Where Should Water Hammer Arrestors Be Installed

Sick of the water hammer sound from your water pipe? Then it is high time to install a water hammer arrestor. Now the main point is where should water hammer arrestors be installed?

Mainly you have to place the hammering arrestor in the last fitting section of the water pipe. There is one thing you have to check that if the hammering noise comes from a long distance, you have to place 2 arrestors in between.

You can guess the placement is essential, so in this article, you will be guided through the proper way about the placement of the arrestor to stop that irritating sound from the pipe.

Where Should Water Hammer Arrestors Be Installed

You will find most of the water hammer arrestors installed in the finishing line of the problematic water pipe.

Sometimes you may have to install the water hammer arrestor in the washing machine valve. But you have to install it directly in the back to protect the washer pipe.

The tricky part is to determine the water hammering place to place the hammering arrestor. Because the vibration and sound of the pipes make the source hard to find. So placing the water hammer arrestor in the right place gets hard.

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Where To Install Water Hammer Arrestor

 To stop the water hammering sound, you have to ensure proper pipe arrangement to place the water hammer arrestor.

You can try the place, like near the pump or valve that is responsible for creating a hammer or in the point where the pipe changes the direction.

You can fit the angle type arrestor in the pipe elbow to reduce the water flowing pressure from them in any direction.

You can try the pipe elbow or curve pipe for separate valves that will prevent the water hammering a lot. 

If the water hammering sound is severe, you can go for numerous arrestors to reduce the impact of water pressure. In that case, place one near the pump, one in a water rising point, and the other in the pipe elbow.

If you want to install the arrestor for your washing machine, you have to fix it in the male fitting in different positions like sideways or upside down or right side up.

For the dishwashers or any other kitchen appliances, you have to use compression fixtures.

If the sound is coming from the flushing toilet, you have to place the arrestor in the threads of the tank bottom.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should a hammer arrestor be installed?

When you find the pipeline has exceeded 20 feet, you have to think about installing a hammer arrestor. Make sure to place it in the right place.

Are hammer arrestors necessary?

yes, it is necessary to reduce the extra water pressure from the pipes. Mainly every closing valve requires a water hammer arrestor.


A sudden increase of water pressure in the pipe causes a water hammer, and you will wake up with a loud knocking sound in your pipe in the middle of the night.

To prevent such unwanted experience, you have to install a water hammer arrestor, and before this,you must know where should water hammer arrestors be installed for better results. Because the placing matters to stop the problem.

Make sure you have gone through this article if you are new with hammer arrestors, or else your money will get wasted, so do your good night’s sleep.

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