Which Is Standard To Place A Toilet Paper Holder Left Or Right

Where should I place a toilet paper holder left or right side of the toilet? As we can find, the majority is right-handed, placing the tissue holder on the right side would be standard. Hang tight! Then, why we see people having their toilet paper on the right side also? Let’s have some insider talk.

There is no basic guideline on which side should place a toilet paper holder. It depends on the space around the toilet and your comfort. You should consider changing it so that it is easily reachable when you need it.

Are you new to installing or remodeling the bathroom? But cannot decide where to hang the holder?

Let’s assist you with this placement hassle.

How to Determine: Placing A Toilet Paper Holder Left Or Right

Basically, it would not matter which side you are placing the toilet tissue paper holder in your restroom. The thing that only matters is the comfort to reach and your preference.

You can place it on any side of your toilet as you are comfortable, that should be near to your hand.

Deep Thought with Toilet Paper Placement

Where you are going to put the tissue paper holder right or left totally depends on the design of your restroom.

And you can choose a wall on any side of the toilet. You only need to consider which side has enough room; you can freely move your arm and body.

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Usually, the maximum number of people is right-handed. So, the legit rule of thumb comes here that you can place it on the right-hand side of the toilet so that anyone can easily get in hand.

Depending on this fact, you better place it on the right sidewall if you have enough room to move. It is the standard way that most follow.

When sitting in a toilet, it’s easy to reach tissue whenever a tissue holder is in the right distance and right position. It will make using toilet paper easier for you after your natural call.

So, based on your comfort and usability, you can place it on the left or right side of the tank or above the toilet tank.

Otherwise, you can use a free-stand toilet tissue holder that you can place every time according to the user’s choice.

According to some users, you can also sit on your toilet and check the comfort zone that gives you no pain in reaching the toilet paper.

When To Place the Toilet Tissue Holder on Left Side?

Whether you have no option to hang a paper holder on the right side wall or it is too far to reach, you can place it on the left side.

In another way, if you or any of your family members are left-handed, you can also set the tissue holder on the left sidewall, giving the prior member comfort first.

If the left side wall is not within the recommended distance where your hand can easily reach, the holder can place it on the left side of the tank, the wall behind the toilet.

5 Top Choices for Toilet Tissue Paper Holders

For your assistance, we compile here the 5 best tissue holders. They are listed below

  • Simple houseware L Holder Stand With Classical Chrome Finish
  • Moen Toilet Paper Holder With Twirling Post Design
  • Amazon Basics Tissue Paper Holder With Convenient Dispensing
  • KES Toilet Tissue Paper Holder with Self-Adhesive technology
  • APLusee Toilet Tissue Holder With Attached Multipurpose Storage Shelf
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What To Consider When Placing A Toilet Paper Holder?

There is no fixed rule for a tissue paper holder placement inside a toilet on which side you should place it. This looks pretty flexible in choosing a place to place the tissue holder. It is not that easy.

You do not have to be that picky about the side you are placing. But you should be careful about the distance between the holder and toilet and the ground height.

When setting the tissue holder on the walls, these are important to know. In the house construction code, it is recommended to have a 10″ to 15″ distance between a toilet and its walls. This distance also depends on the average height of the family members.

Another thing that should be kept in mind when placing a tissue holder is the height of the holder from the ground.  However, the recommended height for the toilet tissue is 23″ to 26″ inches off the ground.

These measurements make it easy for you to reach the toilet paper and keep them dry, safe, and hygienic.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Toilet Paper Holder Go On Right Or Left?

Toilet paper holders can go on both rights and left. As people are predominantly right-handed, it is better to keep it in the right hand.

What Side Of The Toilet Should The Toilet Paper Holder Be On?

It is standard to place a toilet paper holder on the right-hand side of the toilet. That will be comfortable for most people.


Have you read the article without skipping any of its parts? Then I am sure that there is no more confusion in you about placing the toilet paper holder left or right in the bathroom.

Most of our people are right-handed, as I am. Therefore the standard for the placement of a toilet paper holder is the right side of the toilet.

However, you can consider both sides which you are comfortable with. If you consider and follow the layout we have told you above, you can choose either side of your toilet to place a toilet paper holder.

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