Electric Water Heater Wire Burned Problem Reasons & Fixes with Pro Tips

Isn’t it irritating to see your electric water heater is damaged? This may often happen, and you need to know how to deal with the electric water heater burned. If you notice something wrong with the heater’s wire, trying to fix it as soon as possible is the best decision.

The electronic water heater is one of the highly used components. You will find several pipes inside the tank that help water transform. There are a few wires as well, and they can cause problems.

This guide will help you if you face any trouble, especially the heater wire burned issue.

Electric Water Heater Wire Burned

Wire burning problems with a water heater can occur if you are not careful with your water heater. As it is a machine, you need to take care of this. Though, some issues take place with the wires. Wire burning is the most common among them.

You can quickly notice whether the wires of the water heater are burnt or not. Very often, the smell of burning comes from the water. The wire also looks very dark than the normal ones. Users can not be able to operate the water heater if these happen.

We will gradually cover up the reasons for the electric water heater burnt wire and the solution to fix the problem.

ReasonsPossible Solutions
Loose wire connectionCheck the wires whether they are correctly connected.
Breaker IssueReplace the breaker.
Water Heater ProblemCheck other elements of the water heater.
Power SurgeMake sure about the appropriate voltage
Air Pocket IssueSubmerged the element in water.

I hope you realize the problems that cause electric water heater burnt wire. Now we will dive into the detailed discussion. Read this section carefully to ensure the good health of your water heater.

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Loose Wire Connection

Be very careful, no matter what machine you operate. A loose connection can cause some hazardous problems as well. To run the water heater smoothly, you must check the electric connection with the heater very often.

Sometimes, replacing any elements from the water heater and won’t place the elements in the proper palace creates a problem. You need to know how the wiring of the heater works.

Loose wiring directly affects the wires. Taking your time to reduce the poor connection will be the best solution here.

Breaker Issue

A circuit breaker is another critical component that connects with the wires. If the circuit is damaged, the circuit breaker can create problems for the wires. Water dropping on the electric line can cause this problem.

To protect the electronic devices, as a user, you need to protect them from water. Let’s say there is a leak on the water heater, and the water flows with wires. It will seriously let immersion heater wire burn.

If you want to resolve this problem, you need to replace the breaker as soon as possible. Neglecting this issue may harm you a lot. Try to identify the leak from where the water flows are essential.

Water Heater Problem

A water heater has different vital elements to perform heating. Those elements can have some effect on the wire. Make sure everything runs perfectly here except the wire. If you take care of the rest of the elements, you can avoid the problem with an electric water heater melted plastic.

The water heater parts are; Dip tube, power vent, heating element, TPR valve, gas valve, etc.

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Power Surge

A power surge is another reason the electric water heater wiring burnt issue. If there is any up and down with the voltage, it can create pressure on the wires to pass electricity. Most of the water heaters come with the Voltage rating available in stores.

You can also protect your water heater wire from burning if you afford surge protection. Make sure you use the best plugs.

Air Pocket Issue

If there is no expected water in the water heater tank, the heater won’t run properly. The water heater has to be fully submerged to continue its operation decently. The lack of water in the tank creates air pockets. Those pockets may burn the elements like wire and stuff like that.

To avoid this problem, make sure there is enough water in the water heater. Don’t take an unnecessary step if there is no problem with the air pocket. You can use a plumber in this regard.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What causes a water heater thermostat to burn up?

The problem with thermostat burn up occurs because of overheating. If the water in the tank extends its heating limit, you may face this sort of problem. Take an ohmmeter and check the terminal to be very sure of this. The problem may be with the circuit breaker as well.

Can an electric hot water heater cause a fire?

Hot water heater can cause a fire if you can’t properly maintain it. As it is an electronic device that connects electricity, this may happen. Water heaters out there are mainly made with ensuring all the safety factors. Still, be extra careful with it. Make sure there is no error with the wires.

Concluding Words

Despite taking all the necessary measures, your water heater may not perform as expected. The wires may cause a problem at any time. As every problem has some possible solutions, you can fix electric water heater wire burned issues.

The first and foremost duty is to identify the problem. We have discussed it earlier. Once you are pretty sure about the reasons, go forward to resolve this by following our tips. Don’t take any unnecessary actions that increase the problem. Try one by one gradually to fix the problem. Taking care of all the components of water is something that you should always look for.

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