How to Seal Off Bathtub Overflow: 5 Effective Methods

Do you want to be submerged in your bathtub while taking a shower? Water cannot go above the water level from the overflow drain for this drain. Then, how to seal off bathtub overflow? You can use any overflow drain plate to seal this bathtub overflow off or any plumbers putty can do the job as well.

There are some other DIY but efficient processes to seal the bathtub overflow. You can use some techniques to seal the overflow and seal it permanently temporarily.

Again, some methods are a DIY process that needs items from your kitchen or home repair kits. So, let’s find those methods and fill the tub to have a deep luxurious soak.

How to Seal Off Bathtub Overflow

seal off bathtub overflow drain

On the backside of the bathtub wall, an overflow drain passes the water down to the pipeline. When the bathtub water reaches the hole of the overflow opening, the channel passes the water down to the main drain pipe.

For this overflow drain, it is common for you to find your knees above water level while taking a shower. If you can seal the bathtub overflow drain, you can get the desired amount of water on your tub.

There are many ways to seal the tub overflow. Let’s learn the processes to seal off bathtub overflow drain.

Method 1: Using an Overflow Cover Plate

Necessary Item

A reusable overflow cover- If you need to seal water in the bathtub of fewer than 10 pounds, you can get an overflowing plate with suction cups. This plate is perfect for holding the required amount of water in the bathtub and changing it to the normal mode of the bathtub.

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Step 1: Set the Cover Plate

Take the plate and place it on the overflow drain opening. Now press it to seal the opening.

It will stop the water from passing through the overflow drain. Now you can fill the tub to the full and soak into the water as you like.

Step 2: Peel off the Cover

After you finish the shower, you can peel the cover plate. As it is a reusable cover plate, you can store it and use it the next time. After peeling the cover plate, your bathtub will set in the previous normal mode to drain water.

These reusable cover plates are rubber-made material, and so it wears off easily after a few uses. So, it is not a permanent sealing solution.

Method 2: Using a Permanent Cover Plate

You need a permanent solution if you need to seal the bathtub overflow drain every day for your regular shower. Isn’t it? Then you should use a solid and permanent cover plate. So, if you need to know how to cap off the tub overflow drain, follow the steps below.

Necessary Item

  • Bath overflow plates made of chrome or brushed nickel will not wear off quickly and will work intensely for a longer time.
  • Screwdrivers

Step-1:Remove the Old Gasket

This process involves the replacement of the overflow gasket. Use the screwdrivers to open the old gasket from the overflow drain opening.

Step-2: Connect the New Plate

Place the new cover plate on the overflow opening and connect the screws to attach it. This overflow cover has two plates. The inner container is open to allow water to pass through the drain line. The outer plate has the closing part that opens and closes by twisting the drain door.

After attaching this new cover, you can seal the water flow and keep it open to pass the water through the pipeline.

Method-3: Using a Plumber’s Putty

It is a DIY method using the easy-to-get item. Plumber putty is a common material that you can have in your home repair kit box.

Step-1: Take enough plumber putty to make a form that seals the overflow opening cover. Roll it between your hand and make it. You can make more than one piece as you feel suitable for firmly closing the drain opening cover.

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Step-2: Now press the putty form over the hole of the overflow. It will stick to the hole and stay right before you peel it off. You can peel it off when your shower is over and make it a standard overflow drain again. It may seem that it cannot hold the water while staying soaked. But the truth is that this plumber putty can do it as a temporary cover plate because it is designed for plumbing use.

Method-4: Using Hair Bands or Elastics

Here, you will need a bundle of hair rubber bands

Step-1: Take a few hair rubber bands and wrap the cover plate of the overflow. Make it tight enough so that it stays in place correctly.

Step-2: Now, set the cover to seal the hole of the overflow drain opening. It is a temporary seal that can hold the water for half an hour. Though it is not so professional, it works for emergency purposes when you do not have other options available.

Method-5: Using Duct Tape

Duct tape can work as a bathtub overflow stopper as a temporary solution. You do not need any cover plate; instead, you can use this tape to seal the hole.

The process involves simply covering the overflow drain hole with duct tape. Make a thick layer of tape and then cover the hole uniformly.

It cannot hold the water for an extended period. It can fall off after 10 to 15 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you remove the bathtub overflow drain?

Yes, you can. When you want to seal off the bathtub overflow completely, you can remove it permanently. You have to remove the entire settings. First, open the screws of the faceplate and remove them. Then remove other connections and pull the whole rain stopper out. you may need to shake the stopper while removing its complete length

Why is my tub overflow leaking?

If there is any leak from the tub overflow, there are loose connections in the overflow drain fittings. The loosened connections can be under an overflow trap. If any cracked parts of the settings or caulk are missing, leaking can occur behind the shower wall.

How do you stop a bathtub overflow DIY?

An easier DIY method is to seal the overflow hole using a coffee pod. You have to collect a 5 ml coffee pod and place it into the hole in such a way that it clogs the hole. If it seems smaller than the hole width, rap the coffee pod with a rope or rubber band. Then place it into the hole. Now you can fill the bathtub and soak deep.

Final Words

If you need to know how to seal off bathtub overflow, you will have all types of processes here in this article. Duct tape and hairbands are the most common item that is the most available item at home, so these can be used for emergency purposes. Plumbing putty is also a known item. But if you need to make a permanent seal, you can get the nickel or chrome gasket.

Be careful about your children’s baths. The gasket of the overflow drain should be open for their shower time so that it cannot cause an accident.

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