How to End Delta Kitchen Faucet No Hot Water Problem

It’d be a tough day if you suddenly recognized that no hot water was coming out from your kitchen faucet. All your work will be delayed today! What should you do now? How to fix the delta kitchen faucet no hot water problem easily?

Don’t fret out. These things often happen with the kitchen and bathroom faucets. It can be solved easily, but first, you’ve to find out all the possible reasons behind it. Once you realize the problem, it won’t take long to solve.

You may have to call the maintenance man if the problem gets worse, like the faucet pipe is blocked or something broken. On the other hand, the problem can be silly, like forgetting to turn the water valve or disconnecting the tank pipe.

Delta Kitchen Faucet No Hot Water- Let’s Find Out The Reasons

The problems are widespread for delta kitchen faucet hot water not working, and we all experience this at home in our life.

But why do these things happen? What we’ve done wrong, or it just happened by itself! Well, in most cases, we’re responsible, but sometimes it happens automatically.

How we’re Responsible for the problem:

  • We don’t clean the faucet pipe regularly
  • We barely clean the water tank
  • Some users overuse the water heater
  • We forget to change the old part of the faucet and water tank
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When delta kitchen sink faucet no hot water problem automatically happens:

  • The temperature regulator dysfunction automatically
  • Poor quality hot water tank damage instinctively
  • Functional problem

The common problems that we may face from dysfunction in Delta kitchen faucets:

Faucet pipe blockedUnblock/clean with hot water, vinegar, alcohol
Faucet valve jammedReplace the valve
Main water valves offTurn it on
Water tank problemClean the joint line/ change the tank (if needed)

Fixing Faucet Pipe Blocked

Sometimes, the tank is full, but no water comes out from the faucet. What’s the reason? Iron or rust blocks the water path inside the pipe.

When you don’t clean the pipe for a long time, these things block the area. And as a result, no water comes out from the faucet tube.

When you understand that the pipe is blocking the water, you’ve to clean the pipe. And if you think that the condition of the pipe isn’t good, you should replace this.

Well, suppose the pipe is in good condition, but something inside it is blocking the water. What should be the call? Two short steps can take you out of this problem.

  • Hot Water – Uninstall the pipe from the faucet. Fill the pipe with boiling water. Keep it like for ⅔ minute, then release the water. Do this at least 3 times. If you think that the pipe is unclogging, then keep doing this couple of more time
  • Alcohol Vinegar Solution – If the hot water fails to unblock the pipe, take alcohol vinegar solution. Pour the pipe with the solution and leave that for an hour.
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Fixing Faucet Valve Jammed

After using a faucet for a long time, it slowly becomes dreadful. Holding the regular water supply; sometimes, turns off the water flow.

A jammed faucet valve stops the water from blowing. Whenever you notice that the faucet valve is completely jammed, you can easily unjam that using a range tool.

You must replace the valve with a new one if the condition has become worse. After installing the new one, quickly check the delta sink faucet hot water adjustment.

Dix When Main Water Valve Off

You wouldn’t believe that in 80% of cases, there’s no big problem in this situation. We forget to turn on the main water valve. We tried almost everything. We even called the maintenance man but never noticed that the main valve was off.

When you ever face this sort of problem, always think about the main valve. Just turn that on, and never turn it off when it isn’t needed.

Solution to Water Tank Problem

Sometimes, when the water isn’t coming out, we think the problem is happening from the faucet. But the actual problem is in the water tank. Rust and iron completely blocked the supply path of the tank.

It’s a severe issue you can’t overlook. Initially, clean the tank by yourself. If the problem still remains the same, then call the maintenance man and replace the tank. Though it might cost you some bucks, it’ll be worth the shot.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my kitchen faucet not have hot water?

In most cases, the problem is the adjustment. So, check all the adjustments and turn on all the valves.

What do you do when you’ve no hot water?

When you don’t have a hot water supply, you should manually boil water for joy. Try to fix the issues as you can again get the hot water supply.


Once you’ve read this article, you shouldn’t have any problems with the Delta kitchen faucet no hot water issue as we’ve discussed all common problems with appropriate solutions.

Most of the solutions can be solved in one hand at home. Only for serious cases do you need the assistance of a maintenance person. But if you feel interested and do a bit of research, you can do the tasks easily.

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