Making a Bathroom Into a Bedroom in 5 Trouble-Free Steps

Do you think it’s cool to transform an unnecessary bathroom into a proper bedroom? Who else doesn’t love making a bathroom into a bedroom in a simpler way?

Certainly, that would be a great idea. We’ve gathered 5 practical and organized points that make your job unbelievably easier to make this idea a reality.

We’ve discussed all the points step by step from the beginning to the end of this transformation. Hope it’ll be an incredible journey.

Making A Bathroom Into A Bedroom

Turning a bathroom into a bedroom seems extremely hard work, but things aren’t like that. You’ve to work for a long time, but you’ll enjoy the moment too. Since there’ll be some designing and decorating of the places, we believe you won’t feel bored.

Well, back to the topic, here we’ll share some useful points on how to convert bathroom into a bedroom in an easier way. In addition, anybody can affordably do this transformation, so nothing to worry about.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the points.

  • Clearing the Bathroom Spaces
  • Managing Proper Ventilation
  • Working On the Interior (Walls And Floors)
  • Decorating With the Furniture
  • Make the Ambients Better

Let’s discuss the points in depth and make sure you’ll manage all the necessary tools before starting work.

Clearing the Bathroom Spaces

Frankly, the first job would be a little laborious. You need to free the whole space very carefully. You must remove all bathroom appliances like bathtub, mirror, commode, carpet, and shower.

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Along with the appliance, you also have to focus on the plumbing side. Next, you need to focus on organizing the fittings, pipes, and tanks and removing extra stuff. But don’t remove everything because your room also needs some access to water or related things.

After removing all the appliances and reconstructing the plumbing, you should detach all the old flooring like tiles and carpets. Similarly, clear the wall by moving the old pictures or hangers.

Managing Proper Ventilation

You must’ve proper ventilation and decent lights and air to live in a room. So at this stage, you’ve to manage those ventilation systems.

Suppose, your toilet hasn’t had any windows previously, then set up one. If there was a window, but small, then make it larger or add another one. Don’t forget to install the room ventilation system. Otherwise, it’d be suffocating.

In case your room doesn’t have enough light, fan, or AC holder, then this is time to install that stuff. Always remember to install that stuff at the early stage, later it’d be more time-consuming.

Working On the Interior (Walls And Floors)

Before bringing up all your furniture in the room, you should work on the interior first. In this phase, start with the paint, and do the wall painting again if you like. don’t forget to add new tiles and similar kinds of stuff.

you may also try to set up a new headboard, vibrant light settings, or even add a new painting on the wall. If you’re thinking of setting up a fake ceiling, then this is the right time.

Apart from all that work, you can also do the light work in this period, including setting up a new switchboard or any digital room controlling setup.

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Decorating With the Furniture

Now it’s time to bring up all your necessary room appliances. When you turn a bathroom into a bedroom, it’s pretty clear that the size of the room wouldn’t be much bigger. So don’t try to put too much furniture in a tiny room.

It’d be better to bring the necessary furniture such as a bed (single or medium size), some sitting furniture, a closet, a table, a chair (if needed), and your computer or TV.

Try to put small but important stuff rather than big furniture. Placing a beautiful mirror on the corner would be a good idea. In addition, give try to add some small plants on the side of the windows for fragrance.

Make the Ambience Better

Anything else is left to improve the room’s ambiance? Nothing serious but some small changes can make the environment more vibrant and cool.

What sort of change? The change even can be very usual, like you can use some fancy and rich curtains in your window rather than a regular one. Try some colorful glass to the windows instead of simple, transparent glass.

If you install a good music system in your room, that also changes the ambiance that makes you feel better. Once again, please don’t make it crowded with unnecessary stuff. Otherwise, it’ll become garbage.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need planning permission to change a bathroom into a bedroom?

Since you aren’t adding or removing any places inside the building, you don’t need to make plans or require any special permission. When you’re hoping to add extra room for the toilet or any other place, you need both permission and proper planning.

How much would it cost to make a bathroom into a bedroom?

It depends on you. If you want it simple, then it won’t cost much. But when you need something fancy, it’ll cost a lot.


The moment you’ve finished reading this article, now you can start making a bathroom into a bedroom gently step by step.

We’ve discussed all the points very vividly. We also have to answer some regular confusing questions appropriately.

Whatever you are planning now, you must ensure a proper plan before getting into the field.

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