How To Determine Correct Moen Cartridge? 3 Key Points to Check

How can you determine correct Moen cartridge for the shower faucet? It depends on your shower valve cartridge.

Moen produces 4 basic models, and you have to save the Moen faucet model number for the cartridge replacement. Otherwise, your old cartridge should be taken out to confirm a new controller machine.

Don’t be panicked. Just inspect our three points based on your shower faucet. Surely you can get the proper cartridge for your shower.

How To Determine Correct Moen Cartridge? What Should I Inspect To?

Faucet companies produce many designs of cartridge. The bad news is that each brand follows its unique design for the specific operation.

So if you need to change your old Moen shower cartridge and replace Moen Cartridge, you must know the cartridge model number.

So, how to determine correct Moen cartridge for shower? You can check the 3 points.

  1. Single or double handle?
  2. The model number of the faucet? And
  3. The serial number of the old cartridge?

Is Your Moen Cartridge Handle Single Or Double?

You know your shower handle. It is one or two handles to control.

The single control handle works for both water pressure and temperature balance. You can’t set two or three handle diverters into your one handle operation cartridge. There are many Moen cartridges models for one handle.

  • 1222 & 1222B. 1222HD (1222HD is for Commercial Use)
  • 1225 & 1225B (1200 is old version)
  • 1212 (M-core valve)
  • 1213( M-core valve)
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The double or three-handle cartridge is only 1224& 1224 B.

1222 and 1222B are the same functions as 1225, and 1225B work the same. But you cant apply 1222 Moen cartridges instead of 1225 cartridges as their mechanism is different. The 1225 valve is differently made from 1222.

1212 and 1213 are M-core valve cartridges. It’s a new version with easy installation.

What Is The Model Number Of My Moen Faucet?

The model number and name are mentioned in the faucet box and its instruction paper. If you have lost the papers, you can get the name on the faucet. This name can be the first letter of the Moen ‘M’. Sometimes the logo or name is found at the side of under the spot.

But you get a family series number of the faucet on the back of the spout, which is not the model number. Don’t worry. This series number also helps you to search the model number. Just go to the plumbers or Moen dealer.

According to the faucet model number, the dealer will provide you with the appropriate Moen Cartridge.

Where Is The Serial Number Of My Old Shower Cartridge?

After knowing the handle, go for the old cartridge if you cannot find the faucet model number. But before that, turn off the waterline. Now remove the old cartridge by following steps.

  1. Use a hex wrench and loosen the screws of the faucet.
  2. Remove the handle
  3. Carefully slide out the cartridge clip together with holding the cartridge. Some have a bonnet cap system. This time you have to turn the cap left to remove the cartridge.
  4. Now take this old cartridge to the plumbing shops to find out its serial number.
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You can measure the cartridge using a caliper and take a photo to show it to the plumbing shops. They will easily match another Moen suit for your shower handle.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the model number on a Moen shower cartridge?

The proper model number of the Moen cartridge is mentioned in the faucet box, cartridge box, or its setup manual.

How do I identify my Moen faucet cartridge?

At first, look at whether the faucet is a single handle or double handle control. Then find out the faucet model number on the faucet body. Otherwise, you have to remove your old shower cartridge and ask for help to match a suitable Moen cartridge from the hardware seller.

Is there a difference between Moen 1225 and 1225B?

There is no difference between Moen 1225 and 1225B cartridges. 1225 is a plastic body machine, and 1225 B is a brass body machine. Some people say that ‘B’ refers to the bulk packaging.

What is the difference between Moen 1224 and 1224b?

1224 is a one-way spinning cartridge. There is no specific ending point. You have to stop the tap by using a spinning motion. Some folks find it disturbing to spin all the way. But some get it helpful. Besides, 1224 B has an end spot and is great for a lever handle. You can set 1224 as a replacement for 1224 B.

How do you know if your shower cartridge is bad?

Final Words

Go for our three key research points when you face the shower problem and confirm that it is your cartridge issue. They are not very tricky but a DIY work. Knowing How To Determine Correct Moen Cartridge for the shower will be easy and fast to replace. Moreover, asking for help from an expert friend will ease your work.

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