve fixing. The deck adapter should have the rubber ring and then you need to attach the locknut as well as the rubber washer to the valve body. The valve body will go onto the mounting hole from underneath the mounting surface.

Keep In Mind – The threads must be 5/16 inches extending above the surface top.

  • Finally, thread the deck adapter to the body of the valve so that it is nicely snug. You can also use the wrench to adjust and tighten the locknut.
  • Next, you have to make a valve outlet supply connection by concerning the red-banded hose to the left and blue banded one to the right valve. Use the provided coupler nuts to attach.
  • To fix the handles next you need to attach the adapter to the valve stem using a stem screw. Correct the positioning of the lever handle assembly. Finally, thread the assembly on the deck adapter.
  • Install the pop-up drain by tightening the tailpiece on the body and also remove the clear plastic cover as well as the cardboard spacer.
  • Use a locknut on the underside of the drain body and push the gasket against it. Install the drain body from the beneath the sink through an outlet for the drain. Install the foam gasket and then flange firmly. The white foam gasket should be hidden, and the pop-up knob needs to be completely down.
  • Attach the cable connector to the drain body connection and then move on to checking the operation of the pop-up. You need to open the lift knob simply to check the stopper’s function.
  • You need to make water supply and waste connections next. After that’s complete, make sure you test the fittings and check the drain connections. And that’s it!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I identify my American Standard bathroom faucet?

To identify the American standard faucet, you need to check the spout on the front. The brand name should be printed there. Use a cleaning agent if limescale or corrosion has hidden the branding.

Where do I find the model number on my bathroom faucet?

You should find the model number of the manual provided. Also, the paperwork for purchasing the faucet will have this detail.

Why is my American Standard faucet leaking?

American Standard faucets can leak for so many reasons. However, usually, it happens due to a worn-out seal between the cartridge and the valve seat. Just replace the thing to get the leak fixed. If the location of the leak is hard to find, you will need to call a professional for help.

Wrapping Up

And that’s what the American Standard bathroom faucet parts diagram looks like. Plus, you have the brief assembly section for further help. However, it could be possible you are yet far from solving the situation you’re facing.

You might just want to check the manual one more time and try figuring out the exact solution for the problem, there should be a troubleshooting section.

Or just don’t buy panic and contact a customer service person from the brand. They will provide you with some guidance.

See You In My Next Guide Soon!

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