Bow PEX Vs SuperPEX: Learn the Differences

Bow PEX vs Super PEX, what are the differences. Actually, Bow has included some modifications in the manufacturing process of the Super PEX to prevent the previous failure. What improvements and specialized features of Super PEX make it stronger than Bow general PEX?

The Bow makes a robust and durable tubing system, while their Super PEX is stronger. But there are some failures while used in the lines.

In this article, the answers to these questions are explained in detail.

Comparison Table for Bow PEX Vs SuperPEX

FactsBow PEXSuperPEX  
Sunlight U.V. exposureDoes not affectIncrease the chlorine effects
Chlorine ResistanceCompletely ResistantDegrade under a particular condition
Biofilm GrowthHighLow
Flow RatesFullRestricted through fittings
LeachingHas NSF 61 CompliantDepends on the water condition

Bow Super PEX is more reliable and convenient for the drinking water distribution system with some additional modifications and materials. Super PEX reduces many health issues. Let’s check the facts below.


All the bow PEX piping are made of three general processes, and the primary build material is polyethylene chains. These chains are interlinked, which creates intense bondage. The general Bow PEX has a standard build material: polyethylene, a polymer of ethylene substance.

The Bow brand has improved the manufacturing process of PEX and made super PEX. If you check thebow superpex specs, his new piping material has included those modifications which prevent the previous failure.

Well, Super PEX has antioxidants included an ultraviolet stabilizer that makes it stronger. That is why super PEX is preferable for hot and cold-water flowing pipelines.

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Build Quality

In terms of quality, the general Bow PEX tubing is manufactured by CSA PEX standards. Still, this Bow PEX does not achieve certifications that preventinevitable failures.

Super PEX tubing is certified with NSF standard 61 to bear NSF U.P and NSF-PW. It holds the necessary code for both the American and Canadian markets. This code ensures the ability of these tubing to work for the hot and cold potable water distribution.

Additionally, Super PEX is also certified by IAPMO. For the permission to use the Bow Super PEX for domestic continuous re-circulation loops tubing in the plumbing lines, it has PEX 5006 designation after the material testing.

These certifications prove that the super PEX is much more accepted for several useful applications for its high quality than general Bow PEX.

Chemical Leaching

Like all other PEX materials, Bow PEX also leaches some chemical substances. Bow PEX leaches some gasoline substances like TBA, ETBE, MTBE, etc., which can be unsafe for health,especially when it mixes with the drinking water line.

The NSF 61 certification confirms the piping system to prevent this harmful leaching. Super PEX has this certification. So, when you use the Super PEX, you can be safe from these leached chemicals. Super PEX prevents chemical leaching in all water conditions. That is why it is perfectly suitable for hot and cold potable water flowing pipelines.


Bow PEX price and the installation cost are not so high. But the charge of the plumbers per hour is relatively higher. Comparing bow PEX and super PEX, the cost and initial price inthe range for super PEX are lower.

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Actually, the manufacturers work to reduce the cost and price range for the super PEX. The plumbing configuration of super PEX is such that it needs lesser time to install, and thus, the cost for the plumbers is automatically reduced.

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Bow brand has successfully reduced the price and the cost for super PEX from 34% to 41% than the general BOW PEX.

U.V. light Protection

PEX is an interlinked polyethylene chain that disintegrates if exposed to sunlight. It can rupture the tubing and make the water in the line brittle. The general Bow PEX packaging provides some instruction to use these tubing, avoiding U.V. light exposure. The instruction says to cover the PEX tubing with black or opaque material before installing it. Thus, the indoor PEX tubing installation cannot have any harmful effect on water.

Bow Super PEX Specsmaterial consists of a U.V. stabilizer that keeps the tubing safe and prevents disintegrating under sunlight for 30 to 60 days. That is why it is easier to avoid U.V. light for the Super PEX than for the regular Bow PEX.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Bow Super PEX, PEX-A, or B?

Bow Super PEX is, generally, PEX B. PEX B is made of a silane process involving moisture crosslinking. The HDPE is extruded into the tube during the manufacturing process, and then the silane processing is done by steam or water. The finished product is passed through the steam within silane catalysts. It encourages the formation of crosslinking polymers. It makes the effect stronger but less flexible.

What is bow PEX?

Bow PEX is an innovative tubing system made of interlinked polyethylene chains. The Bow makes their tubing and fittings with advanced technology and updated processes to make the fittings and the tubing more robust and durable. Bow PEX tubing is perfect for hot and cold-water distribution lines.

Final Verdict

As the copper and PVC tubing is quite costly and needs more fittings to set, Bow PEX is an innovative option. Bow PEX is the formation of the crosslinked chain of polyethylene polymers chains. This formation is better than the copper and PVC tubing system as it does not easily degrade.

Both the general Bow PEX andsuper PEX works similarly. Bow PEX is the right choice for indoor piping water lines or other lines.

If you need a durable and flexible tubing system, then super PEX is the best choice. On the battle of Bow PEX vs Super PEX, super PEX wins for its extra durability and high quality.

When you search the tubing system for water service lines, hot and cold-water potable lines, residential fire protection, hydronic piping distributions system, and outdoor piping lines in the snow, super PEX is the best choice.

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