Installing Cast Iron Tub | Things You Must Know Beforehand

Recently, I visited one of my relatives’ houses and was amazed to see their new cast iron tub in the bathroom. It really caught my attention with the elegant outlook. So, I was thinking of installing cast iron tub, and It requires exact measuring and a team of the sweat-full time.

On that note, my team and I researched a bit of this matter. And our study says a properly installed bathtub can make your bathroom look more beautiful. But you must follow some exact steps to do that.

However, below, we will share a step-by-step tutorial to install a cast iron tub in the bathroom and remodel it as a more luxurious one. Stay tuned to learn more!

Installing Cast Iron Tub

If you are scratching your head forinstalling a cast iron tub,stop it and let us show you the steps here.

Though there are different types of bathtubs made of cast iron, and almost all types share the same methods to be installed.

Apart from proper accessories/tools, you also need a flat surface to set up the cast iron bathtub.

So, let’s dive deeper into the best way to setup a cast iron tub.

Step 1: Preparing The Surface

The first thing is to check whether the bathroom floor can hold the tub as cast iron tubs are bulkier than steel or fiberglass ones.

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So, check the floor first and measure the bathtub’s dimension—Mark on the floor based on the measured dimension and place the tub on that mark.

Step 2: Preparing Water Supply

Secondly, you need to take care of the water supply. Of course, the whole process would be on a dry surface. According to the drain manufacturers’ guidelines, you need to connect the pipe.

Please be careful in this step unless you want to damage your luxurious bathtub. And don’t forget to place the putty ring around the flange.

Step 3: Installing Proper Plumbing

Now, you need to drop the plumbing line from the tub. Even if it overflows somehow, the overflowing water will drain safely by this plumb line, not damaging the floor or the bathtub itself.

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However, if you think about installing a cast iron bathtub and keeping it safely in place, apply some silicone. It will keep the tub’s feet in position.

Step 4: Minimizing Leakage

After that, you should focus on making it leakage-proof.  Well, there are 2 ways for this.

Firstly, secure the stopper of the tub to avoid leakage.

Secondly, trimming the drainage pipe comes in handy. Wrap the pipes with tapes and make sure the threads reduce leakages.

Step 5: Checking Nail Fitting

Last but not the least, make sure if the nails are well fitted to the wall or not. This will hold the tub in place securely.

And, of course, check if the cast iron tub is leveled or not. If not, it will cause water clogging in the future.

This step is only applicable for the tubs that need to be attached to the wall. Freestanding bathtubs don’t need nail fitting to the wall.

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Step 6: Connecting The Stopper

Yes, yes, you have previously connected it. But a final recheck is always good as a poor connection will prevent adequate water draining. So, don’t forget to check the stopper connections once more.

Once you are sure that the stopper is connected accordingly, your job is done. Congratulations! You have successfully installed a cast iron tub, that too with the regular household tools. How easy peasy, isn’t it?

For your kind information, installing Kohler cast iron tub also follows the same process as many of you will be highly benefited from that.

As different manufacturers suggest differently, you just need to be careful while setting up the bath drain.

However, if you need to replace cast iron tub, there are some certain tools you must count on. Don’t worry; those are mostly household appliances, including screwdrivers, tape measure, safety shoes and glasses, pliers, level, square, etc. Following proper instructions, any crafty homeowner can replace the old tub with a new one.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to install a cast iron tub?

It depends on whether you do it yourself or hire a plumber. Usually, the cost to install cast iron tub is somewhere within $500-৳700. And a plumber can charge either $100 or $1000, depending on the complexity of the task.

Do cast iron tubs have a flange?

Truth be told, some cast iron tubs come with tube flanges, some don’t. Usually, the freestanding ones don’t have flanges.


Cast iron tubs are pretty luxurious to redecorate your old bathroom. Some people prefer them for their sturdiness while some fall for their elegant appearance.

There are several types of cast iron tubs. Some stand free on the floor, and some need to be fitted to the wall. Whatever the case is, installing cast iron tub is no rocket science. Any handy homeowner can do it with a little trick.

Hopefully, the step-by-step instructions above will help you get the bathtub perfectly installed.

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