Toto Entrada Vs Drake: Is the Certification Only Matter?

Toto Entrada and Toto Drake are from the same company. Then what is the difference? The most fundamental difference is, Toto Entrada toilet is certified in different requirements to be a good toilet. And the other is not.

Still, people are confused, about Toto Entrada vs Drake; which one to choose? Well, both of them are accepted generously by the users. Varying in the price is also a fact that makes the difference. Even though the built quality is fantastic in both toilets, the measurements differ at some level.

In this article, we have covered every detail of these two toilets. So, let’s get started without any further delay.

Toto Entrada Vs Drake – Comparison Chart

FeaturesToto EntradaToto Drake
Built MaterialDurable China materialDurable construction with the best materials
Flushing SystemE-Max flushing systemG-Max flushing system
Universal Height validityIt has universal height validityIt does not have universal height validity
ADA certificationADA certifiedNot ADA certified
Gallon Per FlushUses 1.28 Gallon water per flushUses 1.60 Gallon water per flush
WaterSense CertificationThis toilet has WaterSense certificationThis toilet does not have WaterSense certification
PriceIt comes cheaper than TOTO DrakeIt comes costlier than TOTO Entrada

From the comparison chart above you can see a quick view of the specifications of the two toilets. Now, let’s figure out the details.

Build Quality & Material

Toto Entrada and Toto Drake both toilets are very suitable for households. Even in many fancy restaurants, toilets are Toto. People accept and repeatedly come to this company because of the built quality. Even though they sometimes use different materials in different models, they make sure the toilets are made with the most outstanding quality.

So, in this matter, undoubtedly, both of the toilets mentioned above have fantastic built quality. If you install these toilets, you do not have to face cracks, broken lid/seat, or leaking tanks. Although they are two-piece toilets, you won’t have to face anything more than two-piece toilet general issues.

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There is a common problem we see with the lid of the toilet. Most toilet lids are very loose. When you drop the cover accidentally, it bangs on the bowl and makes an irritating noise. In these Toto toilets, you don’t have to face that.

The toilet lids are flexible enough that you can close them quickly. But it has that grip not to make noise. So, when you accidentally drop down the cover, it doesn’t slam and makes zero noise.

Both the toilets have Rim jets around the edge, which pushes down all the waste. And there is a Siphon jet at the bottom to pull out the debris. As they function well, the toilet ensures hygienic and clean all the time.

Toilet Design & Outlook

The design and looks of the toilet enhance the entire look of the bathroom. That is right. So, you should be careful checking on the aesthetics of the toilet when buying one. If we specifically talk about these two models from Toto, both are available in different patterns.

Toto Entrada and Drake come in round, elongated, 10-inch rough, and 12-inch rough models. They are not too big toilets. The compact design makes your bathroom look more significant, and you find enough space. Although, the Toto Drake is a little larger and more comprehensive in size than the Toto Entrada.

These toilets are available in cotton white color. Which also suits any bathroom interior. So, you don’t have to put any extra effort into making the color combination. Because this color matches with any other interior color.

If you look at the surface of the toilet, you will see a nice shining sleek finish, even in the bowl. And the toilet keeps the shine maintained after flushing the bowl as well. The chrome tip finish on the toilet’s lever is also attractive and looks premium.

Flushing System

In the Toto Entrada and Toto Drake toilets, you see two different flushing systems. The Toto Drake has the G-Max flushing system. It is a gravity flushing system that puts enough force on the water when you flush. So, the powerful flush rinses away the wastes, both liquid and solid, firmly. This flushing system takes 1.6 GPF (Gallon per Flush).

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On the other hand, in the Toto Entrada, you will have an E-Max flushing system. You can say this flushing system is as powerful as the other one. It is just an updated version of the previous flushing system.

The E-Max flushing system is more eco-friendly. But, how? Well, it takes 1.28 Gallons of water per flush, which saves 20% from the G-Max. The Toto Entrada water tank also stores 3 Gallons of water in the tank. In both the toilets, the toilet tanks also refill very fast.


In the certification category, Toto Entrada has gained more points. The different certifications that Toto Entrada toilet has are- ADA, WaterSense, CalGreen, and Proposition 65 certificates. Besides, this toilet has universal height validity.

ADA means, the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design. That means any person with disabilities should be able to use the subject without any problem. So, people of any age from children to old and people with disabilities can also use the toilet very quickly.

The WaterSense certification refers to less water consumption, saving energy, and increased performance ability. Toto Entrada has this certification, and we can see that on the 1.28GPF usage.

Besides, the CalGreen certification is given to the projects that have successfully made less use of energy and are well planned and designed. So, you can tell that undoubtedly by seeing the Toto Entrada toilet.

Proposition 65 is an act that is ruled to ensure safe water and not use any toxic elements. So, this toilet has that too.

On the contrary, the Toto Drake only has ADA certification. And it is not claimed to be a universal height good toilet by the company.

Price Comparison

Toto Entrada comes cheaper than the Toto Drake with all the features and benefits. It seems questionable, right? Why do the two toilets cost differently using the same materials and mainly the exact quality cost differently?

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The Toto Drake is a vaster toilet than the Toto Entrada. So, it is evident that more materials are used to build the toilet. That is why the construction cost increased, and so does the price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Toto Drake Toilet quiet?

Yes, Toto Drake is a quiet toilet. The flush doesn’t sound loud and still clears everything out perfectly. So, you don’t need to worry about the annoying flush sound.

Which is best, Toto Entrada or drake?

It depends on your convenience. If you want an all-certified toilet for every member of your family, then the Toto Entrada is the one for you. And if you are looking for a toilet that does the job just fine, then Toto Drake is for you.

Final Verdict

We have reached the end of the Toto Entrada vs Drake discussion. I hope that you will be able to choose one now. If you are happy enough with the old flushing technology, Toto Drake is a good option. But it will cost some more.

But, if you want a more technologized toilet which is still less in price. Then, grab the Toto Entrada without any hesitation.

There are some cons as well of both of the toilets. Some real users experienced that the flush lever is loose or taking time to rinse the toilet. The clogging issue is not heard often from Toto toilets. Instead of having some cons, both the toilets are still outstanding.

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