Grundfos Circulating Pump Troubleshooting Guide: Detect And Fix Your Defective Pump Problems

Circulating pumps give our house a faster flow of hot water supply throughout our house. And in this case, Grundfos pumps excel in reliable and long-lasting service. However, like it is usual for any house appliances to malfunction and Grundfos pumps are no exception. But, to help you avoid such mishaps, we bring you a step-by-step Grundfos circulating pump Troubleshooting guide.

But, before beginning the solution procedures, let’s have a look at the table below that discusses what problems we might encounter while operating a Grundfos pump. After sorting out your relevant problem from the table, you can jump right into the section which solves it.

Grundfos Circulating Pump Troubleshooting

Seized and stuck rotorTap on the frontal screw
Coldwater through the systemChange the thermostat
Grundfos circulating pump not workingReplace the pump
Unneeded circulation in the systemAttach Intelli-circ Controller

Did you figure it out? Take your time and reflect. Then, before applying any Grundfos hot water circulating pump troubleshooting techniques, have a complete study over the guide once and DIY as you have a second read.

Remedying A Seized Up Pump

A pump seizes up when the pump rotor and impeller are somehow not rotating. Therefore, hot water does not preload on the loop. So, when you will turn on the faucet or shower hot water line, you have to wait for it like before.

Sometimes, this happens because of long idle time or blocked channels on the impeller. Now, this problem might seem tough, but the solution is not. We present this beneath:

  • Give gentle knocks on the shiny frontal cap screw.

Yes, that’s it. Now power up the pump, and switch it on from the timer. Hopefully, it will function again. If it does not, apply the Grundfos circulating pump repair methodas follows:

  • Turn off the system and power supply to the pump.
  • Open the closest line from the pump outlet.
  • Give a few gentle knocks with a heavy metal object without breaking it or any parts within.
  • Switch on the supply and the motor. Keep a bucket ready at the end of the open pipe.
  • Finally, run the motor at low, and it will start. Clogs that were blocking the rotation will also come out from the pipe opening. After fixing it, consider inspecting and improving your water quality.
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If this fix does not work too, touch the large screw at the belly of the motor. If it’s warm or hot, it might not be beyond repair. Otherwise, for a Grundfos recirculation pump not working you will have to replace the pump itself.

How To Replace Grundfos Circulating Pump: Replacing The Thermostat

Generally, you don’t need to replace a good Grundfos pump for a long period (about ten years or more.) However, their usual potency wears out inevitably up to a point where you need to replace this pump.

But, don’t replace unless you lift and check all the stones. So, how to check if Grundfos pump is working? To check and verify, power up and feel the pump under your hand. If it hums, then the line is possibly clogged. If it doesn’t, you may ultimately need to replace it.

And, if this is your only option for better hot water circulation, then follow our guide.

One more thing, sometimes the local regulations will require you to hire a certified professional to install appliances to your copper water pipes. So, in that case, you can just have a look through our guide. Then, probably go and boss the plumber? Whatever the case is, let’s begin the installation procedure:

  • First, plan, align, and install the water supply and circulation loop.
  • Secondly, switch off the power and water supply to all appliances connected to the system.
  • Then, drain the heater tank and flush water from the loop.

Then, it is time to place the pump. There are a few things you should keep in mind before situating and welding your connection. They are:

  • Install the pump higher to the lowest point of the supply loop to prevent exposure from dirt coagulation.
  • Position it so that it can pump water upwards from the drainpipe of the heater tank so that the thrust bearing load reduces. If you position for a downward supply of water, it can make air pockets and disrupt the rotation and torque of your motor.
  • Also, don’t design for an elbow or tee-fitting immediately close to the pump outlet.
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As you figure out the proper alignment, let’s proceed to the installation procedure:

  • Now, fix the pump in the supply line and make sure that the suction end of the pump is drowned in water if the loop is open.
  • If the circulation loop is close, fit a safety relief valve to prevent excess temperature or pressure raise.
  • Test your water. If it contains small dirt particles, then add a filtration system before the pump.
  • Then fill your system by opening valves. When the whole loop is filled with water with a low possibility of air pockets, run and test your new pump. Warming, isn’t it?

How To Stop Needless Hot Water Circulation In Your System

Grundfos hot water circulating pump already puts a stop to excess cold water waste. On top of it, you can make your system more efficient and energy loss-proof by adding Intelli-circ Controller. This will automatically turn on the pump when the water gets cold.

On the other hand, when the hot water starts circulating along your pipes, running your pump at such times will mean a loss of energy. To place your Intelli-circ units, you need to know a few matters.

  • To detect the temperature change through the line, attach the temperature probe before the farthest faucet from the circulation pump.
  • Then adjust the Intelli-circ and attach the power cord of your pump to it.
  • Switch on the Intelli-circ and let it operate your circulation pump.

How To Rectify Cold Water Circulation

The temperature probe of an Intelli-circ system uses a liquid thermal detector to detect the temperature. This compound can decay in the long run. In this case, cold water can bypass the loop, and your comfort system will not be so comfortable anymore.

The fix to this is easy and obvious. Yes, it is to replace the thermostat. If replacing it doesn’t help, then the heater is not heating the water at all, and there is no Grundfos pump not working issue in here.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I reset my Grundfos pump?

Sometimes, when there is likely a firmware failure in your pump system, it will automatically turn on or off or show irregularities as such when you don’t even set any relevant timer. In such cases, you can reset your Grundfos Pump by pressing the on/off button once. If you want to auto-reset, then press and hold the on/off button for five seconds.

How long do Grundfos Pumps last?

Grundfos pumps are reliable in the pump industry as their circulating motors last more than ten years. If the water of the area has low decay factors and particles, then it can even last up to fifteen to twenty years. There are some handy tips to prolong the lifetime of your pump that we mentioned in our guide. Feel free to check out.

Bottom Line

Grundfos pumps are low-maintenance appliances. So, you may not need to follow a scheduled maintenance routine to prolong the life span of your pump. However, you can do a favor to this little machine. That is, feed it filtrated water. This will also reduce your pump issues, in turn reducing the frequent need to do Grundfos circulating pump troubleshooting.

However, if you face problems, we hope you sort them out as soon as it appears using our guide. And, to serve you with more helpful guides and tips in the future, we conclude here. Thanks for being here!

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