You Need a Pegasus Bathroom Faucet Parts Diagram!

The Pegasus bathroom faucet is not the most popular option out there however they do serve quite great for a long period of time. And so, if you just bought one and need a Pegasus bathroom faucet parts diagram for assembly, this is the guide I hope would help.

So before moving on to the depiction you should find out about the part’s name.

The Pegasus bathroom faucet parts consist of a handle, aerator, quick connecting hose, drain assembly, lift rod, Index buttons, screws and set screws, nuts, cartridge, washers, rings, clip, O-rings, and block.

Let’s move on to the depth discussion.

Pegasus Bathroom Faucet Parts Diagram & Its Meaning!

Regardless of the old and new styles, the Pegasus bathroom faucet can vary in design, but the main components are identical. To get a clear idea of it, look at the given diagram.

List Of Pegasus Bathroom Faucet Parts

Wondering what each part is called and their function in the bathroom? If so, here are the needed details.

PartPart DetailPurpose
AIndex H ButtonIt’s a plate showing this side provides the hot water line.
BIndex C ButtonIt’s a metal plate that indicates a cold water line.
CScrewIt tightens out the attachable parts to hold them in place.
DHandleIt let you control the water level by turning it on or off.
ESet ScrewIt holds the part in place properly.
FBonnet NutThis part secures the cartridge H or C in the proper state.
GCartridge H & CIn hot and cold water faucets, this part ensures to flow of water in a specific direction. 
HWasherIt creates a watertight seal around the metal part. 
INutThis part is a tight-fitting that holds the part in place.
JScrewIt secures the nut, washer, and cartridge parts.
KAeratorIt flows water in different stream control.
LWearable RingIt’s a ring-like thing that sits under the spout.
MClipThis part traps the above part to stay in the right spot without causing movement.
NO-ringThis component ensures sealing to prevent leakage.
ORubber WasherIt’s soft stuff that helps to stop leaks.
PMetal WasherIt’s the hard stuff that holds the part and rubber washer to keep the fitting tight.
QLock NutIt resists loosening or movement of the part while ensuring proper torque.
RBlockThis part sits on the lock nut to close the path and prevent movement.
SO-ringIt’s slightly smaller than the previous one and you’ll find 2 of them. This stops the metal parts to have gaps for leakage.
TQuick Connecting HoseThis component sits under the sink and paves the way for the water supply to reach the faucet’s spout.
UDrain AssemblyIt includes a flapper, stopper, and pop-up parts that help to empty the dirty and used water flow.
VLift RodThis fitting is a vital part that helps water drain when you open/close the flapper.

Pegasus Bathroom Faucet Parts Assembly

Now for a successful Pegasus faucet parts assembly, it is important you check the manual first. And list down any warnings that are about harming the warranty. Invalidating the warranty will make you suffer later if you need Pegasus faucet repair coverage, so be careful.

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For the actual assembly, you must clean the sink beforehand. You should carefully clean the sink’s top side using soap with warm water.

There can be a mineral buildup that needs to leave before the new faucet is on. Using a nonmetallic scouring pad should be helpful. You should also clean the drain hole inside part and wipe the opening beneath the sink basin. Don’t forget to towel dry the whole sink.

And then start assembling the faucet parts to your sink:

  • The base plate needs to be over the threaded shanks and then you also need to apply caulk underneath the faucet all the way to the base plate’s underside. A thin layer shall be enough.
  • Place the faucet and make sure it is centered in the sink. Connect it using mounting nuts with a wrench and re-center if needed. Use a damp cloth to wipe off extra caulk.
  • Use the wrench for connecting the water supply lines to the faucet with provided nuts.
  • Next, you fix the drain assembly using huge plastic but a large rubber seal.
  • Use Teflon paste for coating the threads and silicone caulk beads under the sink’s flange. Place the assembly on the drain opening and use screws for connecting the sink flange firmly. Make sure it is in place by pulling the assembly down. Use Teflon paste on the rubber gasket.
  • Turning the assembly place the pivot rod opening facing the back wall and use lock pliers for screwing the assembly. Don’t overtighten but secure the nut to hold the pop-up assembly in place. Wipe off extra caulk again.
  • Next, you need to insert the pivot rod into the opening on the assembly side and go through the stopper guide opening to connect using a plastic pivot seal gasket for rod and pivot nut for the assembly.
  • Metal spring clip needs to go on the pivot rod and don’t forget to mount the lift rod guide. Secure the lift rod guide using a spring clip.
  • Slide the lift rod onto the faucet opening on top all the way through the plastic lift rod guide.
  • Use retaining nuts and pliers for securing everything in place. Try to lift the rod up and down a few times. Just to make sure the pop-up stopper connection is good enough.
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Keep In Mind – Guide threads are easy to strip, be careful with them.

  • Get rid of the aerator and turn the water back under the sink. Check the hot and cold water sides of the faucet. If those works fine, put the aerator back and check for rates, leaks, dips, and runs. You also want to check the drain connection. And that’s it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What company makes Pegasus faucets?

The Pegasus faucets are actually a proprietary brand. And the company that owns it is The Home Depot. Most of you should have heard about it as the company is quite popular.

How do I identify my faucet model?

To identify the faucet model you own, try checking the packaging There should be a UPC code, and close to it shall be the model information.
It can also appear on the top part of the packaging box. On the body of the faucet, you may find the tag with the model identification. However, this is applicable to models that are made since 2012. Some faucets also have the model number on the supply lines.

Does Glacier Bay make Pegasus faucets?

No, Glacier Bay does not make Pegasus faucets. Glacier Bay is simply a fellow in-store brand with Pegasus. And both of these brands are owned by Home Depot to sell faucets

Wrapping Up

And there you have the Pegasus bathroom faucet parts diagram as well as the brief assembly guide. However, if you still can’t make it happen, consider hiring a professional for the job.

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If you need part identification due to a specific problem you are dealing with, then you should look thoroughly before trying any repair.

Checking the manual’s troubleshooting part may help. Or you can directly contact Pegasus faucets customer service to find more specific answers.

I will be back with more soon, take care!

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