Step-By-Step Guide for How To Install Grohe Shower Valve

Do you know how to install Grohe shower valve? It needs good preparation with proper testing and securing. But if you know the steps, you can do it yourself.

You might get stuck with the language instructions on the manual that looks more like a comic book. In that case, seek the help of a professional. But if you are someone who tries new stuff and prefers DIYing, this article is solely for you!

How To Install Grohe Shower Valve

Grohe Shower Valve Installation

Grohe Shower Valve Installation is no longer a hassle because here we are gonna show you a complete step-by-step guide. So you can replace or install it and add elegance to your bathroom!

Explore the steps-

Preparation of the Grohe Smart Control Thermostat Valve

To begin with,

  • Turn the water off and get rid of all the impurities around the place.
  • You will notice the two output knobs for the regulation of the On/off button. Below that, there’d be a large temperature mixing valve.
  • So the Grohe Growthermostatic Smart Control Thermostat valve comes with a smart box. Prepare it by plugging the port A and installing threaded PEX adapters all around.

To mount the smart box at the right depth, you can attach a plywood backing plate to the studs. We recommend using the adjustable backing plate even with the studs just so it would be right behind the sheetrock next to the valve.

  • Crimp a half-inch PEX tube from the second port to the main showerhead andthird port to the hand shower.

Removal of the shark bite caps and preparation of the fittings

  • Next work is with the house-water shut off, remove the two shark bite caps that were plugging the waterline. That is because you have removed the old valve earlier.
  • Sand the copper pipes. Make sure they are free from solder and other dirt. Prepare the fittings with tining flux before you solder them.
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Tips: Be careful in this step. Watch your hands. Keep a fire extinguisher next to you.

Attaching PEX to Copper Lines

  • Let the fittings cool now. Once they cool down, crimp the PEX to the hot and cold inlets on the smart box.
  • Soon they’d be cool enough to touch. So you can connect the PEX to the copper lines with crim fittings. Here, you can use the shark bite crim fittings or any PEX compression according to your suitability.
  • If you need can install the temporary nipples in the fittings and cap them. This is not a must just for testing the fittings.

Ensuring the Hot & Cold Separation

Now, the important thing not to be missed as this will lead your hot and cold water navigation correctly.

  • Check if there’s water dripping out of any of the pipes and the smart box.
  • With the water turned off, open the cover and take out the server stops inside the mixer. This mixture comes by default and takes the hot and cold, mixes them, and sends up every line.
  • Now there could arise trouble that the hot water could lead over to the cold. So you gotta take it out and put any server stops.
  • Once you open it up, put the hot and cold plugs inside it. You will get it in the bag with the whole smart box. Simply just pop them in right there.
  • Tighten it and check if it’s good. Now leave everything open for a while and then close up the wall.

Releasing the pressure

  • Now you need a faucet to release the pressure. Otherwise, water will squash out over you if you pull out the temporary plug. So, flush the lines before installing the valve. Remove the server stops and pull the plug back in temporarily.
  • Assemble everything back and close down. You are ready to install the dry walls now.
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Ensuring a strong waterproofing system

The smart box comes with a really cool rubber flashing that prevents water from leaking into the wall even if it gets behind the tile. You can embed it in the joint compound or use a thin set.

Overall, just use any adhesive material to ensure a proper waterproofing system. After it dries, we recommend using some red guard on the shower wall because red guard waterproofs everything- be it drywall or cardboard.

After that, cover the walls with tiles.

After setting the tiles, you might see the valve box extension. In that case, use a plastic cutting wheel saw to trim the smart box extension part. Also, make a layer around it with silicone.

The fun part

Here comes the fun part.

  • Start lubricating the gaskets on the valve cartridge and loosely install them in the smart box. Make sure to level it before tightening it in place.
  • Next, take a hacksaw to cut the button posts against the orange guides. These guides are to set the length temporarily. Remove the temporary guides and snap in the control knobs.
  • You will notice some small green rings. They are screwed in to remain visible while the button gets out. That’s how the water turns on.

Capping & Other Finishing Touch

Time to install caps for the showerhead and other shower faucets. Place the trim by pressing gently. You don’t need screws.

  • Finally, place a cap on the temperature control.
  • To conclude, run a test to check the flow of the water. Inspect the high-flow and low-flow levels of the water. Don’t forget to check the cold and hot water feed as well.

Following these steps, you’d be able to install Grohe shower valve at once. However, if you fail to install it or get stuck with the process and get confused, don’t waste your precious time. Instead, contact a technician for immediate help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While we are guiding you to DIY installing a shower valve, we thought of sharing some frequently asked questions. Hopefully, these would help you to be confident and try for once at least. Needless to say, it’s fun and exciting to do it yourself.

How do you install a Grohe extension kit?

To install a Grohe extension kit, trim both pieces of the volume knob with a hacksaw or Dremel. If they are too long, screw them in first and then screw the volume knob over them.


By the end of this article, you’ll be clear by now on how to install Grohe shower valve. The manual instructions would be hard to understand. But this step-by-step guide will make it easy peasy for you.

So, in case if your technician isn’t available at the moment, consider trying it yourself. All the best!

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