How Can I Tell What Color My Kohler Toilet Is – A Step By Step Guide

Do you own a Kohler toilet at your house and need to replace its parts? Are you confused about its color and how to tell what color Kohler toilet is? It is questioned by many homeowners nowadays. However, Kohler doesn’t show or put any color code inside its toilet tanks. That’s why many users find it challenging to identify the color of their Kohler toilet.

Finding your Kohler toilet color is super easy if you know the process. Here in this article, we will discuss a step-by-step guide to learning how to tell what color your Kohler toilet is. So, let’s jump to the body part of this article for further details. 

How Can I Tell What Color My Kohler Toilet Is?

Kohler toilet color

Kohler toilets can vary from one-piece to two-piece toilets. You may find your Kohler toilet color codes when you open the upper toilet hinge. Otherwise, check under the water tank lid or inside the tank walls to find the model number.

Follow the below-stated guide for better understanding. 

  • Lift your one-piece Kohler toilet seat.
  • Put it on the floor upside down.
  • Look for your toilet model number between the hinges.
  • Check under the water tank lid or inside the tank walls if you don’t have the color code yet. 
  • Apply the same process to your 2-piece Kohler toilet as well. 
  • Don’t worry if the color code doesn’t match the complete product code. 
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Note: You will find the name “Kohler” or the letter “K” stamped on the toilet seat hinges. 

Kohler Toilet Color Chart- Here’s All You Need

For better assistance, here is the Kohler toilet seat color chart

Color NameColor Code
Aspen GreenGreen #355
Black/Black Brilliance#047
Cerulean Blue#044
Country Grey#032
Desert Bloom#643
Fresh Green#255
French Vanilla#141
Heron Blue#344
Harvest Gold#031
Ice Grey#062
Innocent Blush#443
Jersey Cream/Cream Satin#341
Mexican Sand#148
New Orleans Blue#144
Navy Blue#244
Pink Champagne#143
Raspberry Puree#343
Seafoam Green#455
Suez Tan#048
Skylight/Horizon Blue#444
Spruce Green#055
Swiss Chocolate#348
Thunder Grey#042
Tender Grey#052
Wild Rose#243

How to Find Toilet Model Number?

How to Find Toilet Model Number

The Kohler toilet model number is either sculpted into the ceramic or printed with black or blue ink inside the tank. However, the product model code is four characters long and may contain a K at the start. The product code can be prefixed by 97.

Available Kohler Toilet Models and Where to Find Their Model Numbers:

Please check the available Kohler toilet models in the market for an easy pick. Toilet model number location varied from one model to another.

So let’s find out where to check for model numbers.

  • Kohler One-piece toilet: You will find the model number stamped inside its tank.
  • Kohler Two-piece toilet: Two-piece Kohler toilet has two different model numbers that are located in two different places. You will find one model number inside the tank, and another one is stamped inside the toilet bowl. 
  • Kohler Intelligent toilet: Kohler Intelligent toilet model number is located in its serial number. So, determine the model number by the serial number. In addition to find the serial numbers check on the back of the lid. Otherwise, you may find it behind the access panel, under the vitreous shell, or underside of the toilet.
  • Kohler Vitreous China Bidet: The model number of Kohler Vitreous china bidet is under its foot. So, check under the foot of the bidet for the model number.
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Where to check for Kohler toilet color code?

Check on the side or back of the inside of your Kohler toilet tank. The color code may be stamped on the back of your toilet tank or the bottom side of the toilet bowl.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the Kohler toilet color code?

The Kohler color code may be stamped under or inside the walls of the water tank. So, look carefully under the tank lid and inside of the tank walls as well. The color code and product model numbers may or may not be exact match numbers.

How can I tell what color my Kohler toilet seat is?

Kohler brands produce plastic toilet seats for their toilets. These plastic toilet seats come with stamped or molded “Kohler” logo into their bottom seat hinge. First, however, look into the toilet seat hinge.

What is the difference between Almond and biscuit colors?

Kohler toilet series come with different color codes. Therefore, they are pretty different from each other. However, the primary difference between Kohler almond and biscuit is the following. Kohler almond is lighter and feature a brownish off-white color. On the other hand, the Kohler biscuit toilet is creamy and features an attenuated or pearl off-white color.

Is Kohler Almond darker than biscuit?

Kohler almond is relatively darker than the Kohler biscuit color. Kohler biscuit offers a warm tone restoration while almonds represent calmness, neutrality.


Kohler toilet doesn’t put any color code inside its toilet tanks. That’s why we put some helpful information together after thorough research in it. In addition, we hope now you get your desired answer to your question. However, this intelligent question, how can I tell what color my Kohler toilet is, will not bother you after finishing up this article. 

Replacement for your Kohler toilet parts will be easy for you if you learn your toilet color code. It will help you to find exact match color parts without spending much time. However, different color options may be available for the same toilet model number. Be careful and don’t mix up the toilet model number with the color code. They are quite different from each other.

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